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Real Wealth #236  06/26/2009

Senior Economist of Ruling Chinese Communist Party Recommends Buying Gold


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Dear Gold & Energy Advisor Subscriber,

I’ve been warning that a day of economic reckoning with China lies ahead.


Today, Reuters in BEIJING is reporting that Li Lianzhong, who heads the economic department of the Communist Party 's policy research office is recommending that China buy both gold and natural resources to hedge against the declining value of the U.S. Dollar.


Li asks rhetorically “Should we buy gold or U.S. Treasuries?" His answer is remarkably similar to what I’ve been advising


 "The U.S. is printing dollars on a massive scale, and in view of that trend, according to the laws of economics, there is no doubt that the dollar will fall. So gold should be a better choice."


Bottom line:  I honestly feel like the little kid in the story about the King without clothing.


The vast majority of politicians, economists and Wall Street’s experts are insisting fears of inflation much less hyperinflation and the risks of a monetary collapse are misplaced.  


They’re wrong.  


The danger of a monetary collapse is growing and the sooner you place gold in your portfolio, IRA the better.


By the time the majority of these same politicians, economists and Wall Street’s experts realize the danger is real and imminent – gold will be over $2500 an ounce. Please don’t get caught like them.


Best Wishes,


James DiGeorgia



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