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Real Wealth #213  02/05/2009

Special Announcement:

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Last night, Tom McClellan posted his February 4th issue of his McClellan Market Report on


In this latest issue, Tom includes a superb analysis of Gold and its current price level relative to major currencies around the world. It really is a must read.  The McClellan Market Report, a $220 a year value, is published 24 times a year and is one of several investment newsletters included in


In fact, the service now offers well over $3,000 worth of top quality investment newsletters, stock evaluation tools and advisory services including the Kiplinger Letter and Kiplinger Tax Letter, which sell for $223 a year by themselves!


As a subscriber to Gold & Energy Advisor, you can subscribe to for just $295 a year, or take a special two year subscription for just $395 – a 50% off deal!


The only catch is you must call 1-800-894-3424 to subscribe; you will not find this deal anywhere else. 


Step by step, I’m adding one wonderful publication after another to this service. My goal is to eventually give my subscribers $5,000 even $10,000 worth of top quality investment newsletters and stock evaluation tools for one amazingly low price.


Try for 60 days – if you’re not completely thrilled with it, we’ll refund your money in full.


When you subscribe, be sure to check out the BlackHawk stock evaluation tool. It’s proven to be an amazing tool to track stocks and pinpoint whether a stock is over or under valued i.e. a solid long or short. I use it every time I trade a stock.


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