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Real Wealth #285  11/30/2010

New High For Gold in Terms of the Euro: How we racked up a 2278% profit in the last three years.

Dear Subscribers,

Gold just broke to a new high in terms of the Euro while at the same time the precious yellow metal is trading at $1380 an ounce, only smidgen away from its all time high in terms of the U.S. Dollar.

I continue to believe that we could see a new high in terms of the U.S. Dollar for gold by the end of the year. A spike to $1500 is not out of the question.

We'll certainly see the $1500 level in 2011 and my updated target for 2011 is $1650 assuming no major economic, military or terrorist crisis. Just a little fear and we could see gold leap to $2,000 an ounce very quickly. Demand remains very high as is evident by gold's rise in price – even though the U.S. Dollar is rallying against the Euro.

Just before the Holidays I recommended that my subscribers to the Gold and Energy Options Trader take a 20% loss on a spread trade focused on gold. I was betting on gold pulling back a bit further than it did in November. Despite my confidence in the trade the pull back in the price of gold that took place was not big enough to make the trade profitable. Time was running out on the trade so I recommended taking what should have amounted to 20% for most subscribers of the Gold and Energy Options Trader. So a $5,000 trade produced about a $1,000 loss. But that's only part of the picture...

A 1150% profit in just 9 days!

Up 2278% in the first three years!

Keep in mind that this 20% loss came after a massive profit. Just a few short weeks ago I recommended a spread trade on Valero that knocked it out of the ball park with a 1150% profit in just 9 days. It's literally impossible to win every time when trading options. No one can do it. But there are option experts like myself and those on my staff like Geoff Garbacz that are able to make a steady stream of winning options recommendations.

In the last three years since launching the Gold and Options Trader our net winning trades are up 2278% cumulatively. It's a track record you just can't ignore. Especially when you consider all the crisis and turmoil.

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I make subscribing to the Gold and Energy Options Trader the first 30 days is just $1 and then you're billed just $99 a month. There are options advisory and Forex services that charge as much as $5,000 a year and don't come close to the winning results we have produced.

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Best Wishes,

James DiGeorgia

Editor / Publisher

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