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GEA Special Reports: 2009

User Guide Update, 2009 (June 18, 2009)
We have updated the GEA (Gold and Energy Advisor) User Guide. The guide is meant to help our subscribers maximize and profit from GEA. > More >

Companies that have bonds or loans coming due, or have to raise capital were punished more because of the credit crisis. Some of these stocks are down about 70% to 90%. The market is saying some of these companies won’t make it. We think the market has over reacted with some of these companies, and we believe some of these stocks provide real bargains, because they have been hammered and have a good chance of surviving. > More >

Gold and Energy Advisor, GEA, Reports and Returns (February 4, 2009)
We spend a lot of time and effort monitoring and reporting our positions and returns. Late last year we started a new portfolio GEA 2. We have added to our portfolio section on our website a link for the GEA 2 portfolio, so investors can get basic information on our recommendations. > More >

Worst Case and Best Case Scenario: Is the Worst Behind Us? (February 3, 2009)
We’ve been writing that most energy stocks have been severely oversold technically and are now basing, and they are also undervalued by many metrics. The question now is - when will the U.S. Stock Market stop basing and enter into a new bull market. From time to time we need to look beyond the energy and gold markets and analyze the big picture in terms of all markets and the economy. Today’s Special Report, we will propose where the markets may be headed in 2009. > More >

Special Report - 2008 GEA, GEA 2 Portfolio Performance (January 2, 2009)
We beat the major market indexes and our peers and energy indexes handily because we were conservative... > More >

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