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Real Wealth #210  12/24/2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah But Be Prepared For A Rocky 2009!


Dear Subscribers,


Earlier today both Russia and China issued stark warnings about the impact of the crisis on their recently booming economies in 2009, with Moscow saying the downturn could spark unrest in the streets.


This comes at the very same time that Russia is asserting it will be increasing it nuclear arsenal by 4 fold.

This is exactly the kind of behavior witnessed in 1929 through1941 during the great depression and which both set the stage for spread of fascism in the 1930’s and World War II. The Russians clearly are focused on perceived foreign enemies instead of the domestic economic storm that’s gathering strength.

It’s the same sort of insanity were witnessing from the theocracy governing Iran. Who in their right mind invests their money in building nuclear weapons when estimates put their unemployment rate at 40%, inflation running at 26% while at the same time suffering a 66% decrease in the price of their principal export: OIL.

It’s pure insanity. But again it’s the insanity we saw that lead up to the rise of Mussolini and Hitler. It’s the backdrop of why Citigroup is predicting $2,000 gold next and why so many economists and political scientists are warning the current economic crisis that is gripping the in entire world could lead to wars, starvation, civil unrest, revolutions and the collapse of not only the U.S. dollar but the world entire monetary system.

2009 could very well be the most dangerous year in human history and you must have protection!

The bail out here in the United States is in serious trouble. The banks that have received money from the Treasury Department's $700 billion rescue fund according to a Associated Press are refusing outright to say how they are using the money. These same literally bankrupt banks are STILL giving Christmas bonus to its employees and executives. Their argument is the bonuses are coming from monies they set aside for this purpose is ridiculous at best. These are firms that could not make a payroll, meet depositor’s withdrawals and yet they claim they had monies set aside.

One can only shudder at the thought of the U.S. Government now spending another $1 trillion on an economic stimulus. How many hundreds of billions will wind up stolen? Keep in mind we couldn’t keep track of a few billion that has simply gone missing in Iraq!

I wish I could give you the Christmas and Chanukah present of assuring you that everything will work out. I can’t. The fact is Franklin Roosevelt tried massive public works spending from 1932 through 1941 in hopes of reviving the U.S. economy. It wasn’t until after Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry as a combatant in 1941 that the depression was lifted.

This history and reality leaves me with only the ability to give you truth for Christmas and Chanukah. A depression can come with hyperinflation and a depression can bring the collapse of one or more monetary systems. Owning a substantial amount of physical gold both outside and inside your IRA plans could mean the difference between economic survival and ruin in 2009 through 2012.

Protect your family, protect your financial security and please celebrate the New Year by adding gold bullion, rare ancient, U.S. and foreign numismatic coins to your personal investment portfolio.


Given the danger I’ll be preying over this holiday season for a miracle. It’s going to take a miracle to avoid the political, economic and social nightmare this financial crisis the Depression of 2009-20012 will bring.


Happy Holidays,

James DiGeorgia

Publisher and Editor

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