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GEA Real Wealth: 2009

Gold hits $1200 and consolidates: $1600 target for gold in 2010 (#251: Wed 12/16/2009)
Yes, gold is down from its recent highs, but keep in mind gold’s pull-back mirrors the pull-backs it has taken the past few years. For example, earlier this year when I was being interviewed by, gold was in the mid $750 range and I predicted it would hit $1200 by the end of 2009. It did. I believe gold will hit $1600 sometime in the next 12 months and surge over $2,000 an ounce by 2011, although I would not be surprised to see it hit that target this coming year. > More >

James DiGeorgia Appears on CNBC's Kudlow Report (#250: Thu 11/12/2009)
Why 2009 Buffalo 1 Ounce Coins Should be considered. Why the next issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor is a must read.... and things left unsaid. > More >

Gold Presses $1080 an ounce on news of huge Indian purchase from IMF reserves! (#249: Tue 11/3/2009)
India steps up and buys 200 metric tons of Gold. I expect China to make the next big buy. This means big trouble for the U.S. Dollar. > More >

Peter Schiff Predicts $5,000, Amazing Roman Gold Discovered (#248: Thu 9/24/2009)
I'm very excited to see more and more analsyts recognizing the reality of $5,000. I'm even more excited over an amazing group of Roman Gold Coins newely discovered and amazingly rare that I have just purchased. > More >

United Nations' Conference Report calls for Global Currency to Replace U.S. Dollar (#247: Tue 9/8/2009)
United Nations Conference proposes the biggest overhaul of the world's monetary system since the Second World War. We’re racing down a path to the worst monetary collapse in human history. > More >

Business News Network Video (#246: Fri 9/4/2009)
To See the Business News Network Video here's the link... > More >

Gold Testing $1,000 Level, and Canada's Business Network (#245: Fri 9/4/2009)
British Petroleum's (BP) large oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico announced on Tuesday moved the stock sharply higher but I think the discovery is being over hyped. See my interview on the Business News Network (BBN)... > More >

Why Greenlight Capital shift out of ETF GLD into Physcical Gold is so important! (#244: Mon 8/31/2009)
Greenlight Capital is a “long-short value-oriented hedge fund”. The hedge fund has about 5 billion of assets under management. The President of Greenlight Capital is David Einhorn, who is famous for correctly identifying that Lehman Brothers was under-capitalized and criticized them for questionable accounting practices. Lehman Brothers did file for bankruptcy and was one of the main causes of last year’s global financial meltdown. > More >

The printing presses are running round the clock. Congress is spending away the value of the U.S. Dollar. My predictions of $2,500 even $5,000 gold become more and more realistic even while gold still holds under $1,000. When gold breaks out its will be in leaps and surges. Don't get caught unprepared. > More >

China Becoming Richest Nation On Earth and Special Profit alert (#242: Thu 7/16/2009)
The Chinese are loading up on cash and gold and is fast becoming the richest nation on earth. How using options you could have racked up a 375% profit-- even in this horrible economy. > More >

Ned Schmidt of The Value View Gold Report: Telling it like it is! (#241: Wed 7/8/2009)
Rather than buying the debt directly from the government, the Federal Reserve uses a subterfuge. U.S. government sells new debt to what are referred to as primary bond dealers, who then market it to gullible buyers. Federal Reserve then buys bonds from banks and primary dealers. In this way it does not look like Federal Reserve trucks are delivering money directly to the Treasury, but the net effect is the same. This methodology has been highly popular by “banana republics” around the world over time. See Zimbabwe for consequences of this process. > More >

Obama's VP Hints at Holy War? 1st in a two-part series on energy, history and the road to financial salvation (#240: Tue 7/7/2009)
Todays modern blood is oil and is every bit as essential as water. And like New Guinea, there are about five concentrated places where oil rests. In northern Alberta and Saskatchewan which are the oil sands, in Latin America, in what was once the Soviet Union, and finally in North Africa and around the Persian Gulf. It is the last region that is by far the richest of the world’s oil keeps. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s oil is buried beneath these sands – sands that are perhaps even now being driven by winds of war. > More >

Israel Gets Nods From Obama Administration and Saudis on Iranian Attack (#239: Mon 7/6/2009)
The price of oil falls below $64 a barrel on recessionary concerns but a supply interruption from the Middle East could take place at any moment. > More >

Gold & Energy Advisor Portfolio Recommendations Up An Average Of 13.98% in 2009! (#238: Wed 7/1/2009)
Why I'm willing to send you a 1750 year old NGC graded and certified Roman Silver coin as a renewal bonus. Catch me while I'm celebrating. Only 15 coins available on this offer... > More >

China's Banks: Accident Waiting to Happen to Every One of Us (#237: Mon 6/29/2009)
Fitch Ratings warn China's Banks are wading into dangerous water. The next big financial meltdown could be in the making in China. > More >

Senior Economist of Ruling Chinese Communist Party Recommends Buying Gold (#236: Fri 6/26/2009)
Li Lianzhong, who heads the economic department of the Communist Party 's policy research office is recommending that China buy both gold and natural resources to hedge against the declining value of the U.S. Dollar. > More >

