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Real Wealth #269  09/09/2010

France and Germany at Risk for Sovereign Debt Crisis says Morgan Stanley.

There’s an extremely important story in the news today that I want to make sure you’re aware of because it could well be the NEXT shoe to drop on the world’s financial markets.

According to Morgan Stanley, the political landscape in Europe is so shaky that the core countries of the European Union, including France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, may not be able to respond with the necessary belt-tightening to prevent the sovereign debt crisis spreading to their borders.

Should a sovereign debt crisis erupt again in Europe -- this time with France and Germany at the center of the storm -- we could easily see the world’s financial markets take a massive nose dive.

In this scenario we could easily see gold pop to $2000 an ounce and see the equity markets shed 10 to 15% suddenly.

Take a few minutes and read this article:

France and Germany Coming Debt Crisis

Meanwhile, gold has in recent days made new record highs during inter-day trading. We fully expect new record closing highs for gold before the end of the year and into 2011. If you have not purchased physical gold as bedrock of your financial security, now is the time to do so.

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Best wishes,

James DiGeorgia


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