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GEA Real Wealth: 2007

The Last Week Ahead for 2007 (#137: Mon 12/17/2007)
> More >

Federal Reserve Official Declares "Financial Crisis," Asks Markets and Universities for Advice (#136: Mon 12/17/2007)
The U.S. Economy is on the very of recession with wildly out of control inflation. 2008 isn't going to be a easy year, 2009 through 2011 may well be setting up the worst financial disaster in U.S. history. > More >

Fed Surrenders, Admits Defeat! (#135: Wed 12/12/2007)
Mismanagement by the Federal Reserve is putting all the pieces in place for a Dollar and inflation nighmare. > More >

Dow Plunges 300 Points Despite Fed Rate Cut (#134: Wed 12/12/2007)
The Fed is now warning against a slower economic environment and inflation. We're about to experience a hefty period of stagflation - $2500 gold here we come! > More >

The Week Ahead (#133: Mon 12/10/2007)
Monday December 10, 2007: Here's where Wall Street is head this week.... > More >

"We're Looking for Economic Growth to Fall Off a Cliff" (#132: Mon 12/10/2007)
Uranium Up Almost 10 Percent Since My Recommendation Five Weeks Ago. Here's the latest. The Federal Reserve's next move. > More >

Fed Vice-Chairman Admits Surprise at How Fast Economy is Deteriorating, Says More Losses are Coming (#131: Thu 12/6/2007)
Fed Vice-Chairman Donald Kohn warns... "The degree of deterioration that has happened over the last couple of weeks is not something that I personally anticipated." "The housing sector has continued to decline and to erode at a very, very rapid rate... It would be nice to see some early signs that it was beginning to stabilize, and we haven't seen that yet." > More >

Fed Floods US Economy with Dollars (#130: Tue 12/4/2007)
The Fed injected money into our economy via a series of OMOs (open market operations). Added together, the OMOs represent $80.50 billion dollars flooding into our economy in just six days. A whopping $10.25 billion yesterday alone! > More >

Market Updates, and Two Energy Companies Ripe for an Arab Buy-Out! (#129: Thu 11/29/2007)
America's largest bank has been forced to beg the Arab world for cash. This and other recent trends point to a coming surge of Arab buyouts in American industry. Here are two strong targets for a takeover. > More >

Grim News in US Real Estate (#128: Tue 11/27/2007)
The collapse of the mortgage market is nowhere near completion. One after another, financial firms keep announcing fresh new losses. The most recent was Swiss Reinsurance, with an $875 million write-down. Also...see my notes on the NEXT issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor. > More >

The Week Ahead: November 25, 2007 (#127: Sun 11/25/2007)
The top FOUR forces facing the market in this trading week are: > More >

Saudi Minister Warns of Dollar Collapse (#126: Mon 11/19/2007)
My very first issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor in March of 2004 warned of a Dollar Crisis. Since then the U.S. Dollar has fallen 25%. Now powerful economic forces are pushing the U.S. Dollar to the edge of the abyss. > More >

The Week Ahead: November 19, 2007 (#125: Sun 11/18/2007)
We're looking at a hopefully less volatile week as we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the United States. Still there are 5 very powerful forces facing Wall Street this week. > More >

Russia: A New Czar, and a New Cold War With the US (#124: Thu 11/15/2007)
Here's what is really going in Russia and why you should be loading up on this Platinum investment before this precious metal makes a run to $5,000 an ounce. > More >

Is $100 Oil Sustainable? (#123: Tue 11/13/2007)
Last Thursday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article titled, "Why $100 Oil Can't Float." It listed "10 solid reasons" why $100 oil is too expensive. The price will come back down soon, it said. Rubbish! As I wrote in Real Wealth last week, I do expect oil to come down a bit over the next couple of months. It's risen too fast, and new Saudi production of 500,000 barrels per day (if it materializes) would bring the price back down somewhat. But over the longer term, high oil prices will re-establish themselves. > More >

