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GEA Real Wealth: 2010

Silver Breaks to 30 Year High; Gold Bursts to New Record High! (#287: Mon 12/6/2010)
60 minutes interview with Federal Reserve Chairman helps fuel bull market in precious metals. We may well hit the $1,500 level before the end of the year. Why you should be buying certified and rare gold coins NOW! > More >

This Month's Issue of The McClellan Market Report is a Must Read! (#286: Wed 12/1/2010)
Most newsletter and advisory editors and publishers want you to read only their analysis. I don't. I think there are about a dozen top investment newsletters and advisory services on the web that every investor should read in order to really understand the stock, bond and precious metals markets. With this in mind I have low cost solution to get complete access to many of these important publications. (Please Log in to read further...) > More >

New High For Gold in Terms of the Euro: How we racked up a 2278% profit in the last three years. (#285: Tue 11/30/2010)
Why a 20% loss was needed to produce a recommendation that jumped 1150% in just 9 days. > More >

Gold Breaks OUT to New All Time Highs! (#284: Thu 11/4/2010)
My prediction of $1400 to $1500 Gold by the end of 2010 appear to be on the verge of coming true. This however is just the beginning of what could develop into a longer term trend that sends gold to $2500 then $5000 an ounce. If you're not holding physical gold in your investment portfolio, you may be making the mistake of a life time. The risk of a currency and bond market crisis grows every day. Don't be caught with out gold, silver, platinum or solid oil stocks in your portfolio. > More >

"HCM is a strong believer in gold and even a stronger believer in a dollar collapse and continuing U.S. economic weakness barring a 180 degree change in policy." > More >

Gold and Energy Options Trader Racks Up A Steady Stream of Winning Trades (#282: Tue 10/26/2010)
This past week I and my staff recommended closing two more positions. On last Tuesday's blood bath we got long a call spread in OIH. It was closed out the next morning – less than 24 hours later for a nice gain of up to 15%. The second position closed was a call option trade my staff and I recommended on Anadarko Petroleum that we closed on Friday for a gain of up to 63%. > More >

Gold and Energy Options Subscribers: Another 15% Profitable Recommendation in Less Than 24 hours! (#281: Wed 10/20/2010)
How I keep racking up one profitable Option Trader recommendation after another. Many in a matter of less than 24 hours. This amazing service is now up 2498% in the last 37 months. Don't miss out on the fun and winning recommendations. > More >

Goldman Sachs Gold Analysts Raise 12 month Forecast to $1,650 (#280: Wed 10/13/2010)
This morning Goldman Sachs Group Inc. raised its 12-month price target for gold to $1,650 an ounce, saying the return of quantitative easing is likely to continue to be strong catalyst for gold. The investment bank and commodities broker also raised its gold price forecast to $1,400 in three months, and to $1,525 in six months. > More >

Gold Soars to $1373 an ounce: Currency War Looming (#279: Wed 10/13/2010)
Gold is up sharply again to day up over $20 as more and more headlines hint at a currency war. Currency wars are an ugly spectacle to watch. While certain short-term benefits can be gained by such actions – cheapening a country’s exports and therefore giving a quick boost to its economy – every devaluation ends in tears. > More >

Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Calls for Fed to Let Inflation Rise Over the Informal 2% Target (#278: Thu 10/7/2010)
The World’s Central Banks are keeping interest rates at or near zero and at the same time using quantitative easing in an attempt to spur economic growth. In short, hundreds of billions of dollars, pounds, yen etc...are being created out of thin air. The fact that gold, silver, platinum and other commodities are rising in terms of the vast majority of currencies doesn’t seem to concern the world’s central bankers because they are STILL focused on heading off deflation. > More >

Jimmy Rodgers Also Warns: Currency Crisis Ahead. Also a HEADS UP on Buying Shares of British Petroleum (BP) (#277: Wed 10/6/2010)
World famous investor Jimmy Rodgers warns Central banks and governments are going to print money until we run out of trees. It's outrageous," he says. "Printing money is not the right thing to do, but they don't know that. Eventually, they'll run out of trees." The dollar is a "terribly flawed currency" and is "going to have big problems in the next decade," Rodgers says." > More >

