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Real Wealth #212  01/29/2009

Economic Troubles and Bubbles: Why the $812 Billion Stimulus is an Economic Train Wreck


Dear Subscribers,


In 2003 I wrote “The New Bull Market in Gold: $1,000 gold and the many ways how to profit from it”. I’m rewriting and updating this book and in the process of doing so I realized that Chapter 4: Economic Troubles and Bubbles I literally laid out everything that has happened the past two years. Take a look for yourself, it’s like I had a crystal ball.


Our money supply has doubled and will soon triple from the day I finished the first edition of that book. Banks are still collapsing world-wide while unemployment soars, new housing sales plummet to historic lows and several governments around the world, including England, are approaching a meltdown


Yesterday, Congress passed the first round of legislation designed to stimulate the economy. While I want our new President to succeed my thoughts on the current composition of the $812 billion are not positive. The Republicans are right when they say its weighed down by pork, social programs and purely constructed to accomplish the economic stimulus its was designed to create.


What’s the upshot of all this?


More Bailouts and Stimulus Ahead!


It’s frightening but I expect to see several more industry and financial institution bail outs and attempts at least 3 more attempts by Congress and the Obama Administration to stimulate the economy -- all of which will serve to dramatically increase the money supply to the point that we will face a world-wide monetary meltdown.


As I write you gold has jumped back over $900 an ounce. I believe we’re going to see it break $1,000 in the next 30 to 60 days. Yet, this move while significant is just the beginning. The updated edition of my book is now titled “The New Bull Market in Gold: $5,000 gold and the many ways how to profit from it”.


The danger ahead will make the past two years look like a walk in the park. If you’re not putting physical gold away already, please start to do so.  Not a signal republican voted for the stimulus package in its current form. It’s not because they want to stand in President Obama’s way, it’s because they understand how dangerous this plan is and that it could lead to a catastrophic economic result.


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Best Wishes,


James DiGeorgia  

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