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GEA Real Wealth: 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah But Be Prepared For A Rocky 2009! (#210: Wed 12/24/2008)
Earlier today both Russia and China issued stark warnings about the impact of the crisis on their recently booming economies in 2009, with Moscow saying the downturn could spark unrest in the streets. Just one of the signs that financial crisis we're living through could set off a wave of wars, social unrest, revolutions and a complete meltdown of the world's monetary system. > More >

Citigroup and Bank America Warn: $2,000 Gold as World Unravels (#209: Wed 12/17/2008)
Zero interest rates and Trillions and Trillions of newly created cash will bring bank holiday’s and a currency panic. Before this mess is over we’ll see green backs traded in for new U.S. or world-bank monetary units. This new monetary unit may require the backing of gold which could mean a repeat of 1933’s gold confiscation act, whereby the U.S. and Governments of the world make personal ownership of gold bullion illegal i.e. seize your gold which is why I recommend the gold, silver and platinum coins that I do. Coins with a numismatic slant that I believe will be exempt from any government confiscation. > More >

Wall Street Journal Reports: Al Qaeda Backed Militants May Seize Power in Pakistan (#208: Wed 11/26/2008)
Today's Wall Street Journal include an article that clearly shows my concerns are shared at the highest levels of not only the Bush Administration but also of the incoming President Elect. The article is titled: Al Qaeda's Focus Is Pakistan, U.S. Senior Commander Says. Here’s a quick quote to give you a better understanding of the danger... > More >

Gold At The Turning Point! (#207: Fri 11/21/2008)
I honestly don’t know when the run on gold will come but I have no doubt that its coming. The financial crisis sweeping the globe -- is only just beginning – and the steps being taken by the U.S. Government and the world's Central banks may prevent a catastrophic collapse but only to the extent that they prevent a deflationary spiral at the risk of an inflationary spiral or monetary collapse. > More >

Prosperity by inflation will cost you-- your financial security! (#206: Tue 11/18/2008)
There's no other way to look at what's taking place. The Federal Reserve is pursuing the most inflationary monetary policy in its 95-year history. The Fed's balance sheet is now more than 90% larger than it was just one a year ago. The Federal Reserve has virtually doubled the supply of money in just one year. While normal increases usually run at 2% to 3% a year, we're now growing the money supply by almost double. Literally no major central bank in peace time has ever pursued such a massive inflationary policy. > More >

Bin Ladin Warns, The Federal Reserve Loans $2 Trillion Without Accounting, Physical Gold Shortage! (#205: Tue 11/11/2008)
I’ve predicted several times in the past few years that we would be facing a devastating period of tremendously painful stagflation. We’re going to see an extremely high unemployment rate, i.e. 7%, 8%, 9% even 12% at the same time the inflation rate snowballs. The net result will be $150 oil and a new $2,500 peak in the price of gold. And, I sincerely hope these commodities hold to these upper targets. My fear is we may well see a run away economic meltdown that literally destroys the U.S. dollar and most of the paper currencies of the world. > More >

LA TIMES Quotes James DiGeorgia on Oil (#204: Tue 10/21/2008)
"James DiGeorgia, editor of the Gold and Energy Advisor newsletter, sees oil stabilizing between $70 and $85 a barrel and then rising to $100 as global economic stimulus packages begin to ease the credit crunch and restore the confidence of consumers. DiGeorgia also said it would be a mistake to assume that oil supply problems had disappeared because of slowing economic conditions." > More >

Pakistan On The Edge: The Danger Can't Be Overstated! (#203: Wed 10/15/2008)
My concerns over the dangers presented in Pakistan are well documented here in the Gold & Energy Advisor. Credible Washington news services are reporting today that a soon-to-be completed U.S. intelligence assessment describes "Pakistan on the edge". I think it's the next big shoe to drop and the potential impact on the world's financial markets could be devastating and could make the current credit crisis look like a walk in the park. > More >

Taxation and the Printing Presses: Recipe for a Monetary Crisis and $5,000 gold (#202: Wed 10/1/2008)
"We conclude that, under a paper-money system, a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence positive inflation." Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke 2002 Speech > More >

