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Real Wealth #314  07/25/2012

Gold breaks over $1600 as Federal Reserve and Central Banks around the World Take Steps to Jump Start Economic Recovery!


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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that influential members of the Federal Reserve Board are now more intensely involved in conversations on how and when to launch another round of quantitative easing (QE). It’s believed that this third round (QE3) would be focused on buying mortgage-backed securities.

 "Amid the recent wave of disappointing economic news, conversation inside the Fed has turned more intensely toward the questions of how and when to move."

In addition, the central bank could extend its commitment to keep rates at zero beyond 2014 and/or directly extend credit to banks via the discount window to spur lending.

The New York Times today also offered an article confirming that a third quantitative easing may take this additional action to stimulate the U.S. economy.

It’s important to keep in mind that this really isn’t a new story. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reiterated the Fed's pledge to "take further action as appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery," during his Congressional testimony last week.

What is newsworthy is the idea the Federal Reserve considering stepping up its timetable for deploying a QE3. The next policy meeting for the FOMC's is scheduled for July 31-Aug. 1.



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Most Fed professional watchers had been expecting that our Nations’ central bank would wait until its mid-September meeting before taking additional action because it would then have two more months of data on jobs, retail sales and other economic indicators.

Meanwhile central banks from China to Europe are also clearly shifting from an austerity posture to a monetary easing in hopes of triggering a global recovery.

This shift in stance by the Federal Reserve and many of the most powerful central banks in the world is extremely bullish for gold. As a result I am setting a new target for the price of gold and silver for 2013.

I expect gold to break to a new all time high of $2,200 an ounce and silver to move back over $40 an ounce.

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