Crude Oil makes a stab at $100 a barrel. Are we REALLY heading even higher? (#122: Thu 11/8/2007)
My staff and I are working on a major update. In the meantime, let me share with you some thoughts on the oil market and give you a chance to make some serious money. > More >

Gold breaks $800 and is up another $6 as of a few minutes ago! (#121: Mon 11/5/2007)
A lot of people discounted my gold predictions earlier this year when the yellow metal dipped all the way back down to $560 an ounce. The mainstream media found a slew of Wall Street analysts who scoffed at my recommending gold by saying... 'Nobody wants gold', and recommended buying 'stocks and bonds instead.' Their opinions ment nothing to me and as usual I ignored those "experts" and stuck to my guns and I recommended gold on that dip saying... "This won't last long. Buy it now while it's cheap!". Guess what: I was right again! Just twelve months later. Gold has blasted up and shattered the $800 barrier. The next big target is its all-time historic high of $850. > More >

Serious Trouble Brewing In Pakistan Osama Declares WAR! (#120: Thu 9/20/2007)
Osama bin Laden will release a new message declaring war on Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, al-Qaida. Here's how it will impact the precious metals and energy markets. > More >

Don't Be Too Conservative (#119: Tue 9/18/2007)
There is a natural tendency for investors to grow more conservative as they get older and as their portfolio grows larger. This does make sense, as once you've grown your wealth, you do want to preserve and receive income from it, especially as we approach retirement. > More >

Crude Oil jumps late in the day and Gold & Options Trader racks up another 30% on our third recommendation in 13 days! (#118: Tue 9/11/2007)
The profits are pouring in. This is absolutely the perfect market for leveraging options in to large, steady and fast profits. Don't miss the boat! > More >

Gold up another $8 today! It helped generate another 14% profit! (#117: Tue 9/11/2007)
Don't miss out on the profits this market can deliver in a matter of days! > More >

Gold's Rise Deserves Your Attention (#116: Mon 9/10/2007)
The U.S Dollar just hit new 15 year lows. Lower interest rates and a flood of liquidity could very well provide an rapid rise in the price of gold. > More >

Special Alert! (#115: Fri 9/7/2007)
Gold breaks above $700, Oil spiking to all time highs. Here's how to get in on the profits and trading opportunities ahead. > More >

The Essential Keys to Investment and Trading Success (#114: Wed 9/5/2007)
More on our new energy & gold option trader service > More >

Don't miss the boat! (#113: Thu 8/30/2007)
Using options effectively can leverage the wild swings in gold, silver, platinum and oil related investments into big bucks. Don't miss the boat to squeeze everything you can out of this crazy market > More >

Special Announcement (#112: Mon 8/27/2007)
Gold and Energy Advisor announces a new service. > More >

Target Iran: Third U.S. Aircraft Carrier now positioned in the Middle-East (#111: Mon 7/16/2007)
What happens to the Dow Jones, Precious Metals and the price of oil if the United States executes a military strike against Iranian terror and insurgent training and supply bases and or its nuclear facilities in Iran? What happens if another 9/11 scale attack takes place in the United States or Europe? What happened if PEACE breaks out? The answers in this Real Wealth update. > More >

ROUND #1: (#110: Thu 7/12/2007)
Jim Cramer's richer, he has a TV show but I'm better looking and more than two years ahead of him on his latest oil and energy recommendation. > More >

Oil Rallies to 11 Month Highs (#109: Sat 7/7/2007)
Renewed unrest in the Nigeria's oil producing region causes investors and speculators to buy oil. Even higher prices ahead. > More >

Special Link For Limited Edition Gem Proof 2007 Silver Eagles (#108: Fri 7/6/2007)
Renew or extend your subscription to our Gold & Energy Advisor today and we'll send you up to three Flawless Gem Proof Limited Edition 2007 U.S. Silver Eagles graded and certified by one of the two most prestigious grading and authentication services for rare coins in the world, Numismatic Guarantee Service (NGC). Each coin has a retail value of up to $125 per coin. It's really an incredible deal. > More >