Clean your guns, pass the ammunition and hold tight to your gold. We're in for a very bumpy ride! (#201: Mon 9/29/2008)
I'm not optimistic about tomorrow at all. Frankly, we may be at the tipping point of a wholesale free-fall. I wouldn't be surprised to see the U.S. stock markets down even more dramatically on the open. This isn't a prediction but rather a fear. There is one positive glimmer of hope -- which is in all honesty entirely based entirely on technical analysis, and historic charting. The VIX (Volatility Index) is now at 48 -- a level which marks a new high water mark of panic, this may be signaling that we are finally approaching a point of capitulation. > More >

Bank Giant Wachovia: Another One Bites the Dust! (#200: Mon 9/29/2008)
The banking and economic collapse spreading around the world is not going to be stopped by the $700 billion bailout for one basic reason, it does noting to stop the foreclosure crisis. Banks are not being positioned to negotiate and mediate debt with mortgage owners either in foreclosure or pushed to the point of foreclosure. This means the crisis will continue to spread. It's my belief that by the time Washington realizes all they've done is kept the doors open of a few dozen SUPER NATIONAL BANKS the economic collapse will be so overwhelming we'll see the world's fiat money system crippled for a generation. > More >

Is your bank the next to go belly up? There are still 48 Banks in BIG Trouble! (#199: Fri 9/26/2008)
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. seized WaMu late yesterday, and then sold the thrift's banking assets to JP Morgan Chase & Co. for $1.9 billion. Seattle-based WaMu, which was founded in 1889, is by far the largest bank to fail in the country's history. Its $307 billion in assets eclipse the $40 billion of Continental Illinois National Bank, which failed in 1984, and the $32 billion of IndyMac, which the government seized in July. Whether or not you believe the $700 Bailout will work...We're going to see more bank failures! Don't get caught off guard! > More >

Will the $700 Billion U.S. Government Bail Out Work? History Says It Won't! (#198: Wed 9/24/2008)
Don't be lulled into believing Wall Street and Washington have this financial crisis under control. A melt down, a world-wide economic collapse may only be days, weeks away. Please take steps immediately to protect yourself and family. > More >

Worldwide Financial Meltdown or Inflationary Nightmare: Regardless Physical Gold is Your Best Protection! (#197: Mon 9/22/2008)
The proposed $700 billion attempt at re-inflating will actually result in over $3 trillion in newly created money before this is over and done. Over $2 trillion will come from money creation in the United States by the Federal Reserve with the authorization of Congress, by lifting the debt ceiling to first $11.3 Trillion. Later on the costs of the wars we're fighting and further foreign and domestic rescue programs will bring it to a $14 Trillion national debt -- on the books -- by the end of 2009. This is going to create a serious wave of inflation that will drive gold, platinum and silver to new historic highs. > More >

Gold is up over $80 today at this point: Stocks are bouncing back but the danger is far from over! (#196: Wed 9/17/2008)
The current crisis in the financial markets is spreading and could reach a meltdown point. In this scenario, paper assets, including currencies, will dissolve. It's my belief that the sell-off in hard precious metals assets like gold, platinum and silver is largely over. History has proven every time governments and central banks have dumped the gold assets, it's been a signal for a new or next leg up in the gold market. Bottom line: I believe the downside in gold, platinum and silver is about 30% while the upside may well by 10 to 1 perhaps even 20 to 1. That's right, I believe we could wake up one morning in the very near future and see gold at $2,500 even $5,000 an ounce and the paper assets wiped out. I hope I'm wrong. I prey that I'm wrong. But I know one thing for sure - those without any physical gold, platinum or silver are in great financial danger. > More >

For a limited time: Gold & Energy Options Trader just $99 a month! (#195: Tue 9/16/2008)
We've just racked up a 64% profit and are making some key long term gold options recommendations. Don't miss out! > More >

Wall Street and World's Financial Markets Falling: Gold remains under $800 an ounce despite the panic and chaos. When the yellow metal finally takes off...I expect it to jump $100, $200 even $500 an ounce in weekly even daily leaps! (#194: Tue 9/16/2008)
Yesterday’s 504 point meltdown was the worst single day on Wall Street since September 17, 2001 when the world’s financial markets were still reacting to the 9/11 Terrorist attacks. The optimists are seeing this as the capitulation needed to make a bottom. They’re pointing to the fact that 90% of the stocks yesterday traded were down and that the VIX soared to over 30, a level which has signaled a bottom twice in recent history. I hope they're right but I am far from convinced. I see too many other dangers on the horizon. For one thing, I think it may very well be a clear sign the world’s financial markets are on the verge of free fall. The power brokers on Wall Street are openly wondering what big financial will be the next to fail. Now that Lehman has gone into bankruptcy, AIG looks like it's on its last leg, rumors are starting to swirl around Goldman Sachs, the holy cow of Wall Street. Secondly, the danger isn't just confined to Wall Street. The unemployment rate is over 6% and climbing. An astounding 3 million people are either in foreclosure or behind in their mortgage payments. Business failures are rising sharply, and the financial crisis is starting to spread around the world. We’re literally looking at what could be the worst economic disruption since the great depression. > More >

