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Real Wealth #185  07/11/2008

--------------------------------Brace Yourself!--------------------------------

Wall Street Heading Towards Panic

More Bad News and a Much Bigger Crisis Ahead


I promised a big profit less than 48 hours ago:  

 Subscribers just grabbed a 64% profit in my Gold & Energy Options Trader on Anadarko Petroleum.


Dear Subscribers,


The feathers are flying on Wall Street; the psychology on Wall Street is inching closer and closer to a panic.


This morning before the market opened Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were down as much as 50%. Investors took no solaces from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s statement that the U.S. government is focused on making sure these companies function as designed. The news from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has set off a major sell off in the equity markets and contributed to a weaker dollar, a spike in the price of gold and oil. While the market has recovered from its worst levels bouncing from more than 250 points down to only down 130 points as I send this alert – don’t let the bounce back fool you.


I wish I could tell you this was the capitulation point and the bounce is a sign of a big rally coming, but I can’t. Even if you see a rally, the fact is I now believe a bigger crisis is evolving that is going to be along the lines of market heart attack. Worse, it will be compounded by several other really horrible realities, market and economic pressures.


I’m working at break neck speed on a blockbuster report that will give you an inside track on this next nightmarish shoe to drop on Wall Street.


I’ll be posting it in this Real Wealth column in the next several days. It’s important that you pay attention to this report as by the time most people hear about this NEXT crisis it will have already hammered 500 points off the Dow Jones, but you will be ahead of the curve. While the talking heads report the NEXT crisis, you should be starting to count your profits.


You know the old Chinese curse that goes “May you live in interesting times” fits perfectly to this current time period, i.e. it’s very interesting times.


This next crisis could pop oil to $200 a barrel and gold to $1200 in a matter of days as investors migrate out of the U.S. Dollar.


Years ago, Dr. Martin Weiss wrote a book called the “Money Panic.” I used to tease my old friend about the fact that the book had been in print for more than 10 years without a legitimate money panic. He would smile and say...”Don’t worry, it’s coming.”


Unfortunately for all of us...The waiting for the Money Panic -- may just about be over.


One of the key back bones of the financial markets is on the verge of rupture. Two days ago after racking into big profits in my Gold and Energy Options Trader...


  • A 25% win in The Mosaic Company (MOS-NYSE).
  • A 24% win in First Solar (FSLR-NASDAQ) in less than 24 hours.

I made the gutsy promise of another big win and actually named the stock I would make the big win with, Anadarko Petroleum (APC – NYSE) and like clockwork, BAM! As the market opened this morning my subscribers grabbed a 64% windfall!


We’ll be jumping back in with options on APC very quickly.


I believe, I can’t of course guarantee, we’re about to see a string of unprecedented profits in my Gold and Energy Options Trader and that’s the sole reason I am urging you to sign up NOW!


The next big spike in the $200 level must be shorted. Profits are going to be very healthy on both the run up to $200 and then back down as the crisis sinks in. I expect to expand the service to include some potentially profitable stock and stock index options, both puts and calls, that I believe will soon go BERSERK.


I’ve priced the Gold and Energy Options Trader so inexpensively (just $99 a month or $995 a year ) that the cost of service should be made up by just a few small trades or even one or two trades using 6 to 10 options. Heck, we already have cumulative profits of 221% in the past 11 months (while the Dow Jones was down about 15%)!


This amazing little service has its biggest pay days ahead – BOTH – on the long and short side, but the sooner you jump on board, the more likely your chances to scoop up the profits.


Subscribe immediately and give my Gold and Energy Options Trader a try. The profit I believe I’m going to pile on for subscribers is just too good to miss.


Subscribe immediately because new trade recommendations will start pouring out over the next 14 to 20 days. Look for my report on this NEXT crisis, and in the meantime, start preparing yourself by loading up on physical gold and platinum. My $2,500 and $5,000 targets have a good chance of being touched by the time all the shoes stop dropping. Sign up on line right now by clicking here Gold and Energy Options Trader or call 1-800-819-8693 or 1-561-750-2030.  Don’t let this opportunity to profit escape you.


Best Wishes,


James DiGeorgia


Please see risk disclosure link below.