77 wins and only 4 losses! (#107: Fri 7/6/2007)
All one has to do is look around the world to realize that the precious metals and energy sectors are likely to be the hottest sectors in the world's financial markets for several years. The $57,798 in profitable recommendations made since the inception of our model portfolio may well be the tip of the iceberg. > More >

Hamas establishes as violent and radical Islamic state in Gaza. (#106: Fri 6/15/2007)
In the past several days Hamas has adopted the same brutal hard line tactics of the Taliban to finally take over the Gaza Strip. Hamas has established in effect, a miniature Islamist state in Gaza. But the worst is yet to come. The scene of radical Islamic Palestinians summarily executing Christian and moderate Muslims on TV and across the Internet will soon be repeated in the West Bank and Southern Lebanon. > More >

The press is missing the bigger issue surrounding this virulent strain of Tuberculosis (#105: Thu 5/31/2007)
To understand the threat this virulent strain of Tuberculosis really represents all you have to realize is that terrorist organization using a few dozen suicide bombers infected with this Tuberculosis strain can become Bio-bombs capable of infecting hundreds of thousands by simply casually touching people as they pass by them in train stations, airports, sports stadiums, malls and concerts where its not uncommon to bump into or casually graze. > More >

Shipwreck Salvage Yields Enormous Colonial Treasure: Is this an investment you should be buying into or avoiding like the plague? (#104: Mon 5/21/2007)
It's romantic and exciting but the discovery of what may be one of the largest gold and silver shipwreck recoveries shouldn't bite you in the wallet. Email and mail orders offering shipwreck coins from what may be the largest numismatic sea salvage operation in history isn't an investment opportunity you should consider. They're interesting collectables at best, expensive for sure and the chances of this "investment" rising in value in my opinion is ZERO! > More >

Pakistan's President Losing Grip (#103: Thu 5/17/2007)
The Taliban and Al Qaida have attempted to assassinate Pakistan's President Musharraf several times since he established his alliance with Washington after 9/11. A coup d'état in Pakistan would be a devastating blow to U.S. strategic interests in the middle-east and Asia. It would almost certainly mean the establishment of a radical theocracy in Pakistan that would immediately put the U.S. backed government and NATO forces in Afghanistan in peril. If it could get any worse A coup d'état in Pakistan could quite possibly embolden the Iranians, Syrians and Hezbollah to ignite a second war with Israel in less than a year in Lebanon. The events taking place in Pakistan should not be ignored by investors. The World's financial markets could fluctuate wildly in response to this kind of seismic shift in the current world order. > More >

Occam's Razor (#102: Tue 5/15/2007)
Iraq, Al Qaida and the dangerous events ahead. You should be investing with you eyes wide open. > More >

Platinum and Silver and YOUR IRA (#101: Thu 4/26/2007)
Investors choosing U.S. Gold, Platinum and Silver coins as the core of their retirement savings. > More >

A New Russian Revolution, China Trade War and Growing Scandal in Washington - setting gold up for $1,000 an ounce! (#100: Fri 4/13/2007)
All one has to do is read the news stream to understand why the U.S. dollar continues to slide. Here are three stories in the news that could have dire impact on Wall Street, the U.S. Dollar and fuel gold to new yearly highs. > More >

Using your IRA to invest in gold (#099: Mon 4/9/2007)
Thanks to change in the IRA laws you can put physical gold into your IRA portfolio. Here's a way to get it done, very easily. > More >

GFMS says Gold may reach all-time high in 2008! (#098: Thu 4/5/2007)
Highly regarded annual survey predicts $740 an ounce in the second half of 2007. > More >

Iran Rising: Positioned to dominate the Middle-East (#097: Mon 4/2/2007)
Iran is taking steps to invade Iraq and confront the United States and its allies with the choice of fighting or turning tail and withdrawing from the Middle-East. Saudi Arabia's King considering mutual defense pack with the radical Muslim state. This is the stuff of nightmares. Wall Street vulnerable, gold and oil may shatter previous highs. Don't get caught! > More >