Gold is deeply over sold and positioned for a dramatic rally: Don't be faked out by the current strength in the U.S. Dollar. (#193: Tue 9/9/2008)
While the "experts" on TV talk about the credit crisis stabilizing their missing the bigger picture. Big trouble lies ahead for the U.S. and World Economy. If you're not holding on to physical gold and or don't use this current dip in the price of gold to leverage yourself for the rally I am predicting lies ahead, the financial impact on you and your family could be crippling. > More >

Gold Heading Back Up! (#192: Thu 8/21/2008)
My $2,500 gold target remains in tact. The Russian invasion of Georgia is like throwing gasoline on a fire! > More >

What you should know about Bank Of America before you buy into the hype! (#191: Wed 7/23/2008)
Bank of America (BAC) reported earnings this week, and announced they're still growing their business and are still profitable. This prompted a handsome rally in financial stocks. The talking heads on CNBC, Bloomberg and the Fox business network were all thrilled with Bank of America's report that its revenues in the last quarter grew 4%, to more than $20 billion, and that its net income (profits) totaled a whopping $3.4 billion. I wish I was a dumb as some of these gurus and analysts declaring there's finally signs of an end to the credit crisis and economic turnaround shortly ahead but in good conscience I just can't. The fact is there are over 150 banks on the verge of failing and the glimmer of hope offered by Bank of America's latest quarter report is a gross misrepresentation of the true condition. > More >

One of the best gold investments I've ever seen! (#190: Tue 7/22/2008)
I'm about to release a special issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor that I believe every gold and silver investor should read and take seriously. I have always told my closest friends and clients "If NGC or PCGS ever grades and certifies Ancient coins, we'll see high quality examples jump 500%, 1000% even 10,000% in a few years". Once the true rarity of these coins becomes clear, watch out, we'll see an absolute price explosion. > More >

Another Bomb to Drop on Wall Street: The Credit Ratings Scandal -- Worst Yet? (#189: Fri 7/18/2008)
The system by which corporate, state and municipal debt is rated is a complete and utter fraud. The credit ratings of literally trillions of dollars of bonds and notes have inflated and meaningless ratings. It’s a house of cards sitting outside, and the wind is picking up. If this scandal is finally recognized for what it is, forget the threat of recession – another devastating 2,000 point nose dive on Wall Street could just be the beginning of the worst economic correction since 1929. There’s big trouble ahead. > More >

The REAL Cost of War: Bin Laden, Oil Prices & Inflation (#188: Wed 7/16/2008)
Did Bin Laden Win? Wall Street’s “Credit Crisis” is going to weaken the U.S. Dollar -- even more! > More >

Panic On Wall Street Building - Credit Crisis Threatens Nation's Banks (#187: Tue 7/15/2008)
Analysts are warning that as many as 150 U.S. Banks could fail. Serious doubts about the proposed Federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are running rampant on Wall Street. Gold is sharply higher as the dollar sinks. You have to take immediate action to protect yourself. > More >

Major Bank Failure: 10,000 People Lose Massive Amounts of their Savings Deposits Over $1 Billion Uninsured Deposits! (#186: Sat 7/12/2008)
And the media is hiding the story. This morning if you go to it is buried and even The New York Times does not have the story on the cover of its business section! What the heck is going on here? This is the third largest bank in U.S. History to fail. It is up there with the failure of Republic Bank in Texas in the 1980s as well as Continental Bank of Illinois. This loss is wiping out $4 to $8 billion of the FDIC's $53 billion deposit-insurance fund. Get set for a slew of failures! > More >

--------------------------------Brace Yourself!-------------------------------- (#185: Fri 7/11/2008)
While Wall Street Scrambles: I promised a big profit less than 48 hours ago and I delivered. > More >

157% Profits While the Down Jones fell 12.4% in the past ll months! (#184: Wed 7/9/2008)
How to leverage this crazy oil, gold and commodities market into enormous profits and -- the coming shift in the way Wall Street values oil companies. > More >

