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Real Wealth #146  01/28/2008

The Week Ahead

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Monday, January 28, 2007      

The weakness in the market came temporarily to an end with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100 and S&P 100 moving higher for the week.

The Daily Squeezeometer signals for the NASDAQ 100 remains sell/sell short. The S&P 100 remains sell/sell short. The weekly NASDAQ 100 moves from pullback in an uptrend to downtrend while the weekly S&P 100 remains in a downtrend.

Our monthly signals move from rally in a downtrend to downtrend for both the S&P 100 and NASDAQ 100. Monthly signals may turn negative on Thursday after the close if the week sees deterioration.

Our 14-day choppiness index for the NASDAQ 100 moved from 37 to 41. This index ranges from 0 to 100, and the lower it goes the more a trend is evolving. The S&P 100 choppiness index moved from 34 to 43.

The NASDAQ 100 remains below its weekly DMA Channel as does the S&P 100. We note our Erlanger Big Barf Indicator (EBB) remains negative.


The top five areas facing the market in this trading week are:

1       Geopolitical and Fiscal Events.  President Bush delivers his last State of The Union speech. The director of the Congressional Budget Office speaks on Thursday about the economy.

2       Economic Releases. There are several economic releases of note this week other than the weekly oil/gas numbers.

3       Earnings Releases.  The fourth quarter of earnings releases continue this week. See the earnings section.

4       Conferences. There are several conferences of note this week. See the conferences section.

5       Company, Analyst and Regulatory Meetings. Type 1s: none of note. Type 4s: NNDS.


We continue to emphasize noting Type 1s, Short Squeezes, which may be taken higher by positive news and Type 4s, Long Squeezes, which may be taken lower by negative news. Here's how the week shapes up:


Monday, January 28

 Tuesday, January 29

Wednesday, January 30

*        Q4 GDP (preliminary) is released at 8:30 and expected to grow 1.2% from 4.9% in Q3.

*        The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets and announces any interest rate decision change.

*        NDS Group (NNDS) holds its investor day and is a Type 4 Long Squeeze.

Thursday, January 31

Friday, February 1



None of note.




None of note.



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