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Real Wealth #280  10/13/2010

Goldman Sachs Gold Analysts Raise 12 month Forecast to $1,650

Dear Subscribers,

As each day goes by my prediction of $1,400 to $1,500 Gold this year looks more and more likely. Last December when I went on several financial news networks including CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX and did the online The interview to predict $1400 to $1500 gold my prediction was met with a good bit of skepticism. Yet as the 2010 has progressed my target price for gold has looked more and more reasonable.

This morning Goldman Sachs Group Inc. raised its 12-month price target for gold to $1,650 an ounce, saying the return of quantitative easing is likely to continue to be strong catalyst for gold. The investment bank and commodities broker also raised its gold price forecast to $1,400 in three months, and to $1,525 in six months.

Goldman's economics team "expects the US Federal Reserve to announce a return to quantitative easing measures as early as the November FOMC meeting. We see this acting as a strong catalyst to carry gold prices to the higher levels that we now forecast," commodity analysts at Goldman said.

I think this latest Goldman Sachs Group Inc. only serves to demonstrate the tremendous value my Gold and Energy Advisor provides.

The rise in the price of gold is having its effect on the gold coin market. Shortages of 1 ounce American Gold Eagles and 24kt Buffalo’s are becoming apparent.Last week we purchased a nice group of 24k Gold NGC graded and certified Mint State 70 (MS70) 1 ounce Buffalo gold coins and with in a few hours we were sold out.

I’ve purchased another small group of these very same coins. Each coin is literally flawless coins that trade at a modest premium over the spot price of gold.

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Best Wishes.

James DiGeorgia


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