The Week Ahead (#183: Mon 7/7/2008)
by Phil Erlanger of Erlanger Squeeze Play > More >

Is it time to short Oil? Are the bears or the bulls going to be slaughtered? (#182: Mon 6/23/2008)
Buckle your seat belts its going to be a bumpy few months for the dollar, precious metals and oil. Barrons cover leads with “Bye, Bubble? The Price of Oil May Be Peaking” but are they being premature? > More >

Must See Video: At what point is oil a short? (#181: Wed 6/18/2008)
Guest analyst Phil Erlanger offers a unique and powerful view of the oil market using his short and long squeeze analysis. Many of the top hedge funds and money managers on and off Wall Street rely on Phil's technical analysis. Also, in this issue a SELL and DON'T GO NEAR this penny stock warning. > More >

The Week Ahead - By Phil Erlanger (#180: Mon 6/16/2008)
> More >

The Week Ahead by Guest Analsyst Phil erlanger (#179: Tue 5/27/2008)
> More >

Tax Break For Aletrantive Energy Companies = Big Gains For Several Energy Stocks (#178: Wed 5/21/2008)
One area that will heat in the energy sector will be Geothermal. You’re being given a ground floor opportunity as an investor in Geothermal Energy and you shouldn't ignore this area because it will become a major part of the energy industry and driver of investor profits. It's clean, safe and economically feasible. > More >

The Week Ahead by Phil Erlanger (#177: Mon 5/19/2008)
> More >

Oil shatters its previous high - hits $122! APC jumps sharply is DVN next? (#176: Tue 5/6/2008)
If supplies are tight now, what will happen if the U.S. Economy actually bounces back and we see a growth in oil consumption that pushes to the high end of expectations? $150 to $200 oil is waht happens. > More >

You're invited to: The 20th Annual Money Show Las Vegas, May 12-15, 2008, at The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. (#175: Mon 5/5/2008)
I'll be speaking during the show and would love to meet you in person. > More >

The Week Ahead by Phil Erlanger (#174: Mon 5/5/2008)
> More >

Oil Prices WILL Double by 2012: Canadian Bank Study (#173: Tue 4/29/2008)
According to the Canadian banks report: the International Energy Agency's current oil production estimates overstate supply by about nine percent, since it wrongly counts natural gas liquids -- which are not viable for transportation fuel -- in its numbers. This is something we've been pointing to over and over again here at the Gold & Energy Advisor for a few years. > More >

The Week Ahead by Phil Erlanger (#172: Mon 4/28/2008)
> More >

The Week Ahead by Phil Erlanger (#171: Mon 4/21/2008)
> More >

Nuclear Attack on Washington D.C Coming (#170: Wed 4/16/2008)
Senate committee meeting yesterday that featured a VERY CREDIBLE witness that is warning a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C isn't a matter of "if" but when. Buying gold and platinum has never been more important to your financial survival. > More >

The Week Ahead by Phil Erlanger (#169: Mon 4/14/2008)
> More >

The Week Ahead (#168: Mon 4/7/2008)
Guest Analyst Phil Erlanger offers an out line of the week ahead on Wall Street and around the world of finance. > More >

Once again we nail the up and down move in Gold and Oil but don't let the short-term swings in gold and energy cloud your long-term investment startegy (#167: Tue 4/1/2008)
Repeat after me — Gold is heading to $2,500... Gold could wind up topping at $5,000 and may even wind up topping $10,000 an ounce by the time this bull market in gold is over! > More >

The Week Ahead (#166: Mon 3/31/2008)
Guest Analyst Phil Erlanger offers an out line of the week ahead on Wall Street and around the world of finance. > More >

Forbes asks: What energy stocks does James Digeorgia recommend? (#165: Fri 3/28/2008)
I'm spending a good part of every day answering the questions of reporters from the most prestigious newspapers, magazines and Internet from all over the world. Oil, Energy and Gold are red hot and the vast majority of investors want to know what to buy and what to sell. As one of my subscribers I believe it's important that YOU know what I'm recommending before you see it reported. > More >

The Week Ahead (#164: Mon 3/24/2008)
Guest Analyst Phil Erlanger offers an out line of the week ahead on Wall Street and around the world of finance. > More >

