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Real Wealth #214  02/09/2009

Economic Crisis: Spinning out of control. Don’t ignore the danger!

Dear Gold & Energy Advisor Subscriber,

The total Federal Debt before the current credit/economic crisis took center stage was already in excess of $12 Trillion (including on the book and off the book). Which means it literally took 230+ years to get this deep in the “hole”.

Now, in a matter of days, the latest stimulus package going through the U.S. Congress will increase the potential debt by another $9.7 Trillion. And, yet this isn’t nearly the end of this dangerously rapid debt spiral. As soon as this stimulus bill passes, the Obama Administration will introduce another urgent banking bail out bill that could well cost another $1 to $3 trillion.

Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini, an economics professor at New York University who is credited widely for his prediction of the economic carnage that has taken place this past year is predicting the nationalizing our banking system is inevitable and will cost another $3.6 Trillion. He makes no hedges on his current prediction that many of our country’s biggest banks will be nationalized -- because they are now “effectively insolvent.”

Over the past several years, I have done several issues of the Gold & Energy Advisor entitled the “Death of the Dollar”; the last in February 2007 when gold was trading at just $685 an ounce. At the time, the total Federal Deficit amounted to $8 Trillion and off book debt was another $1 Trillion. So in less than two years we’ve added another $4 Trillion and will now see our government add another $9.7 Trillion of debt.


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My warnings about the explosive debt and hyperbolic monetary expansion are finally grabbing the attention of at least some economists and some journalists. Glenn Beck, now on Fox News, did a show on the danger including this clip which includes superb analysis from Dr. Arthur Laffer, the father of Laffer’s curve, who refers the current rate of monetary creation (printing press) as the worst in history and if not addressed immediately will be followed by “serious inflation”.

Glen Beck is exactly right when he compares the spending and printing to what caused Germany’s Hyperinflation that brought about the collapse of the Weimar Republic of Germany.

The Death of the U.S. Dollar may be less than 24 months away. Which means $2,000 even $5,000 gold may be just two years away. We’re now fast approaching the inflection point where literally hundreds of well regarded economists will start speaking out about the growing danger of the Death of The Dollar becoming a genuine risk.

Amazingly, today gold is down $23 as I write you. The pull back in the price of gold defies logic, basic economic reality. No Government on earth, even the United States can double its $12 Trillion debt in a matter of 2-3 years like we are witnessing without the entire monetary system eventually melting down.

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Please take a few minutes and watch the Glen Beck excerpt by clicking the link below and decide for yourself: : It’s this reality that has transformed me into a modern day “John Gold Seed” telling everyone time is short, the danger is growing and the only defense I can recommend is to take at the very least 15% of your savings, investment dollars and buy physical gold.

Putting physical gold in your IRA and or in your private investment portfolio could mean the difference of financial survival or financial disaster. The pressure to inflate the money supply further is going to be tremendous over the next two years. The catalyst will be a growing amount of unemployment.

While the current 7.2 unemployment rate is nightmarish, the fact is we’re going to see double digit unemployment rates here in the United States, Europe and South America in the next two years. We’re also going to see a string of national economic collapses take place in Eastern Europe and South America as a new wave of bank failures take place internationally. This will also trigger collapses of international hedge funds and will even cripple or destroy some of the wealthiest Sovereign funds.

Finally, all of this turmoil ahead can he harnessed by those of you who like to trade stocks and options. As the dollar continues to unravel, inflation takes hold and we see the series of economic crises continue to evolve, a good many smart investors and traders are going to make fortunes. If you’re risk tolerant and want to make some serious money on the back of this historic economic nightmare as it unfolds, you should really consider signing up for my Gold& This service, Gold & Energy Options Trader is literally on fire.

Our closed positions in this service were up more than 185% in 2008, just last week subscribers took a 21% profit on a trade we recommend just ten days earlier.

My options service is second to none. It’s easy to follow, and frankly, I believe it is perfectly designed to help you profit from the wild catastrophic events we’ll see in the next few years. The service is capable of giving you a steady stream of profitable options trades. Take a few minutes and look over the latest offer for this service:

Best Wishes,

James Di Georgia


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