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GEA Real Wealth: 2011

Gold Could Go Lower, but Will Lead to Buying Opportunity (#305: Mon 11/21/2011)
The main reasons for the sell-off include: > More >

How I Rack Up Profitable Stock Recommendations Every Month for Gold and Energy Advisor Subscribers like you! (#304: Tue 9/20/2011)
What makes Gold and Energy Advisor so different from other investment advisory services and investment newsletters? We stick to our specialty, stay on top of our recommendations and use writing Covered CALL and Selling PUT Options to maximize our profitable recommendations.It's added up to 31.7% a year since inception! > More >

European Banking Crisis Worsens Despite Daily Claims of Solutions: Federal Reserve May Have to Completely back the ECB (#303: Mon 9/19/2011)
I'm finding it almost impossible to buy $20 Saints Gaudens MS65 and MS66 Saints graded by NGC or PCGS that fit my tough quality standards. I'm down to my last dozen coins and am very worried about finding replacements. > More >

SOROS: Eurozone Banking Crisis Could Be Worse Than Lehman (#302: Wed 9/7/2011)
Its becoming impossible for the biggest investors, hedge fund managers, government regulators and politicians to ignore the approaching risk of a European Banking Crisis - and a real risk of a replay of the 2008-2009 financial disaster. > More >

Don't miss the next issue of Gold and Energy Advisor: The Coming European Meltdown (#301: Tue 9/6/2011)
A new financial crisis may be only weeks away. How NGC punched me in the nose over an amazing Greek Gold Coin. How to profit for the gold's move to $1900 an ounce today! > More >

The $40 Million Gold Coins Mystery and What Gold coins You Should Be Buying Now! (#300: Wed 8/31/2011)
Why $20 Saint Gaudens Gold in MS65 and MS66 Condition are a Screaming Buy. Why an Alexander the Great Stater Gold Stater in Uncirculated is such a tremendous rarity and yet sells for a fraction of what it should be worth! > More >

Notes From The August Federal Reserve Meeting Prove Very Important (#299: Tue 8/30/2011)
The danger continues to grow. Don't let the U.S. Stock Market rallies fool you. The danger in Europe of a banking crisis is growing. The Federal reserve is leaning in the right direction but the European Central Bank is perched in the wrong position. It's really bullish for the gold market. > More >

2011 Gold Target $1750 an ounce reached: Oil retreats TEMPORARILY! (#298: Tue 8/9/2011)
Gold hits my 2011 price target but gold is going higher. My 2012 target is $2,200 but could spike much higher. Oil's dip is an opportunity to easily double your money in the right oil stock in the next 18 to 24 months. Keep a look out both for our monthly issue and email trading updates. > More >

Gold Soaring To New ALL TIME HIGHS; World's Financial Markets on the Brink of New Crisis (#297: Wed 8/3/2011)
If you think the danger is over for Wall Street because the debt ceiling crisis has been addressed - think again. The danger of even a bigger financial crisis is increasing by the day. The U.S. Stock Market may already have shifted into a bear market that could push the major indexes down another 10% to 15%, while pushing gold to $2,500. > More >

Compromise or Default Both Bullish For Gold and Bearish for the U.S. Dollar (#296: Tue 7/26/2011)
We are approaching the 11th hour. We could see gold explode in price if House Republicans and Senate Democrats don't come to a compromise. On the other hand if we see a compromise gold should climb steadily the next two years. > More >

You're Being Sold Out by Most of Washington's Republican Members of Congress! (#295: Thu 6/30/2011)
Unless sensible immediate action is taken we're going to see $5,000 even $15,000 gold, $200 to $300 oil and the collapse of the United States economy. > More >

The Political and Economic Realities: The Next Financial Crisis is Brewing! (#294: Mon 6/13/2011)
We have very little time to fix the United States Economy. Within the next 12-36 months if the right economic reforms are not made - we'll see the worst economic disaster in human history. > More >

Why Subscribing to my Gold and Energy Options Trader is so profitable... (#293: Mon 4/25/2011)
> More >

China and India could soon account for more than half the world's annual gold production. (#292: Mon 3/28/2011)
According to the World Gold Council, Chinese demand for gold bullion increased at nearly nine times the rate of Chinese demand of gold jewelry, from September 2009 to October 2010. > More >

Federal Reserve Bank President Warns: United States At the Financial Tipping Point (#291: Tue 3/22/2011)
Warnings about the danger of a U.S. Debt Crisis, Dollar collapse and International panic are no longer the srants of hard money analysts or gold bulls. Multi-Billionaires, Government Central Banks are loading up on gold and Federal Reserve Presidents are warning of the danger. > More >

The collapse of the U.S. Dollar is no longer a question in my mind. It's now simply a matter how soon it collapses. (#290: Thu 3/17/2011)
If you think the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009 were bad. You're going to think that crisis was a walk in the park compared to the nightmare we'll witness when the U.S. Dollar collapses in value. A monetary collapse will turn the world economy upside down. You'll see food, banking and labor riots. Governments will collapse and wars erupt. > More >

Gold and Oil Soar as Protests Swell in Egypt (#289: Fri 1/28/2011)
Unless President Mubarak and his government are willing to violently suppress this growing insurrection, I believe we may be just a few weeks away from the unthinkable, the rise of a radical Islamic Theocracy in Egypt that will change the balance of power throughout the Middle East. > More >

Iran's Game Plan Is Working; Goverments Collapse in Lebanon and Tunisa; Egypt Next! (#288: Wed 1/26/2011)
If the Iranian government continues to succeed, as it has done in Lebanon, and Tunisia... If it is able to ferment an Islamic Revolution in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and even Pakistan, the flight of capital out of these nations will be unprecedented in human history. It will drive gold – and for that matter – all the precious metals to new, much higher highs and at the same time drive the fear premium built into the price of oil to much loftier levels. We could easily see a ramp in the price of oil back to $149 a barrel. > More >

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