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Real Wealth #271  09/17/2010

Adding $3 Trillion or $4 Trillion More to the Federal Deficit Means Gold Wins Either Way!

Dear Subscriber,

If the President’s tax cuts are passed and enacted into law, the Federal Deficit would increase by an additional $3 Trillion in the next 10 years. The Republican proposals would increase the debt by $4 Trillion. No wonder billionaires like George Soros are loading up on gold -- and the precious yellow metal is making new historic highs.

The economic slowdown, high unemployment and the upcoming election are forcing politicians to propose tax cuts, and also forcing them to ignore the fiscal nightmare this country is heading headlong into.

 While the official debt ceiling is $14.3 Trillion, when you add up the deficit spending not only “on the books” but “off the books” including liability for entitlement programs and the government’s guarantee, commitments add up -- according to reliable sources -- to a whopping $41 Trillion and that’s now. Over the next ten years we could see that swell to well over $50 Trillion!

On Wednesday, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned that gold was in effect the “canary on the mine” implying that the higher gold rises in price, the more danger the United States’ economic and monetary system will find itself in.

Gold made another intra-day high today hitting $1284 in Europe and analysts and floor traders are pointing to the break out and saying gold should breach the $1300 level sooner rather than later.

I believe much higher gold prices lie ahead and it’s why I have predicted gold will reach $2,000 an ounce and perhaps $5,000 in the next few years. It’s the reason I strongly recommend putting at least 15% of your investment portfolio and a portion of your self directed IRA into physical gold.


The U.S. Government Allows You to Put Gold Into Your Self Directed IRA!

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 The politicians in Washington, regardless of their political affiliation, will not cut spending when the U.S. economy is in such a mess. The Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates with unemployment at over 9 % and foreclosures hitting new record highs or while the poverty rate, now at the highest level since 1994, continues to inch higher. Instead, the spending and printing of money will continue unabated until the “chickens come home to roost” i.e. a world monetary panic takes place.

The economic crisis facing the United States is only one facet of the danger. People are across the globe are worried about the European financial system and debt market and the outlook for the global economy”. The danger is clearly limited to United States and that’s why individual investors large and small are flocking into gold.

Gold, up more than 16 percent this year and heading for its 10th consecutive annual gain, the longest winning streak since 1920. Gold bullion has outperformed global equities, Treasuries and most industrial metals, prompting record investments in gold-backed ETPs. The metal reached all-time highs in euros, sterling and Swiss francs in June.

The China Shoe Is Starting To Drop!

 This month’s issue of the Gold and Energy Advisor is a real eye opener. China is already dumping U.S. Government securities. The long awaited collapse of the U.S. Dollar has begun. If you think the last three years has been rough riding – you will not be able to stomach the trouble that lies ahead. The politicians here and around the world are digging the hole bigger and bigger. Read the September issue closely. 

Meanwhile, despite a stock market that sucks and is stuck in a tight trading range between Dow 10,000 and 11,000, our Gold and Energy Advisor Model stock portfolio (#2) is doing quite well – almost up 10% so far this year and throwing off cash thanks to our using covered calls. We’ll be racking in more profits on options expiration at the end of trading today.

As a subscriber you know I and my staff focus on high quality oil and energy stocks and recommend buying them on dips, and writing covered calls on rallies. This is how we have been able to produce an impressive net return on our recommendations of 56.9% in the 26 months ending in August.

Between Yesterday and Today we’ll Recommend Taking Profits of $1,000 on Short Term profits and Options Hedges Expiration!

 My Gold and Energy Advisor Model Portfolio stock recommendations are designed to be extremely conservative, but our performance proves that you can be conservative and still generate 10%, 15% even 20% annually in winning recommendations.

My strategy is simply generate recommendations that beat the Dow Jones, S&P and NASDAQ by a wide margin while at the same time encouraging you to hold a sizable position in gold, platinum and silver investments. This way I should be in position to feed you profitable recommendations for stock portfolio of up to 258% in the next five years (see the August monthly issue) while at the same time making sure you have enough gold and precious metals to protect you from a monetary crisis that runs gold to $2,000 or $5,000 an ounce.

My strategy is clearly working. Between hedges expiring today and short term profits we took on stock recommendations yesterday and today subscribers following our model portfolio recommendations should be racking in another $1,000 in profits

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