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GEA Real Wealth: 2013

Gold Frenzy Buying by Central Banks hits 48 Year High (#326: Fri 2/15/2013)
Gold's recent sell off is a deceptive dip that will catch investors flat footed. It's a short term event that will in hindsight look like a miss buying opportunity. > More >

Netanyahu: Warns Iran accelerating nuclear weapons program with new centrifuges. (#325: Tue 2/12/2013)
Israeli Military strike becoming more likely. President Obama will likely put attack on Iran at the top of the agenda at his up coming visit to Israel. > More >

Congressman Jerrold Nadler proposes a platinum coin solution to the debt ceiling! (#324: Fri 1/4/2013)
Platinum Prices may be launched much higher if the United States winds up buying platinum for large scale minting of large denomination coins! > More >

United States Facing Debt Ceiling Meltdown! (#323: Thu 1/3/2013)
Make sure you have core holdings in gold and silver. The danger has never been greater. > More >

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