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Real Wealth #235  06/25/2009

Iranian Protesters Face Torture, Imprisonment and Murder


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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared on Wednesday ...


"I had insisted and will insist on implementing the law on the election issue," Khamenei said. "Neither the establishment nor the nation will yield to pressure at any cost."


In the face of this very serious warning, the embattled opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi released a statement earlier today insisting ...


"I am not ready to withdraw from demanding the rights of the Iranian people," he said, adding that he was determined to prove electoral fraud and that those behind it were "the main factor for the recent violence and unrest and have spilled the blood of the people."

"The Iranian people have the right to express their opposition to what happened in the election and after that."


The protests in Iran are still continuing, but this radical Islamic regime has begun rounding up leaders of the demonstrations and protesters and is setting up courts to try them. Literally thousands of young adults will be tortured, jailed and murdered in the next several months as this vile disgusting regime closes its iron fist.


Proof of the danger came earlier today when this blood thirsty Iranian regime appointed one of its most feared prosecutors, Saaed Mortazavi, to interrogate reformists arrested during demonstrations, prompting fears that the crackdown against dissents will be ruthless.  


Saaed Mortazavi is also known as “the butcher of the press”. He gained notoriety for his role in the death of a Canadian-Iranian photographer who was tortured, beaten and raped during her detention in 2003.


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“The leading role of Saeed Mortazavi in the crackdown in Tehran should set off alarm bells for anyone familiar with his record,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East and North Africa director of Human Rights Watch.

Mr Mortazavi has repeatedly been accused of human rights abuses in the treatment of other detainees including journalists who said they received death threats after reporting their alleged torture on Mr Mortazavi's orders while in custody in 2005 and students who say they were mistreated after they were pre-emptively arrested in 2008 because they were suspected of planning protests.


If you’re thinking this crackdown on political dissidents will keep Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his gang of hoodlums too busy to keep up with its exports of terrorism, you’re mistaken.


There is no positive spin possible on the events taking place in Iran. While this murderous regime in Iran tortures, imprisons and murders tens of thousands of its own people, it will at the same time redouble its terrorism campaigns in Lebanon, Iraq and against Israel.


In addition, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Iranian Navy attempt to draw the United States and British Navys into a military confrontation in order to help justify the accusations that the domestic discord and protests are being sponsored by Great Britain and US.


The United States, nor any foreign power, is to blame for protests taking place in Iran. The United States, if not the entire world, have been caught off guard by both the protests and their sheer size.


While the protestors are shouting for political reform, freedom and better international relations, what they are really protesting about is Iran’s economy -- which is in shambles. Reliable estimates put the unemployment rate in Iran at over 20% and an inflation rate of over 30%.


International embargos haven’t been helping the Iranian economy either, but these embargos have helped the Iranian people recognize the recklessness of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy and the danger of being isolated as an exporter of terrorism.


The situation is so serious that we have to consider the likelihood of some sort of fabricated conflict with the West as I have suggested.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ahmadinejad will do anything – including shutting down the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz – to draw attention away from both the domestic dissent and its brutal suppression of those brave enough to confront this criminal regime.  


The consequences of this scenario would not only propel the price of oil and gold to much higher levels, the impact of such a rapid rise in oil prices could make the world’s economic recovery much more difficult.



James DiGeorgia


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