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Real Wealth #322  12/30/2012

Gold and Silver: Solutions to the Financial Crisis

Gold and silver markets have a history of significant fluctuations. One of the foremost experts concerning precious metal commodities, Stephen Leeb, recently explained his thoughts concerning these markets. Mr. Leeb promotes the purchase of gold and silver as a hedge against massive inflation caused by excessive printing of paper currency.

"Everyone should own physical gold and silver," Leeb said. "For people who are discouraged in gold or mining shares, don’t be. Your day is coming.”

Gold Rush

Mr. Leeb is not the only one advocating the purchase of gold and silver. Investors around the world are generating a massive gold rush by buying gold bullion and coins at an unprecedented rate. As with most financial issues, governments of many countries are seizing an opportunity to turn commodity markets in their favor. Some governments are intentionally taking steps to alter the prices associated with buying and selling gold.

"Right now there is a sense of desperation about gold," Leeb said. "This is why governments are so active manipulating gold. That’s just the way it is."

The Federal Reserve and the Economic Crisis

Leeb went on to take the United States Federal Reserve to task over their contribution to the global economic crisis. Leeb blames the Fed for irresponsible policies, citing their actions regarding paper currency as a prime example.

"The Fed didn’t surprise too many people when they announced they were going to buy $1 trillion worth of paper each year.” said Leeb.

Failure of the Fed

Mr. Leeb continued his indictment of the Federal Reserve. He made a point of identifying the source of financial turmoil in the United States. He described the Federal Reserve as an organization determined to continue its spending while disregarding the economic plight of the average American citizen.

"I care about this country and the people that live here," said Leeb. "When you see money being printed like tissue paper, you know most bond certificates are going to be used to burn wood and keep houses warm. You start thinking about $1 trillion and it’s hard to get your mind around it."

Problems with Foreign Economies

Mr. Leeb went on to discuss the widespread nature of this crisis. He believes that, because the United States is a major part of the global economy, it affects and is affected by changes in the global marketplace. Noting similarities between the Fed's spending and the financial maneuvers in foreign nations, Leeb voiced his displeasure with global economic policy.

“The Japanese yen yesterday was getting you are in a world where every major economic bloc is printing money as fast as they can. This is really making me angry." said Leeb.

The Future of Money

Despite some very troubling facts, Mr. Leeb does not rule out the possibility of personal financial solvency in the coming years. Of course, he advises many people to be wise in their spending habits. He also sincerely encourages everyone to strongly consider making an investment in precious metals.

"Gold is heading to $10,000 with or without people reading this," Leeb remarked. "Gold and silver are really the de facto currencies in today’s world and they will be the leaders going forward, not paper assets."

Although no one can predict precisely which turns economies will take, it behooves serious investors to consider proactive solutions. Stephen Leeb promotes the notion of obtaining personal financial security before economic circumstances become any worse. The price of gold will soon increase and investing now will pay significant dividends in the near future.

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