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Real Wealth #316  08/16/2012

Billionaires John Paulson and George Soros are once again heavily investing in gold.

The gold market is heating up. The big boys are taking steps to prepare against a genuine meltdown in Europe. Learn how to rack up enormous gains a years: 780%*

The gold market is heating up.

The "Billion Dollar Boys" are taking steps to prepare against a genuine meltdown in Europe.


Bloomberg News is reporting that Paulson & Co. increased their exposure to the SPDR Gold Trust to 21.8 million shares which amounts to 884,000 shares. This means that Paulson & Co. now has 44 percent of its $24 billion fund exposed to the yellow.


Paulson is well known for making big bets. From 2007 through early 2009, Paulson invested heavily in the housing market garnering $20 billion in profits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The decision to shift back into gold bullion by Soros is especially interesting because Soros called gold "the ultimate bubble" during an appearance on Reuters television in 2010. "It may be going higher but it's certainly not safe and it's not going to last forever," Soros stated. Why all of a sudden Soros is jumping into gold?

On Tuesday Gold slide to just above $1600 trading as low as $1598, since then gold has been rally and has jumped another $11 this morning and is trading at $1615.



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Kevin Starkey, a partner at Capstone Investment Financial being quoted by financial news media with regard to the Soros and Paulson shift back in gold as saying ...

"I'm not sure gold as an outsized bet is the place to be right now unless you believe in hedging against greater unrest or a deepening credit crisis in Europe, "  

"We currently believe that 3 to 5 percent of gold exposure is the right exposure for most of our clients. We are big believers in gold as defensive play. To make it an offensive play, or make a big bet on gold, means [Paulson] sees something we do not see," Starkey added.

I totally agree with this sentiment and will point out that gold has been in consolidation phase since the end of February and believe that we will see a modest rally in gold (with fits and starts back to the $1700 level by the end of 2012 BUT expect to run and make a new high over $1900 perhaps $2,200 in 2013.

Gold exchange-traded fund holdings exceeded 77.7 million troy ounces this week which establishes a new record high.

Best Wishes,

James Di Georgia


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