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Real Wealth #262  06/07/2010

Former Shell Oil President Predicts $100 Oil late this year...Middle East War Looms!

Dear Gold and Energy Subscribers,

In an interview with Yahoo Finance Tec Ticker, former Shell Oil President, John Hofmeister, says that he expects within the next 5 to 10 years we will see peak oil production from “convenient and easy oil” sources, and what will be left will be “higher risk and higher cost sources of gold.” Yet, Hofmeister also believes triple digit oil i.e. $100 oil could come again as soon as late this year or next year if there is any increase in oil consumption world wide.


Hofmeister’s comments re-enforce our conviction that oil prices are at near the low end of the current range but that we will see a substantial increase in oil prices in the next 12 months, which means that the oil companies I have been recommending in the Gold and Energy model portfolio are out right bargains. Many of which could increase by 50% to 100% in the next 12 months.


The announcement by the Iranian government that it plans to deploy its revolutionary guard to escort ships through the Israeli blockade has triggered a $23 jump in the price of gold today. I dare say that if the Iranians believe this will back down the Israelis, they’re smoking too much of the heroin they’re producing in Afghanistan.


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The Israelis are not blocking humanitarian aid. They have no problem with allowing humanitarian aid into the Gaza strip. What they object to is weapons, and cement used to build fortified positions that can be used to launch missiles into Israel.


The Iranians are in violation of UN treaties and cease fire agreements and have been routing arms to Hammas and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. Large shipments have already been intercepted. If faced with a war with Iran, Syria, Hammas and Hezbollah or backing down, I have no doubt that Israelis will fight. In which case, the Russian Nuclear reactor in Iran and other nuclear research targets are going to be zeroed in on.


A short war will have a very acute impact on the financial markets. A longer war could send the equity markets into a tail spin and gold much higher, perhaps fulfilling my $1500 prediction. The impact on oil prices would also be substantial – maybe catapulting oil prices as high as $90 per barrel. Stay tuned.

Best Wishes,

James Di Georgia


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