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Real Wealth #325  02/12/2013

Netanyahu: Warns Iran accelerating nuclear weapons program with new centrifuges.

Israeli Military strike becoming more likely. President Obama will likely put attack on Iran at the top of the agenda at his up coming visit to Israel.

Dear Subscribers,

I realize all eyes are on the State of the Union Address but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech yesterday to a group of American Jewish leaders is extremely important not just because it may all but guarantee a Israeli military strike on Iran but it could well set off a regional war in the middle east that would have dramatic ramifications on the world’s oil, precious metals and financial markets.

The Israeli prime minister acknowledged Iran has yet to cross the “red line” in its nuclear fuel enrichment program that would force Israel to unleash an attack on its enrichment facilities, but that Iran is working to “shorten the time it will take them to cross that line.”

According to reports Iran is now installing ultra fast centrifuges that could cut the time need to produce enough weapons grade fuel in half and that Iran may be able to build a bomb within 18 to 24 months.

Netanyahu told a delegation from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Monday night in Jerusalem that he looked forward to President Obama’s Israel trip in March and reaffirmed his commitment to a peace agreement with the Palestinians but also stated that Iran’s efforts to build nuclear weapons are a serious threat saying...

 “This has to be stopped in the interests of peace and security.” Netanyahu  went on to say ...“You have to upgrade the sanctions, and we have to know if sanctions and diplomacy fail that [Iran] will face a credible military threat.”

Aside from Iran, Netanyahu said the two major security threats facing Israel are from the stockpile of chemical weapons in Syria, which could fall into the hands of terrorists, as well as the ongoing diplomatic stalemate with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu said that Obama’s visit is “a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm the strategic relationship between Israel and the United States.”

Make no mistake: A military strike on Iran would be a catalyst for $120 oil and $2,000 gold.

Investors, please pay close attention to this situation.

James DiGeorgia



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