Is the Bull Market Over in Oil and Gold? (#163: Thu 3/20/2008)
Absolutely not! The Bull Markets in Precious Metals and Commodities has another 3 to 5 years.The injection of more than $580 billion by the Federal Reserve since November to stem the panic and fear in the credit, financial and real estate markets along with the $25 billion being spent monthly to support the military occupations and operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, will eventually drive the U.S. Dollar much lower. > More >

Out Of the Pot and Into the Fire: One Step Closer to a Catastrophic Dollar Crisis! (#162: Mon 3/17/2008)
Bear Stearns collapse is a wake-up call. We may well be looking at a financial crises of unprecedented dimension. Former Federal Chairman Alan Greenspan called this .. "The worst financial crises since World War II." The literally unprecedented steps taken by the Federal Reserve may delay the day of reckoning -- but not prevent it. The Fed's latest steps will let the inflation genie completely out of the bottle creating and even worse economic crises later. > More >

Dollar Panic Approaching: Take Action Immediately (#161: Thu 3/13/2008)
Call my office immediately 1-866-697-4653 ext. 1406 and buy gold, platinum and or silver so you're not wiped out. I've been warning about this danger for over 6 years. I was right about Oil, Gold, Platinum and Silver. I'm 100% right about the danger of a inlfationary spiral and dollar panic. The danger is building and your time window to protect your wealth and your family's financial security is closing. Take action now! > More >

Dow Jones Falls Another 150 (#160: Mon 3/10/2008)
Another down day on Wall Street, oil hits $108 a barrel and a well regarded Wall Street Billionaire expects a few banks to fail. > More >

NEXT: Money Panic? (#159: Thu 3/6/2008)
Last Call For Gold... please don't get caught without gold in a dollar panic. The risks of genuine meltdown on Wall Street are growing. The numbers are getting worse, the Federal Reserve looks helpless. > More >

Short term peak in the price of oil -- despite the frenzy and speculation (#158: Tue 3/4/2008)
Libya's top oil official, Shokri Ghanem, reflected the exasperation of many within OPEC when asked if the cartel would stick to the status quo. "How can you do otherwise?" he said. "How can you cut production when prices are so high? How can you increase production when inventories are expanding?" > More >

Gold, Oil, Silver Push to New highs: More Misery for Wall Street Ahead (#157: Mon 3/3/2008)
Phil Erlanger's 20 year Presidential and Seasonal Cycle tells a story that's very close to what I see ahead. The problem with saving Wall Street from its own excesses is the Federal Reserve is choosing the inflation cure. If the politicians don't wake up, the fix will only work for a few years and will give birth to even greater financial crises. Either way precious metals, commodity and energy prices are going much higher. > More >

US Banking System: Bankrupt (#156: Tue 2/26/2008)
We're up another 100+ points today on the Dow Jones after yesterday 180+ point run yesterday, the Sun is out and the birds are chirping. Which no begs the question...has the worst of the sub-prime credit crisis passed? > More >

$10,000 Gold, $20,000 Platinum: What are you smoking in that Pipe? (#155: Tue 2/19/2008)
Nouriel Roubini of New York University's Stern School of Business econoimic scenarios have been dire enough to make the flesh creep. But his thinking deserves to be taken seriously. He first predicted a US recession in July 2006. At that time, his view was extremely controversial. It is so no longer. Now he states that there is "a rising probability of a 'catastrophic' financial and economic outcome". > More >

Inside the Energy Numbers (#154: Fri 2/15/2008)
The deeper you look into the numbers the more you'll recognize this bull market in energy is here to stay. Tom McClellan, Editor of the highly regarded and really world renowned The McClellan Market Report offers two more important enery charts to consider. > More >

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: The Economic Outlook is Bleak but the Fed is Taking action (#153: Thu 2/14/2008)
While we may see a rise in equity prices on Wall Street an accommodative Federal Reserve will also have a substantial effect on inflation I don't expect it to push our economy over the hyperinflation line because wage pressures are not part of the mix as was the case in the 1970's when our country came perilously close to a hyperinflationary crisis. > More >

Platinum Breaks $2,000 But Wall Street is Focused on Demand and Missing the the Bigger Picture (#152: Wed 2/13/2008)
Wall Street Analysts are focused on what their calling difficult mining conditions for Platinum producers in South Africa and are cutting production forecasts. In short their pointing to an acute supply demand imbalance when they should be wary of the risk of South African and Russian duopoly that could easily push platinum to my $5,000 target price. > More >

