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Gold and Energy Advisor's Real Wealth

Real Wealth #250  11/12/2009

James DiGeorgia Appears on CNBC's Kudlow Report


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Dear Gold & Energy Advisor Subscribers,


I remain extremely bullish on gold. And believe my target of $1200 by years end will come to fruition.


 Last night I appeared CNBC’s The Kudlow Report to discuss gold. The clip is located on the Gold and Energy Advisor home page.


There was a lot more I wanted to say including that there are huge risks immediately ahead. For example, the coming S&L crisis in which the dramatic deficits now emerging for many state and local governments could be a catalyst Federal Deficits even wider than the $1 Trillion a year projected for the next nine years. There's also is the commercial Real Estate collapse ahead. We’re still only in the second or third inning of this crisis. The only cure for saving the day will of course result in more dollars being printed.


I’m hard at work today finalizing the next monthly issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor  which is a very important issue on gold. It explains like “Peak Oil” we are approaching “Peak Gold Production”.


By the way gold investors should be alerted to the fact that 2009 24KT Buffalos are going to wind up with a tiny mintage. The fact is the mint got started so late that the total number of coins produced will only be a fraction of those minted in 2008.


I recommend NGC MS70 quality coins which are trading for about $1575 a coin. My rare coin and precious metal firm Finest Known has a few coins on hand. Please call for the latest quote 1-866-697-GOLD (4653).


While gold has been red hot, it is pulling back today a few dollars. It’s the nature of anything financial that trades in a free market. It's a natural ebb and flow that takes place even in a nine year up trend.


Yesterday, I recommended shorting the Gold ETF (GLD) in my Gold and Energy Options Trader service.


This is a very short term trade and allows those willing to aggressively speculate on a five to ten days pull back, for a healthy gain.


We recommended taking a 20% profit on a very short term recommendation  on the OIH.


Those interested in learning more about my Gold and Energy Options Trader please click below and take a look at the record this service has. It is so strong it is almost unbelievable which is why the track record and closed trades are now available for viewing on the website.


For more information click here GEO $1 30 Day Offer.


Best Wishes,

James Di Georgia

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