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Real Wealth #107  07/06/2007

77 wins and only 4 losses!

Dear Subscribers,

We just tallied up our model portfolio performance as of the close of business on Friday.

The results are pretty phenomenal considering the very conservative strategy we employ for our model portfolio.

Out of the 77 positions that we have closed to date, we have only closed 4 with losing positions. That's an incredible 95% winning record or to put that in baseball terms we are batting .950.

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In a little over 3 years our model portfolio recommendations show our recommendationsin the model portfolio up $57,798 based on a $50,000 initial investment and since the beginning of the year we're up 16.89% with as much as $30,000 of our model portfolio in cash and waiting for investment.

This means that even with all of that cash in our model portfolio waiting for investment -- we've beaten the performance of Dow Jones so far in 2007 by more than 100%!

Imagine $57,798 of profitable recommendations in a model portfolio — a whopping 123.4% in little more than three years.

When you consider a 3-year subscription costs just $189, Gold & Energy Advisor really is a great deal.

Who would argue that we're not providing the #1 gold and energy advisory in the world?

We have a pretty exciting renewal offer still underway which I recommend very strongly. The bonus has wonderful upside potential that could well eventually be worth a multiple of what you're paying for what is very likely a tax deductible renewal.

Renew your subscription to our Gold & Energy Advisor today and we'll send you up to three Flawless Gem Proof Limited Edition 2007 U.S. Silver Eagles graded and certified by one of the two most prestigious grading and authentication services for rare coins in the world, Numismatic Guarantee Service (NGC).  Each coin has a retail value of up to $125 per coin. It's really an incredible deal.

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The reasons to renew your subscription to the Gold & Energy Advisor go well beyond our model portfolio performance. All one has to do is look around the world to realize that the precious metals and energy sectors are likely to be the hottest sectors in the world's financial markets for several years. The $57,798 in profitable recommendations may well be the tip of the iceberg.

Hamas and Israel violence is escalating as I write this update. Israeli troops clashed with Hamas militants inside the Gaza Strip earlier yesterday, killing eight in fierce fighting that drew in Israeli aircraft, tanks and bulldozers.

It was the second-deadliest day of fighting between the two sides since the Islamic militant group wrested control of Gaza in mid-June. In all, more than 30 Palestinians — nearly all of them militants but including a 12-year-old boy — have been killed in at least five separate Israeli military operations in Gaza since the Hamas takeover.

Troops had ventured about a half-mile inside central Gaza on a routine foray against rocket squads when airmen backing their patrol identified a group of approaching militants, the army said.

The airmen opened fire on the Hamas fighters, sparking a shootout on the ground between the militants and the patrol, the army said.

Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida said its fighters started the battle by opening fire on an Israeli undercover unit.

Hamas is openly at war with Israel and the body count will grow to the point that the war will be recognized by Israel with agonizing consequences for those at risk in the region.


We believe that this escalation of violence is the early steps in a military conflict that will heat up later this summer and fall that may well lead to a war with Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. 


For those of you that believe that a Democratic Administration will make a military conflict less likely, especially against Iran, please keep in mind that eventually Iran's military support of Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban and Iraqi insurgents will force the leading Democratic candidates to take a tough stance and that will allow Bush even with his low approval ratings to make military strikes at terrorist training bases inside Iran and at supply lines to the terrorists in the region Iran is supply.


Even a modest strike inside Iran could well ignite a proxy war in Lebanon and or Gaza. It could also drive oil past its recent highs to over $85 barrel.


Sympathy in Great Britain for the radical Islamic Muslim cause is evaporating rapidly. The recent bombing and failed terrorist bombings are compounding British animism towards the radicals.


The significance and connection between recent reports of Iranian forces attacking British troops in southern Iraq and the kidnapping and parading of British troops on TV are not lost on those in power in Britain in all three major political parties. The radical Islamists that are betting they can destroy British resolve and force them into a more isolationist policy are poor students of history. 


Best Wishes,


James DiGeorgia

Editor and Publisher

Gold & Energy Advisor

The GEA portfolio is theoretical and GEA does not actually hold these positions. Commissions and actual execution prices will result in different returns for subscribers. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

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