Iranian Protesters Face Torture, Imprisonment and Murder (#235: Thu 6/25/2009)
Proof of the danger came earlier today when this blood thirsty Iranian regime appointed one of its most feared prosecutors, Saaed Mortazavi, to interrogate reformists arrested during demonstrations, prompting fears that the crackdown against dissents will be ruthless. Saaed Mortazavi is also known as “the butcher of the press”. > More >

Al Qaeda says it would use Pakistani nuclear weapons (#234: Mon 6/22/2009)
"God willing, the nuclear weapons will not fall into the hands of the Americans and the mujahideen would take them and use them against the Americans," Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, the leader of al Qaeda's in Afghanistan, said in an interview with Al Jazeera television. > More >

Supporting the International Press in Iran (#233: Fri 6/19/2009)
I’m not going to sing the praises of the opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousay, he’s a son of a bitch who supports Iran’s nuclear weapons program and would be every bit as difficult to deal with as the current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What I am going to point out is what the United States, President Obama and for that matter... the entire western world should be demanding over and over again... > More >

Bond Market Meltdown Approaching and Buffalo Gold Coin Update (#232: Fri 6/12/2009)
Forget the printing press; the bomb that will blast gold prices into the stratosphere is the coming collapse in the Treasury Market > More >

The Last of the Buffalo $50 U.S. Gold Coins (#231: Thu 6/4/2009)
Bragging up the Buck Why Treasury Secretary is trying to pump-up the Greenback with words rather than deeds and why this makes $2,500 even $5,000 gold likely. > More >

Russia Warns North Korean Conflict Could Go Nuclear...China Warns Again on the U.S. Dollar (#230: Wed 5/27/2009)
North Korea says it’s no longer bound by the armistice signed with South Korea at the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. Even Russia and China are no sounding like they will cooperate at the United Nations Security Council to impose new sanctions. Meanwhile, China is making it clear it takes the rapid printing of U.S. Dollars is unacceptable. > More >

China's Dollar Trap: Obama "We're Out Of Money" (#229: Tue 5/26/2009)
China is still buying U.S. government bonds despite repeated warnings from its government officials about the weakness of the dollar. China may be trapped or they may be forced to add to their gold reserves as a hedge. In any case, its not a pretty picture. > More >

Are Major Banks Buying Gold and Silver? (#228: Tue 5/5/2009)
June 2009 gold option contracts show that calls (which are contracts where the owner has the option to demand delivery at the contract price prior to the expiration date) outnumber puts (where the owner has the option to demand that the seller of the contract buy at the contract price up to the expiration date) by more than 80 percent. In addition to being overly skewed toward call contracts, there is an exceptionally large quantity of contracts. > More >

Danger Growing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan (#227: Wed 4/1/2009)
While much of the world is focused on the world economic crises radical Islamic terrorists continue to plot and conspire to execute devastating attacks against America and its allies. > More >

Trillions and Trillions of Debt Being Piled On - They've lost their minds in Washington (#226: Mon 3/23/2009)
The Entire Federal Debt at the end of the Clinton Administration in 2000 was $5.674 Trillion Dollars. We’re now looking at a Federal Debt at the end of 2008 of $11 Trillion and rapidly climbing. In an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama who is the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee said ..."We're on the fast road to financial destruction, and I see a $20 trillion deficit in the few years to come. Frankly, I think Shelby is considerably off. When you sit down and actually add up all these bail outs and stimulus spending and factor in the negative impact this economic crisis is having tax collections the case can make that we’re really looking at between $25 and $30 Trillion Federal Deficit. > More >

The Threat and Danger of One World Currency (#225: Fri 3/20/2009)
Any way you look at this the U.S. Dollar is under siege and my prediction about the danger of the death of our currency is growing. When I was a young man study economics I used to laugh and dismiss conspiracy stories about one world government, the Trilateralists which the stories used to be embellished by predictions of secret black hawk helicopters. While the drama of those stories may have been embellished for effect I find myself re-thinking the possibility of a global conspiracy with the stories of one world currency. > More >

Urgent Update: How to get your share of Rome's Ancient Treasury (#224: Thu 3/19/2009)
I guess I underestimated the demand ths renewal offer this morning would generate. A few minutes after I emailed this offer our phones started ringing. As I write this update we have just seven coins left for this renewal offer. So heads up if you find this renewal offer appealing please call as quickly as possible 1-800-819-8693 or 1-561-750-2030 and please mention promotion code webe0442. I'm sorry to say these coins are very rare and I will not be able to find any more. Once they're gone they're gone! > More >

How to get your share of Rome's Ancient Treasury (#223: Thu 3/19/2009)
After years of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that this area of numismatic investment is ripe for 500%, 1000% even 5,000% appreciation as collectors and investors realize these great rarities are so dramatically underpriced and yet are so very rare! > More >

