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Real Wealth #114  09/05/2007

The Essential Keys to Investment and Trading Success

There are at least three keys to investment/trading success:

 1. Knowledge — It's important to study and master a specific discipline, or skill.

2. Experience — Once a person has acquired the knowledge of a discipline its important that the person apply that knowledge and skill over several market  (bull and bear) and economic (recession and expansion) cycles.

  1. Ability to take a calculated risk — Some individuals are too conservative and they will find investing and trading difficult. On the opposite extreme are people that take too much risk, and with the risk the potential for huge losses.

 Not everyone has the above abilities and that why it's important for investors and traders to seek out advisors, newsletters that do.

 About Us

 The team of the Gold and Energy Option Trader certainly possess the above qualifications.

 The skills and knowledge of trading ( more risk, short-term horizon) are different from investing ( conservative, longer-term horizon), so we've had to expand our team to include individuals who have strong trading skills.

 Let me introduce the rest of my team.

 Geoff Garbacz

Geoff Garbacz is the co-founder and one of two principals in Quantitative Partners, Inc. (QPI).

QPI is responsible for the marketing and support both to institutions and individuals of Phil Erlanger Research and Jefferson Research who produce the Erlanger Squeezeplay and Torpedo Watch. QPI also has worked with 21st Century to develop relationships with Whisper Number, The Madison Letter, and Blue Hawk Research. Geoff is a frequent contributor to the Technical Section of The Morning Briefing in 21st Century Alert .

Geoff and his team at Quantitative Partners have over 36 years of experience on Wall Street. Prior to the formation of QPI in 1995, Geoff worked for The Robinson Humphrey Company from 1990 to 1995. Before that he worked for Capital Institutional Services (CAPIS) as an institutional sales person covering accounts in New York from 1986 to 1990.

 One of the unique contributions that Geoff brings to the individual investor/trader is his exposure and experience with institutions, professional investors. He understands how they think and act and that understanding is invaluable when trading.

Geoff is a graduate of Gettysburg College with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Geoff and his wife reside in Madison, Wisconsin.

Option Research & Technology Services LLC

("ORATS") have become leading providers of option volatility research and software. ORATS sprung from dissatisfaction by traders with available methods of observing statistical and implied volatility. To alleviate this dissatisfaction, they have developed patent pending methods that perform the following critical tasks: calculating statistical volatility from tick-by-tick hedging profits and; describing the implied volatility skew by summarizing it with three primary descriptors: at-the-money volatility, slope and derivative (curvature) From these accurate calculations, they develop volatility forecasts for all index and equity options.

We are fortunate to have Geoff and their organizations as part of our team. You can also have them on your team. Click here to learn more about our new service.

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