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Real Wealth #243  08/25/2009


Dear Gold & Energy Subscriber,

We've added $3 Trillion dollars of debt since the financial crisis reared its ugly head to our nation’s obligations. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have added an estimated $3 Trillion in additional "Off Budget Debt" which means we're looking at a national debt of almost $17 Trillion already and potentially $9 trillion more both the White House Office of Management and Budget and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office are correct. That puts the projected debt before Obama care at $26 Trillion.

All told with Medicare, Medicaid and all government entitlement programs the US government will be $74 to $80 Trillion in debt by 2019 and that assumes a very low rate of interest. Should interest rates jump to 6%, 8% even double digits ALL of these numbers could explode.

I'm not going to endorse or dismiss Obama care; I however fail to understand how you can reform medical care in the United States without some sort of tort reform and a real way of paying for it.

The argument that the program will be paid for by reducing waste just dosn't convince me. All one has to do is look at the waste and fraud in the VA hospital system and Medicare and Medicaid to realize waste and fraud have been going on for over five decades.

I'm also not going to argue the logic of expanding the war in Afghanistan but will point out that recent warnings from our own military say the war in Afghanistan is slipping out of control and we may have to send many more troops and spend a great deal more money in battling our enemies. This will only add to the exploding debt.

I will point out that the fiscal condition of the United States is critical. Anyone betting on a stronger dollar of the next several years is making an enormous mistake.

When Obama said a few months back we’re out of money he was 100% serious. He realizes the money being spent now is being borrowed and printed. As a subscriber of my Gold & Energy Advisor I want you to know what the President knows and take steps to protect yourself.

The first thing is to make sure you have physical gold 15% to 25% of your money buried in pure gold that either is stored in your IRA or in your safety deposit boxes.

Call Finest Known and speak to one of my gold specialists Call 1-866-697 Gold ( 4653) Be sure to tell them you are Gold & Energy Advisor subscriber.

When the next leg of this financial crisis hits - gold will rise so sharply that my predictions of $2,500 and $5,000 gold will become mainstream. When you hear the "experts" say that no one warned of the danger, I want you to know such statements will be lies. The danger is clear and present and that I warned people over and over both through my Gold & Energy Advisor and via the press...

Yesterday, my
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Best Wishes,

James DiGeorgia

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