2009 Already A Record Year For Big Profits In Option Trading! (#222: Tue 3/17/2009)
While the market has suffered significant double digit losses already in 2009, my Gold and Energy Options Trader has delivered seven consecutive winning trades with gains of 20%, 26%, 32%, 14%, 21%, 70%, and 65%. These are incredible profits; all open and closed positions since January 1, 2009. > More >

Mint Suspends Gold Sales: China Warns on U.S. Dollar and Debt!: UBS Warns $10,000 Gold (#221: Mon 3/16/2009)
UBS raises the question: What if a new gold standard was adopted to support currencies, particularly the U.S. dollar? Using the current value of the U.S. monetary base and the country's reported gold holdings, UBS calculated a value for gold of US$6,948 an ounce. In other words, that is the level gold would need to be at to support the value of the U.S. dollar, given the number of dollars in circulation. If China and Japan are included, UBS predicted that the price would be close to US$10,000 an ounce > More >

Dick Morris asks... Have you ever heard of a "depressflation"? (#220: Wed 2/25/2009)
"Why is this inevitable? " Because with a bi-partisan consensus that deficits are vital in fighting the crisis (or easing the pain) there is no constraint on Obama and his party. The sky is the limit on spending, to the tune of a trillion-plus dollars over the next two years alone. " And there are only two ways to pay for it: (1) printing more money, which causes inflation, and (2) hiking taxes, which kills investment, businesses and jobs.” > More >

Sustained investor interest in gold over the course of 2008 against a backdrop of the worst year on record for global stock markets and many other asset classes, helped push dollar demand for the safe haven asset to $102bn, a 29% increase on year earlier levels. According to World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends, identifiable gold demand in tonnage terms rose 4% on previous year levels to 3,659 tonnes. > More >

The Danger of a World Wide Financial Meltdown Continues to Grow! (#218: Mon 2/16/2009)
The credit crisis, derivative meltdown is worldwide and may involve toxic debt amounting to $41 to $65 Trillion dollars worldwide. This leads me to believe that we may be on the precipice of an unprecedented worldwide economic and monetary collapse. > More >

Toxic Debt Could Cause European Meltdown: $5,000 gold (#217: Fri 2/13/2009)
Gold Trader tells Gold & Energy Advisor... “I haven’t seen anything like this in my life. The lack of gold coinage on the market is not only driving premiums up daily but when I manage to make a buy any gold coins I’m being told delivery could take two even three weeks!” > More >

It's not working, Obama's miss steps will have a serious impact on the value of the U.S. Dollar! (#216: Wed 2/11/2009)
The U.S. economy will continue to contract, unemployment will continue to rise, and business bankruptcies will continue to swell if the administration doesn’t immediately come up with a clear and cogent approach to home foreclosures. Housing is clearly the bed rock of the U.S. economy and unless that is stabilized soon – we’re likely going to see things get much worse. > More >

Dead Reckoning Coming to the COMEX Gold Market? (#215: Tue 2/10/2009)
“I believe that the COMEX will default and the entire paper gold market will crash and gold could rise very quickly to $2000 even $3000 US Dollars (an ounce). When this happens it will be too late to exercise or to try purchasing physical gold. It’s the same with a house insurance, which you need before the beds are burning!” - Marc Gugerli who is the Fund Manager & Advisor of Gold 2000 Ltd. > More >

Economic Crisis: Spinning out of control. Don’t ignore the danger! (#214: Mon 2/9/2009)
Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini, an economics professor at New York University who is credited widely for his prediction of the economic carnage that has taken lace this past year is predicting the nationalizing our banking system is nevitable and will cost another $3.6 Trillion. He makes no hedges on his current prediction that many of our country’s biggest banks will be nationalized -- because they are now “effectively insolvent.” > More >

Special Announcement: (#213: Thu 2/5/2009)
Step by step, I’m adding one wonderful publication after another to My goal is to eventually give my subscribers $5,000 even $10,000 worth of top quality investment newsletters and stock evaluation tools for one amazingly low price. > More >

Economic Troubles and Bubbles: Why the $812 Billion Stimulus is an Economic Train Wreck (#212: Thu 1/29/2009)
Banks are still collapsing world-wide while unemployment soars, new housing sales plummet to historic lows and several governments around the world, including England, are approaching a meltdown The proposed $812 billion stimulus isn't all the Democrats are claiming it is. It will just speed up the looming monetary collapse I see coming. > More >

The Case For Physical Gold: How to Buy Gold For Less Than The U.S. Mint Charges (#211: Thu 1/15/2009)
While the "experts" are talking about deflationary pressures they're missing the bigger danger that's building. The danger of a monetary collapse is growing as Trillions and Trillions of U.S. Dollars and debt instruments are created and then deployed to save the financial system and stave off a depression. Throwing bailout after bailout will create an even bigger problem. In environment like this it’s mandatory that you hedge your financial survival by owning gold. In the event of a monetary collapse, gold will be one of the very few forms of wealth that will remain reliable. Owning physical gold could well be the difference between economic survival and desperation for most people. > More >

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