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Real Wealth #238  07/01/2009

Gold & Energy Advisor Portfolio Recommendations Up An Average Of 13.98% in 2009!


Dear Subscriber,


While most investors will agree 2008 was a nightmare, so far 2009 hasn’t been a much of picnic either. So far the Dow Jones is down 3.8%, and the S&P is up only 1.8% in the first 6 months of 2009.


Yet, despite this horrible investing climate, my staff and I at Gold & Energy Advisor have been able to deliver a tremendous average return of 13.98% on our two stock portfolios. This, of course, means our recommendations are appreciating at an annual rate of 29.96%.*


We’ve just issued a special report detailing our first half and cumulative results that give all the details proving that Gold and Energy Advisor portfolios are up 13.01% and 14.92% in the first 6 months of 2009.


Results like this are deserving of a very special celebration... A special subscription renewal offer... Renew or extend your subscription to the Gold & Energy Advisor for 3 more years for just $189 – a 50% savings – and I’ll send you a phenomenal NGC Roman Empire coin that has been certified and graded Extra Fine or better.


I have a small group of Roman Double Denarius that were struck between 249 and 251 AD. Imagine a silver coin larger than a U.S. Dime, but smaller than a U.S. Quarter that was struck 1750 years ago, is 100% genuine and still in an amazing state of preservation.


[Image 1]


I have just 15 of these coins to offer in XF or better condition.


Each coin features the portrait of the Roman Emperor Gaius Messius Quintus Decius who in 245 entrusted the previous Roman Emperor Philip Decius with an important command on the Danube. Then by the end of 248 or 249, Decius was sent to quell the revolt of Pactatianus and his troops in Moesia and Pannonia; the soldiers were enraged because of the peace treaty signed between Philip and the Sassanids. Once arrived, the troops forced Decius to assume the imperial dignity himself instead.


Decius still protested his loyalty to Philip, but the latter advanced against him and killed him near what is now known as Verona, Italy.


The Roman Senate then recognized Decius as Emperor, giving him the attribute Traianus as a reference to the good emperor Trajan.


The coins sell for as much as $125 in just VG condition. Finding a group in Extra Fine condition or better is very difficult and dealers routinely ask up to $250 without independent NGC certification and grading. While my supply lasts, I’ll send you one XF or better Roman Emperor Gaius Messius Quintus Decius Silver Double Denarius when you renew your subscription to the Gold & Energy Advisor for 3 years for just $189. This offer comes with FOUR perfectly reasonable limitations and requirements.


#1: This offer is good for U.S. residents only. We cannot ship these coins overseas.


#2: The coin is worth more than we’re charging for the renewal. So there are no refunds on subscriptions renewed via this offer. No exceptions.


#3:  All orders must be taken by phone 1-800-819-8693 or 1-561-750-2030


#4: There really are only 15 of these coins available, so once these coins are sold, this offer expires.


You get a 3 year extension or renewal to the Gold & Energy Advisor plus a Genuine NGC graded and certified XF or better Roman Emperor Gaius Messius Quintus Decius Silver Double Denarius worth more than the price of renewal --- all for just $189.


Why am I doing this – I’m celebrating the winning track record of the Gold & Energy Advisor.


Don’t miss out – Call 1-800-819-8693 or 1-561-750-2030. Save 50% and get a wonderful Roman rare coin bonus.


Best Wishes,


James DiGeorgia



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*Past performance is no guarantee of success. All results hypothetical.


Please see risk disclosure link below.