Gold Continues to Climb. Here's What to Expect and Why... (#276: Wed 10/6/2010)
Gold’s run up in price is an expression of the danger this country’s currency and economy faces and the danger is going ignored. Extremely low interest rates here in the United States combined with monetary and quantitative easing around the world is setting the stage for devastating currency and monetary crisis. > More >

Why the Kiplinger Letter and Kiplinger Tax Letter are Both Must Reads this Week. (#275: Mon 10/4/2010)
Dramatic changes are in the works thanks to the mid-term elections next month as the balance of power in Washington DC may change. This weeks issues of the Kiplinger Letter and Kiplinger Tax Letter are both an absolute must read for every investor and wage earner. Find out how to get access to these important issues and access to over $3,000 in other important and powerful investment newsletters, stock tools and market intelligence resources starting with just $1 for the first 30 days. > More >

Some Estimates Put Total Federal Debts at $200 Trillion (#274: Thu 9/23/2010)
My estimate of the Total Federal Debt may way too conservative. Credible analysts and economists put the total debt at somewhere between $60 and $200 Trillion. To put that in perspective if the United States sold all its gold reserves in Fort Knox it would raise just $300 Billion. Barely enough to cover the a fraction of the existing debt. It's a financial nightmare that will lead to much higher gold prices, weaker dollar and perhaps monetary crisis. > More >

Federal Reserve Stands Ready To Print More Money: Gold Jumps! (#273: Wed 9/22/2010)
Gold hits a new high on the Federal Reserves announcement that its willing to ease monetary policy further. > More >

How to get access to several top investment newsletters for one amazing low price (#272: Mon 9/20/2010)
There are lots of top investment newsletters and advisory services on the market. The problem is subscribing to just a few can cost thousands of dollars. Now there's a way of getting full access to a growing list of these for just one low monthly membership free. Don't miss this amazing opportunity. > More >

Adding $3 Trillion or $4 Trillion More to the Federal Deficit Means Gold Wins Either Way! (#271: Fri 9/17/2010)
Gold breaks to new highs - heading to $1300. On Wednesday, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned that gold was in effect the “canary on the mine” implying that the higher gold rises in price, the more danger the United States’ economic and monetary system will find itself in. > More >

Gold Breaks Out To New Record Highs! (#270: Tue 9/14/2010)
Gold surges over $1274 an ounce breaking to new all time highs on concerns over the inflation in the United Kingdom, economic slowdown in Europe and the risk of a new European Sovereign Debt Crisis. The breakout to the new high leaves no upside resistance and as a result may foreshadow a upside move to $1300 an ounce. > More >

France and Germany at Risk for Sovereign Debt Crisis says Morgan Stanley. (#269: Thu 9/9/2010)
A new sovereign debt crisis in Europe may be on the verge of erupting. Guard yourself against the danger with physical gold. If Morgan Stanley is right we could see gold break out to new all time highs -- while stock markets and currencies around the world plummet. > More >

The Big Wild Card That The Market Is Missing (#268: Wed 8/18/2010)
Israel has just DAYS to strike an Iranian nuclear reactor before the Russians deliver fuel. A military strike by Israel would ignite the gold and oil markets and potentially knock down stock markets world-wide. > More >

U.S. Total Debt Now Stands at $200 Trillion! (#267: Wed 8/11/2010)
The IMF has effectively pronounced the U.S. bankrupt... > More >

New Assasination Attempt: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Targeted (#266: Wed 8/4/2010)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was unhurt on Wednesday after an explosive device, officially described as a firecracker, went off near his motorcade. > More >

China Liberalizes its Gold Market Further (#265: Wed 8/4/2010)
There's an important article in today's issue of the Financial Times of London about China's latest move to liberalize the ownership of gold and its trading in with in its boarders. I think its a key event and may well help fulfill my target of $1400 by the end of this year. > More >

