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Real Wealth #327  09/08/2015 1:16 PM EDT

Real Wealth is Back!

Natural Gas and Gold are Flashing Possible Buy Signals!

Dear Subscribers,

While we were feeding content from Gold and Energy Investor I suspended the Real Wealth column at the request by our former publisher . Our former publisher expressed the opinion that we were giving too much content. 

I respected the publishers opinion because I was writing in a few different forums for our subscribers . Now however now that we are no longer affiliated with that publisher I am restarting the Real Wealth feature of your Gold and Energy Investor (GEI) subscription.

Once again allow me to affirm that we use as our methodology Geoff Garbacz's sentiment based quantitative analysis and make an attempt to always use Erlanger Chart Room charts in our editorial analysis to explain why we are making a buy, sell or hold recommendation here in GEI.

Today, I want to alert you of what could be a possible change of direction in both Natural Gas and Gold, which have been in a bearish market for a couple of years, with several upside fake-outs.

Let's start with natural gas. 

We use the United States Natural Gas Fund LP ETF (UNG) both to illustrate the condition of this sector of the energy market.  The UNG now appears to have made a triple bottom - the signal will be confirmed if the ETF breaks above and closes on a weekly basis. If this takes place we will first recommend short term options in our Gold and Energy Options Trader service with a take profit target of $15. We will be looking for a longer term signal for a recommendation here in GEI.

[Image 1]

Gold seems to be in the same sort of bullish setup. We use the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD).  If the ETF breaks above $110 we are likely to go long in our Gold and Energy Options Trader service for up to $15 run in the ETF - a tremendous short term profit opportunity. 

A break down below $105 in the GLD could re-assert the bear market in gold.  We are leaning in the bullish direction. 

[Image 2]

With regard to the GEI portfolio, this is you heads up that we may be adding both the UNG and GLD ETF's to our recommended portfolio in the next week or two. For now sit tight. Keep your powder dry. If you're interested in receiving our Gold and Energy Options Trade recommendations for short term options trades designed to cash in on what we expect will be a change of direction in the natural gas and gold markets.

Best Wishes,

James DiGeorgia


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