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GEA Special Reports: 2005

[PDF] Special Report: Major Trend Reversal Model, First Look (October 18, 2005)
In our last Special Report we mentioned that we would from time to time look at the long-term trend of energy and stock prices to determine if we are forming major reversal patterns that could be a clue that prices may significantly reverse. That is what this report is about, our first assessment of the long-term trends using our Major Trend Reversal Model. > More >

[PDF] When to Sell Oil Stocks, Part 3: Technical Signals (August 30, 2005)
Our first Special Report focused on how investors in oil stocks must have a buy-and-hold strategy. Our second report examined the valuations we will be monitoring that will help us with our sell decisions. In this Special Report we will discuss many of the technical signals and indicators that we will be monitoring. Our sell discipline will be based on oil prices and fairly valued to overvalued stocks and oil stock prices that are technically overbought. > More >

[PDF] '05 Midyear Portfolio Review (July 14, 2005)
The performance of the Gold and Energy Advisor, GEA, portfolio beat most mutual funds and energy and market indexes. Below is a quick comparison. Comparison Returns December 30, 2004 thru June 30, 2005 GEA Portfolio, 25.19% > More >

[PDF] When to Sell Oil Stocks Part 2 - Valuations (June 27, 2005)
There are certain valuations and technical signals that we will be looking for to help us with our sell decisions for many of the stocks in our portfolio including: oil prices, oil equity valuations, technical signals and indicators, sentiment regarding the energy group and meaningful progress towards solving our energy problems. In this Special Report we will look at the valuations we will be monitoring. > More >

[PDF] When to Sell Oil Stocks Part 1 (June 8, 2005)
Over the next few weeks we will be writing a series of "Special Reports" on when to sell oil stocks. Normally real asset investments such as oil stocks require a buy and hold strategy. In today's report we will discuss buy and hold strategies. When I started in the business almost 25 years ago, "buy and hold" was a legitimate strategy for value or growth investors. Today buy and hold strategies don't make as much sense as we will learn. We have discussed in past updates that investors and traders move prices up much more quickly in today's markets thanks to technology and collapsing commissions. > More >

[PDF] How to Select an Energy Mutual Fund (May 26, 2005)
We believe the energy investment theme will be around for many years. We have mentioned before that the last energy crisis started in 1973 with the Arab oil embargo and lasted until 1986 when the world finally had abundant supplies again and oil prices collapsed. It took 13 years to go from shortages and embargos to a glut. It will take at least that much time to solve our current energy problems but the outcome will be very different as we are quickly running out of the cheap oil we discovered decades ago. The energy investment theme is a long-term investment opportunity. > More >

Special Report: Potential Oil Company Take Over Candidates

[PDF] Six Stocks Poised to Soar in the Coming Oil Merger Mania: Potential Oil Company Take Over Candidates (April 4, 2005)
In the late 70s and early 80s energy companies were the obsession of Wall Street and investors. There were dozens of large oil companies and smaller independents. Companies like Getty, Pennzoil, Gulf, Diamond Shamrock, Ashland, Arco, Amoco and many others have been acquired or have merged with other companies over the years.
> More >

[PDF] The Most Undervalued Oil Companies in the World: How to Buy Oil Companies for 25 Cents on the Dollar (February 1, 2005)
Investors and Wall Street have not awakened to the new reality of oil as evidenced by the valuation of oil stocks, but at some point they must. It's fairly normal for investors to not realize when a bear market turns into a bull market and vice versa, but for those who act early, the profits can be enormous. > More >

Special Report: How to Buy Oil at 25 Cents on the Dollar
Special Report: Enduring Oil Spikes in the Last 30 Years

[HTML] $100 Oil in 2005: Profits of 500% to 1000% in the Next Big Price Spike (January 13, 2005)
As we all know oil prices have risen to historic highs in 2004, and many analysts believe that oil prices will be volatile and high, thanks to tight and unstable supplies. Global growth, especially from the U.S., and unanticipated growing demand from China has increased demand for oil while supplies have been tight and threatened. > More >

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