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Real Wealth #284  11/04/2010

Gold Breaks OUT to New All Time Highs!

Dear Gold and Energy Advisor Subscriber,

Gold has just broken to a new all time high up as much as $33 today and is now trading for over $1381 just $18 from the low end of my price prediction of $1400 for 2010. I still believe we could see gold spike to $1500 before the end of the year. The frenzy for gold today seems to have been trigged once again by the Federal Reserves quantitative easing. Investors from one end of the world are concerned the value of the U.S. Dollar is increasing jeopardy.

In a few minutes I will be uploading the newest issue of the HCM Market Letter so the members of the by Michael Lewitt. Like me he has been warning of a devastating currency and bond market collapse and is a huge proponent of owning gold. If you’re not a member of the I urge you to join. A membership can be obtained for just $1 for the first 30 days and then its just $39.95 a month or $395 a year.

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Best Wishes,

James DiGeorgia



P.S. Gold’s up over $1380 but I have been buying as many NGC graded and certified 1 ounce 24 kt Gold Buffalo’s, U.S. 1 ounce Gold Eagles and U.S. rare gold coins as possible because I honestly believe $2500 gold, perhaps even $5,000 gold will become a reality in the next few years. I believe that anyone not invested in 15% to 25% of there portfolio is in great danger.  


If you’d like to add some physical gold to your portfolio or even convert a standard self directed IRA into a physical gold IRA please call one of my gold specialists at 1-866-697-4653.

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