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Gold and Energy Advisor's Real Wealth

Real Wealth #281  10/20/2010

Gold and Energy Options Subscribers: Another 15% Profitable Recommendation in Less Than 24 hours!

I just recommended taking another 15% profit in less than 24 hours!

Don't miss out on the profitable trade recommendations I'm making in my Gold and Energy Options Trader

I'm just about to issue new recommendations and don't want you out on all the fun and profitable trades being recommended.

Dear Gold and Energy Advisor Subscriber,

Just a quick heads up, yesterday I just issued a new option recommendation in my Gold and Energy Options Trader service. I recommended a quick trade on the Oil Service HOLDRS Depository Receipts (OIH), I recommended a call spread as oil was dipping sharply into the end of the day. This morning as oil bounced back less than a $1.00 an I immediately issued a sell recommendation for a quick 15%.
Profits like these are nothing new. My Gold and Energy Options Trader service has been racking up an outstanding cumulative track record of winning trade recommendations.*

My Gold and Energy Options Trader is now up to 2,498% in the past 37 months.*

In fact the profitable recommendations have been coming in steadily  here are some examples of profits that are being generated in just the last few weeks...

* I recommended buying Puts on the S&P Index on September 22 and within 24 hours my subscribers who followed my recommendation to buy then sell took profits of over 18%.*

* Then on September 28 I recommended buying a Call Spread on Cliff Natural Resources (CLF) and then just two days later recommended taking a profit of 14.6% on the position.*

* During the same day, I recommended closing a Call position on EOG Resources that I recommended to my subscribers 10 days earlier for a whopping 42% profit.*

I'm not going to make any bones about it.

I want you as a subscriber to my Gold and Energy Options Trader these kinds of profitable recommendations are too good to ignore in this kind of market. While most investors are happy making 1%, 3% even 5% on their money a year, my Gold and Energy Options Trader is delivering the kinds of profitable recommendations that this year alone add up to over 300%!

To win you as a subscriber I am offering the following three powerful and valuable incentives...

First, I'm going to absolutely guarantee that my Gold and Energy Options Trader delivers winning recommendations during the first 90 days when you sign up today. How can I do this? Our track record of picking winning options recommendations is amazing. During the first 37 months of the service we have delivered cumulative winning trade recommendations of over 2,498%. So far this year alone we have delivered net profits of well over 300%.*

All told we have delivered 135 option trade recommendations in the past 37 months and 105 have been winners, 29 losers and just one break even. Following our recommendations would have delivered win rate of 80% and as much as $84,830 in pure profits.*

If I don't deliver the kinds of winning option trade recommendations that make you completely happy, I will refund every dollar of your renewed subscription at the end of the 90 Days.

In effect, I'm giving you a 90 day NO RISK TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION to my Gold and Energy Options Trader.

Second, the first month you subscribe will cost you just $1. That's right I'll allow you to re-sign up as a subscriber for just $1 for the first 30 days. After the first 30 days you'll be billed just $99 a month or you can elect to take a nice healthy discount on a one or two year subscription. Again you have a FULL 90 Day NO RISK TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION. If you're not 100% delighted with the results of the recommendations you can have a no questions asked full refund.

Third, I'll throw in a matching membership to the ButtonWood Club -- a one year value of over $3,419 which will give you access to TEN Amazing Investment and Market Intelligence letters as well as three amazing stock evaluation tools. All you have to do to keep this membership is to remain a subscriber in good standing with my Gold and Energy Options Trader.

As a member of the ButtonWood Club you'll receive access to...

* The McClellan Market Report -- a $ 295 a year value

* The Kiplinger Letter -- a $117 a year value

* The Kiplinger Tax Letter -- a $147 a year value

* The Torpedo Watch Stock Tracker -- a $295 a year value

* Erlanger Squeeze Play -- a $295 value

* SuperStockInvestor -- a $99 a year value

* Mohan's Market Force -- a $489 a year value

* The Madison Letter -- a $295 a year value

* Outliers Report -- a $495 a year value

* SuperStockInvestor Stock Scorecard (Evaluator) which can only be described as the most accurate MONEY MAKING stock evaluation tool I have ever seen -- a $795 a year value: by itself!

The ButtonWood Club is a membership only website that is designed to bringdozens of high quality investment newsletters, advisory services, investment valuation tools and education services to individual investors at one low price.

Let's face it there are many great investor services out there that would cost you thousands of dollars to subscribe to. The ButtonWood Club is designed to give as many as possible to you for one low price. In this case, as long as you're a subscriber to the Gold and Energy Options Trader your membership in the ButtonWood Club is 100% free as a bonus.

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Best Wishes,
James DiGeorgia
Gold and Energy Options Trader

*Please read full disclosure on the sign up page. Results are hypothetical and results can and do vary. Our track record of recommendations are publicly posted on 

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