$700 Gold by May, So Says Merrill Lynch (#096: Wed 3/21/2007)
Supply demand pressures and the Indian wedding season prompts a bold prediction from Merrill Lynch that could throw a monkey wrench in our gold renewal offer. > More >

Gold Supply Demand Extremely Bullish (#095: Fri 3/16/2007)
South African gold production is down 54% since 1990. Gold buying and speculating in China heating up and Nanotechnology makes gold shine. > More >

Iran can't pay its NUKE bills to Russia (#094: Tue 3/13/2007)
Iran is so busy funding terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and feeding bombs and weapons to Shiites in Iraq that its can't pay its bills for the construction of its nuclear power plant. This is the first sign that the Iranian economy, in crisis with a 60% unemployment rate, is breaking financially under the weight of its terrorist agenda. > More >

Isreal taking steps to bomb Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure (#093: Mon 2/26/2007)
Saber-rattling designed to force the Iranian Government to halt enrichment and conversion of nuclear fuel may not be a bluff. Breaking news indicates a military solution is being structured by the United States and Isreal, just in case diplomacy doesn't work. You should be buying phsycical gold and platinum at this time. > More >

If only 8% of the world's oil has been discovered. Why is every one worried about oil supplies? (#092: Mon 2/19/2007)
It's not a question of how much oil the earth has to offer. It's a matter of how much inexpensive oil is really available. > More >

Fed holds interest rates Gold jumps $6 (#091: Wed 1/31/2007)
Interest rates are just one of the forces driving gold. The fact is that M3 growth, which is no longer being reported by the Fed and has been maligned by many Wall Street Economists as being "irrelevant", is STILL growing at 10%. We don't think of monetary growth as being irrelevant and suggest you don't either, especially when you consider that this is now truly a global economy. > More >

U.S. Pennies may soon be worth 5 cents each thanks to sky high copper prices (#090: Tue 1/30/2007)
Here's how to leverage what can only be described an incredible arbitrage opportunity in copper. > More >

Question and Answer Exchange on Gold and Energy Advisor's focus on Iraq (#089: Thu 1/25/2007)
One of the consequences of the Iraq War and occupation has been MUCH higher prices for precious metals, commodities and espcially oil. Rather than our being focused -- its been these markets themselves that have been focused on these events. > More >

Iran works with North Korea to test nuclear weapons (#088: Wed 1/24/2007)
The world has to understand this Iranian government is not going to be concerned with the outcome of a nuclear war or terrorism. This radical Islamic Theocracy actually believes that God wants a nuclear war/nuclear terrorism. > More >

Gold and oil both higher on important shifts in the market and cold weather! (#087: Mon 1/22/2007)
The pull back in oil prices and gold's treading water in the $620-$630 range may be coming to an end. Three stories that hit the newswires over the weekend -- worth you examination. > More >

Syrian and Iran taking their mutual defense treaty VERY SERIOUSLY! (#086: Tue 1/16/2007)
President Bush's decision to increase the numbers of U.S. Troops in Iraq and to target Iranian and Syrian operatives as well as logistical infrastructure in and on the Iraqi boarders may well spark an escalation of World War III. > More >

Don't Ignore the Warning Signs: World War III is Escalating! (#085: Mon 1/15/2007)
• Doomsday Clock being moved forward • Negroponte Warns: Al-Qaeda the biggest threat and emboldened Hezbollah is a growing danger • President Bush Targeting Iranian and Syrian interests > More >

Goldman Sachs cuts oil forecast again and New Platinum coins a must invest! (#084: Mon 1/8/2007)
Investment Bank lowers crude price outlook for second time in less than a month, expects prices to average $69 a barrel in 2007 due to warmer weather. > More >

Israel Planning Nuclear Strike on Iranian Nuke Program Development Sites (#083: Mon 1/8/2007)
Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear "bunker-busters", according to several Israeli military sources. Oil and precious metals prices would jump sharply on news of such a brazen assault. > More >

How the next U.S. President can win World War III (#082: Tue 1/2/2007)
How to defeat our Radical Islamic enemies and re-assert American economic and military dominance in the world - without firing a shot > More >

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