Iran Determined For Direct Military Confilict With Israel. Conflict May Be Just Days Away. (#264: Mon 6/14/2010)
Serious trouble is brewing in the middle-east. A military conflict could be ignited between Iran, Israel, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah that could potentially be the biggest military conflict since the 1967 and 1973 Arab Israeli wars. This could serve as a dramatic catalyst for oil, gold and the financial markets around the world. Please stay abreast of these events and don’t get caught without some physical gold in your portfolio. > More >

Why is gold Rising? Are you kidding me? Just read the headlines... (#263: Thu 6/10/2010)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke inability to deal with the reality that gold is signaling a great deal of economic danger. It leaves me wondering whether he’s in denial or just unable politically to answer a simple question like ...”Why is gold climbing in price?” Either way it’s a very bad sign. > More >

Former Shell Oil President Predicts $100 Oil late this year...Middle East War Looms! (#262: Mon 6/7/2010)
Tensions in the Middle East between Iran and Israel may be reaching the boiling point. The impact on the Financial markets, Oil and Gold cannot be understated. > More >

Now Hungary: Sovereign Credit-Default Nightmare Spreads (#261: Fri 6/4/2010)
The European Debt Crisis is spreading just as the U.S. Economy appears to be in danger of a double dip. Are we in store for an even greater worldwide economic crisis? Why all of this may be setting the stage to send gold to $1500 an ounce this year. > More >

Financial Markets Still Impacted By Legitimate Fear (#260: Tue 5/18/2010)
Don't let anyone tell you these events in Europe aren't important; they are. A collapse or breakup of the Euro would be an enormous financial setback and would likely disrupt the financial markets all over the world, much like they were disrupted the world's markets back in October of 2008 and March of 2009. > More >

James DiGeorgia Removes His Buy Recommendation of BGBR.OB Gold and Energy Advisor Publisher Recommends Investors Sell (#259: Tue 4/27/2010)
> More >

According to the Congressional Budget Office The Federal Debt is Heading to 90% of GDP ...But That's a Conservative Projection! (#258: Thu 4/1/2010)
Despite the fact that the U.S. Stock Market continues to climb higher, last week’s government debt auction revealed big potential problems. The auction of $32 billion in seven-year notes saw demand fall from the past two months. That means the government could have to start offering higher interest rates to attract buyers. A sign that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s promise to keep interest rates near zero for an extended period may much more difficult than he, the rest of the Federal Reserve and the Obama Administration had hoped. > More >

While President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are Bullying Israel, Iran is Busy Working with Both al Qaeda and the Taliban! (#257: Wed 3/24/2010)
The net result of ignoring Iran's connections with al Qaeda and the Taliban will bring a devastating war in the middle east, bankrupt the United States and drive oil to $300 a barrel and Gold to $5,000 an ounce. > More >

"We're Doomed and Washington Can't Do Anything about It." (#256: Fri 3/12/2010)
The arguments are raging: Inflation or Deflation ahead? Why I believe it can only be massive inflation and how and why you must protect yourself NOW. > More >

$112 Trillion Federal Debt, Europe Meltding Down and the Threat of a Complete Monetary Collapse (#255: Thu 2/4/2010)
This is exactly why we're seeing the emergence of the Tea Party movement. The mounting debt much catapulted into existence by decades of fraud on Wall Street and in Washington is becoming too blatant to ignore. > More >

President Obama May be on the Verge of Facing a Nuclear Crisis... (#254: Wed 2/3/2010)
February 11 may be the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution but this year it could be the day Iran's hard-line Theocracy tests the resolve of the the Obama administration and its Western Allies. > More >

The Price of Gold Just Tripled! (#253: Tue 1/19/2010)
A Lesson for the United States Government on the Devastating Destructive Power of Monetary Devaluation > More >

Lessons from my Mother on Martin Luther King Day: Why it is time to put ourselves on the line with dealing with Iran and its nuclear weapons threat. (#252: Mon 1/18/2010)
> More >

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