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Real Wealth #286  12/01/2010

This Month's Issue of The McClellan Market Report is a Must Read!

Dear Subscribers,

One of the monthly market reports I read every month is THE McCLELLAN MARKET REPORT which costs $195 a year to subscribe. It covers the U.S. Stock Market, Bonds and Gold. This month's issue has just been released. I believe this issue has two articles that are worth reading if your either a gold or stock investor.

The gold article lays out the case for a cycle bottom in gold in January and why its a signal of the next big up leg. The stock market article titled “Pair of Obscure Indicators Point to Bottom for Stocks”.

This issue is a must read. I like the THE McCLELLAN MARKET REPORT so much that I have included it as part of the membership website The Buttonwood Club.

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  • The Kiplinger Letter -- a $117 a year value

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  • The McClellan Market Report -- a $ 295 a year value

  • The HCM Market Letter - a $395 a year value

  • The Torpedo Watch Stock Tracker -- a $295 a year value

  • Mohan's Market Force – a $489 a year value

  • The Madison Letter -- a $295 a year value

  • Outliers Report -- a $495 a year value

  • SuperStockInvestor Scorecard (Stock Evaluator) which can only be described as the most accurate MONEY MAKING stock evaluation tool I have ever seen -- a $795 a year value: by itself!

Become a member of The Buttonwood Club today take advantage of the the $1 membership for the first 30 days for just $1. You can cancel at anytime, but if you're a stock, gold or bond investor you won't. The entire concept of the The Button Wood Club is to leverage the buying power of many investors like you to get access to dozens of investment and market intelligence tools for one low membership price.

It's my intention to add access to many more investment tools and publications to The Buttonwood Club over the next few years. The goal of this service is to put our ButtonWood members in a position where they have complete access to information that would cost individually many thousands of dollars for just $39.95 a month.

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Best Wishes,

James Di Georgia


P.S. If you're already a subscriber to the Gold and Energy Options Trader you should have full access to The Button Wood Club. If you don't please call our offices and one of my staff will see to it that your user-name and password for your Gold and Energy Options Trader works for The Button Wood Club.

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