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GEA Real Wealth: 2012

Gold and Silver: Solutions to the Financial Crisis (#322: Sun 12/30/2012)
Gold and silver markets have a history of significant fluctuations. One of the foremost experts concerning precious metal commodities, Stephen Leeb, recently explained his thoughts concerning these markets. Mr. Leeb promotes the purchase of gold and silver as a hedge against massive inflation caused by excessive printing of paper currency. > More >

What a Possible Historic Collapse of the Financial System Means (#321: Wed 12/26/2012)
By: James DiGeorgia
When you watch an air show, the pilots make the death-defying seem easily accomplished. It is hard to walk away from such spectacles feeling anything less than awe and wonder. Occasionally, tragically, fate reminds us that what these pilots are accomplishing is in fact incredibly difficult and dangerous. > More >

Outlook For Silver in China Excellent as Demand Increases (#320: Wed 12/19/2012)
John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Asset Management, recently confirmed in an interview with King World News that the outlook for silver in China is excellent. According to Embry, the demand for silver in this country has increased over the past ten years. In addition to discussing silver, he briefly discussed gold and the impact he expects both silver and gold to have on the world. According to Embry, if what we are currently experiencing goes beyond the “fiscal cliff” the results could be catastrophic. However, he indicated that he believes that action will be taken to prevent that from happening. > More >

Goldman Sachs Dead Wrong on Gold! (#319: Mon 12/17/2012)
Gold Investors Should Prepare for New Highs > More >

Where Gold is Going in Today's Global Market (#318: Thu 12/13/2012)
Wall Street today is of the belief that gold and the related commodity stocks will hover where they are for the coming year. The thought is that interest rates will be rising. Goldman Sachs cut their twelve-month forecast by 7.2 percent with this thinking. > More >

The Derivative Financial Nuclear Winter Coming Soon (#317: Mon 12/10/2012)
Why 2013 Could See the Total Collapse of the World's Financial Markets > More >

Billionaires John Paulson and George Soros are once again heavily investing in gold. (#316: Thu 8/16/2012)
The gold market is heating up. The big boys are taking steps to prepare against a genuine meltdown in Europe. Learn how to rack up enormous gains a years: 780%* > More >

European Central Bank President Throws Out the Rule Book and Promises to Save the Euro – Strong Hint that He Will Print Enough Money to Buy Sovereign Debt! (#315: Fri 7/27/2012)
Invest in Printing Presses Ink and Gold! > More >

Gold breaks over $1600 as Federal Reserve and Central Banks around the World Take Steps to Jump Start Economic Recovery! (#314: Wed 7/25/2012)
Flash! Flash! Flash! Subscribers of my Gold and Energy Options Trader see another recommendations closed in just 7 days with a 31.4% profit!* > More >

Syria threatens to use Chemical Weapons! (#313: Mon 7/23/2012)
Learn how to rack up enormous trading profits in this terrible economy. For example the 73% profitable recommendation I told subscribers to take today – just three days after my recommendation.* > More >

Romney's Refusal To Release His Tax Returns Will Cost Him The Election (#312: Tue 7/17/2012)
Why it doesn't matter who wins in November. Gold is headed to $5,000, Crude Oil to $150 and Silver to $200. Why Dr. Doom's warning of a "Perfect Storm" shouldn't be ignored. How to protect your wealth from the finanacial nightmare ahead in 2013. How to get filthy rich as the World's Financial Markets collapse! > More >

Dr. Doom Predicts Doubling in Global Oil Prices Overnight Regardless of Who Wins the 2012 President Election (#311: Mon 7/9/2012)
Professor Roubini asserts that governments are near insolvent and they cannot bail out themselves, let alone bail out the banking system. The Federal Reserve and Central Banks are running out of bullets to use to stave off the coming crisis. > More >

The Dow Jones Continues to Drop as Greece Approaches Default! (#310: Wed 5/23/2012)
Big trouble brewing in Europe. Threat of a massive bank panic in Europe grows. Threat of triggering a depression is growing. A collapse of the Euro would have impact on the entire world's financial markets. Demand for oil could be so seriously impacted -- a $75 barrel price could be just weeks away! > More >

Gold Storage Nightmare: Swiss Bank and Clients Missing Gold! (#309: Tue 5/22/2012)
Never trust anyone but yourself with the storage of your gold, silver or rare coins. As the danger grows of a world-wide banking and financial crisis, so does the danger of literally hundreds of thousands of gold owners discovering the gold and precious metals in storage has VANISHED! > More >

The Growing Danger in Europe! (#308: Thu 5/17/2012)
Why Oil could nose-dive in price... How YOU can survive and prosper financially -- in this worst case scenario! Why Mitt Romney’s Economic Policies would likely set the stage for 10% + Unemployment and devastating U.S. Depression. > More >

Why I Keep Warning Investors NOT To Store Their Gold, Silver, Platinum and Rare Coins with Dealers or Dealer Owned Depositories (#307: Wed 3/21/2012)
Urgent Warning: Steer clear of Bob Higgins, Certified Assets, First State Depository Co. and his $250 million fund. It is my belief that this is a giant mess to be avoided. > More >

Beware of a Black Swan event: Syrian Conflict Threatens World's Financial Markets (#306: Mon 2/27/2012)
Great Britain, United States are preparing to use NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Syrian territory along the lines of the one imposed on Libya. The no fly zone would be authorized by the Arab League. Most of Wall Street's players are not giving this conflict and the potential dangers enough attention. They're making a huge mistake. Should a full scale shooting war break out involving Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel the flow of oil from the Middle-East could be partially or entirely shut-off for several days or a few months. Any potential interruption in the flow of oil would send the price of oil back towards $150 a barrel. Any actual interruption of the flow of all combined with the use of chemical weapons would send oil well over $200 a barrel short term and send the world's stock markets into a spiral.We could see the Dow take a 2,000 even 4,000 point nose dive as hostilities intensify. > More >

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