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Gold and Energy Advisor's Real Wealth

Real Wealth #117  09/11/2007

Gold up another $8 today! It helped generate another 14% profit!

Dear Subscribers,


I've been extending an invitation to you to join our new service Gold & Energy Options Trader  . While there are no guarantees when it comes to trading especially options trading I remain excited over the potential of this service.


We just issued a sell recommendation on our second options recommendation that grabbed a 14% profit on a recommendation we made just 25 days ago.*


This comes on top of the 32% profit in a single day. The profits are starting to roll in and I don't want you to miss a single trade recommendation. There's just too much money at stake in this wild market. It makes absolutely no sense to miss out on the fun and profits.


We're about to make several key trading recommendations in this new service.


Our next trade recommendations could come at any moment. I and my team are watching the market closely and will hunt down one or two trades a week.  


To make subscribing to the Gold & Energy Options Trader  easier we're offering a special bonus. Subscribe our service for 1 year for $2,250 and we'll send you a Gem Mint State 2007 Buffalo U.S. Gold one ounce coin graded by one of the two most prestigious rare coin grading services a $995 retail value as a bonus(see below, these are gorgeous coins). If you signed up before this offer was made, please call us and YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS OFFER.


This special offer comes with 5 reasonable catches...


#1: You must order by phone 1-800-819-8693 (mention promotion code webgeo0001).

#2: You must pay by check; we'll cover the Federal Express fee. Personal checks now take 19 business days to clear (We will start your 1 year subscription to Gold & Energy Options Trader  immediately. We will just hold sending the bonus coin for the check clearing period.) We've been stuck a few times on 14 day holds. Seems phony checks take that long to bounce.

#3: There is absolutely no cancellation of this subscription offer. If in the unlikely event that someone persuades us that they should get a refund, the coin must be returned or the $995 value of the coin will be deducted from the refund.

#4: No foreign orders. Shipping gold oversees is huge problem. No post office or drop shipments. The address on the check is where the coin has to go.

#5: This offer is good as long as gold stays under $720 an ounce or until we run out of coins. We have very few!


Our Gold & Energy Options Trader is designed for high rollers. You'll need at the very least $25,000 in risk capital to trade our recommendations. So, if you're a small player this new service isn't for you. 

Subscribe today to the Gold & Energy Options Trader  Call 1-800-819-8693 (mention promotion code webgeo0001. 

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Please see risk disclosure link below.