Panic in the Platinum Market, and Grim News About Our Oil Supply (#151: Mon 2/11/2008)
Watch out for an even bigger move up in platinum and a possible confrontation with Venezuelan President Chavez that sould lead to $150 oil. > More >

Wild up and down moves on Wall Street: Please Pass the Pepto Bismol (#150: Thu 2/7/2008)
Chambers spooks Wall Street... Warnings of Bond Market Meltdown from Frankfurt.... Romney suspends his campaign defaults to McCain... England cuts a quarter of one percent, Europe does nothing, U.S. Markets go on another roller coaster ride and our Gold & Energy Options scores another lightening fast profit of 38%! > More >

The Real Reason Why the Fed is Panicking: Why Wall Street is so Nervous (#149: Tue 2/5/2008)
We may be in danger of the worst bond market crash in world history. The danger is REAL, the danger is immense, and the danger is potentially long-term. Now is the time to take immediate steps to both protect your assets and to make sure you profit if the crises escalates. You can't afford to pay attention. > More >

What the Federal Reserves latest 1/2 point rate cut really means... (#148: Wed 1/30/2008)

President George Bush throws in the towel and sells out to the Democratic Congressional Leadership! (#147: Mon 1/28/2008)
The Bush Presidency can now be considered a complete disaster. He will make his last State of the Union speech at a time our nation faces historic uncertainty: wars overseas, falling financial markets and no clear champion yet in either political party to take the helm when Bush leaves. If this isn't enough the President is now throwing in the towel on any glimmer of conservative fiscal responsibility. By jumping in with Democratic leaders on the proposed $150 billion tax cut, he's rebuking the Reagan Revolution and setting up the biggest financial crisis since the depression. > More >

The Week Ahead (#146: Mon 1/28/2008)
Will this week be just as wild as last? There's plenty of fat being thrown into the fire to fuel some wild swings on Wall Street and in the world's financial markets. The question is will that fat catch fire? > More >

This is how the market will bring $5,000 Platinum into reality. (#145: Fri 1/25/2008)
Supply interruptions will show the South Africans and Russians that $2,000 Platinum won't hurt the amount of U.S. dollars they're taking in for their production. They'll quickly realize they can raise the price of Platinum to $5,000 sell 20% of the metal and will actually receive more net dollars. $5,000 platinum will become a reality very quickly. > More >

The Fed Slashed Rates, But the Market is Still Staggering. What's Really Going On? (#144: Wed 1/23/2008)
This latest emergency interest rate cut by the Federal reserve was the biggest rate cut in 18 years — an while it gave the market a reason to recover most of the 465 point opening nose dive yesterday the Dow still closed down for the day and still opened another 200+ lower this morning. What the heck is going on? > More >

Wild Swings, Panic and Smoothing the Way to $2,500 gold (#143: Tue 1/22/2008)
Lower interest rates mean higher precious metals and energy prices going forward. Anyone telling you inflation isn't a big risk is either uninformed or delusional. Is your IRA positoned to take advantage of higher precious metals prices? > More >

The feathers are flying on Wall Street as a lower dollar and lower interest rates look increasing likely for 2008! (#142: Tue 1/15/2008)
The sub-prime crisis is going to financial tsunami for some and money making opportunity of a life-time for others. Here's what to expect ahead and how to cash in on the volatility. Also, why Russia's Putin is so determined to help Iran develop its nuclear program and why it means higher oil prices. > More >

$5,000 Platinum, Living Longer and When to Sell! (#141: Mon 1/14/2008)
How to arbitrage the precious metals and numsimatic market. Invest in the turtles after the rabbits have taken off for a fat juicy return on investment. > More >

This is your STAGFLATION warning! (#140: Thu 1/10/2008)
A slumping economy with rising prices = Stagflation. Get set for an even weaker dollar and two years of economic misery that will all add up to $2,500 and $5,000 Platinum. > More >

New Hampshire, Iran Plays Chicken and Pakistan on the edge of Chaos (#139: Tue 1/8/2008)
Senator Obama seems on course to turn Washington politics on its ear. The Iranians, Syrians and raft of militant Islamic Terrorists wait to pounce. What a President Obama may be facing after his inauguration. Are we jumping out of the pot and into the fire? > More >

Gold breaks its 1980 record high, Oil Surges to $100 but it is just a taste of what lies ahead (#138: Thu 1/3/2008)
Will 2008 be the year gold surges to $2500? If so why? > More >

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