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Gold and Energy Advisor's Real Wealth

Real Wealth #112  08/27/2007

Special Announcement

We are very proud of Gold and Energy Advisor as a newsletter and service.

We're especially proud of our:

 Track Record — We started our service in March of 2004 and we have taken profits of over $50,000. The total return (profits taken, dividends, option premiums and appreciation) of our recommendations since inception to the 2nd half of 2007 is 123.4%.

 Research — We mostly rely on fundamentals but we do use some technicals to help us determine our recommendations. This approach has helped us achieve our returns.

 Subscriber Investment and Trading Education — One of the objectives of our service is not only to provide profit making recommendations, but explain and share with you our strategies, investment and decision making processes, and investment and trading concepts that we apply. We do this through our books, Special Reports, and Updates.

 We hope you've profited from our recommendations and are learning from our Updates, Special Reports and Monthly Newsletters and are becoming a better investor.

 The markets have probably approached an inflection point and are changing, and we anticipate the markets will become more volatile. In anticipation of this changing market, we have started a new service, the Gold and Energy Option Trader. Here is what you can expect from this service:

 This service will be more active and is designed to take advantage of short-term opportunities provided by the volatile gold and energy markets

 - Market beating, above average returns — We have proven over and over that we can deliver profit making recommendations.

 - Highly qualified team

 - More action, on average we're expecting 3 to 4 times more recommendations than GEA.

 - NO bagels, (We promise that we will not let a trade turn into a zero value. If we do, we will refund you 1 month's subscription fee.)

 - Flexible option strategies based on bullish or bearish outlooks and volatility

 - We will continue to educate our subscribers about our strategies, options and trading

 Over the next few weeks we will be writing about this new service and how it may fit into your overall financial goals and plans.

 We are providing a free look for 30 days. Click here to learn more about our new service.

Please see risk disclosure link below.