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February 28, 2020
Baruch Lev Photo

Professor Baruch Lev

Baruch Lev is the Philip Bardes Professor of Accounting and Finance at New York University, the Director of the Vincent C. Ross Institute for Accounting Research and the Project for Research on Intangibles. He earned his MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Chicago. Served on the faculty of the University of Chicago, University of California-Berkeley (jointly at the business and law schools) and Tel Aviv University (where he was dean of the business school). He is a permanent visitor at Ecole Nationale Des Ponts and Chaussees (Paris) and City University Business School (London).

   Professor Lev's research spans two books and about 70 research studies published in the leading accounting, finance and economic journals. This research concerns the optimal use of information in investment decisions; business valuation issues; corporate governance; and recently intangible investments (intellectual capital). In particular, the measurement, valuation and reporting issues concerning intangible investments. On the basis of this research, Professor Lev was awarded numerous prizes and an honorary doctorate.

   Professor Lev's professional experience includes public accounting (auditing), investment banking, board membership, and numerous consulting engagements in the areas of corporate valuation, intellectual property, utility regulation, securities disputes and corporate governance issues. He lectures internationally and conducts executive seminars on finance, accounting and intellectual capital issues, working closely with such institutions as the Financial Accounting Standards Board, OECD, and the Brookings Institution.

     He was recently elected by Accounting Today (September 27, 1999) to the Top 100 Most Influential People in the profession -- those who "are changing the way in which the profession does business."

     On October 8th, 2000 he was elected to the year 2000 list of the 100 "most influential people," who are "changing the way in which the profession does business."

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