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Real Wealth #105  05/31/2007

The press is missing the bigger issue surrounding this virulent strain of Tuberculosis

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Back on April 16th I released a very special bonus issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor: "The Biological 9/11 capable of killing millions!"


It was an unusual issue for a gold and energy investment advisory to publish because it focused on how a virulent strain of Tuberculosis could be used by our terrorist enemies to inflict a devastating Biological 9/11.


This bonus issue went on to explain how our country is ill prepared for this kind of attack, the large numbers of potential casualties, as well as the impact a nightmarish event like this could have on the U.S. and world's financial markets.


The News Media frenzy over ONE case of this virulent strain of Tuberculosis. How would they deal with 50,000 cases?


Imagine there used to be 500 members of rapid response quarantine stationed in 50 states, now there are less than 50 in only 20 states.


Yet, the danger of needing to quarantine 1000, 5000 even 50,000 people is 1000 fold greater.

The tremendous danger became even clearer on Tuesday when health officials here in the United States announced that a yet to be identified man, a resident of Atlanta, who discovered he was infected with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis earlier this month became the first person to be ordered by the U.S. government into quarantine since 1963.

The man was on his Honeymoon trip to Italy when he was informed that he had contracted this deadly strain of Tuberculosis. He was advised that he should see medical attention in Italy immediate but he decided to return to the United States believing the medical care here would be superior.

"He was told traveling is against medical advice," said Dr. Steven Katkowsky, director of the Fulton County, Georgia Department of Health & Wellness. 

The man is now confined to the in respiratory isolation at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital.

He was potentially infectious at the time of the flights, so officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended medical exams for cabin crew members on those flights, as well as passengers sitting in the same rows or within two rows. The infection is in the early stages and the risk of his infecting others was small.

This form of Tuberculosis is potentially a powerful terrorist weapon. A Bio 9/11.

If this had been a terrorist operation — thousands of people would have been intentionally infected — and the terrorist would still be at large infecting still thousands of more innocent men, women and children.

To understand the threat this virulent strain of Tuberculosis really represents all you have to realize is that terrorist organization using a few dozen suicide bombers infected with this Tuberculosis strain can become Bio-bombs capable of infecting hundreds of thousands by simply casually touching people as they pass by them in train stations, airports, sports stadiums, malls and concerts where its not uncommon to bump into or casually graze.   

This is why a gold and energy investment newsletter did an issue on this virulent strain of Tuberculosis. The danger can't be exaggerated.  We're looking at a potentially horrible Bio 9/11 hitting the United States or Western Europe in the next 12-24 months.

Imagine 24, 48 even 100 Al Qaida suicide bombers infected just hours before boarding a Jet to the United States to Western Europe showing no signs of infection. It's a terrifying scenario.

If you haven't read the April issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor please by all means do.

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Below you find several articles and links that further discusses this nightmarish Bio-Terror threat.

Right with the Dow, S&P and Wall Street enjoying new record highs the media is not focusing on the possibility of terrorist weaponizing this virulent strain of Tuberculosis.

When the story does break, it may be after the attack is underway. In that scenario, Wall Street and for that matter the world's financial markets will be hit with wild swings as a result of panic and hysteria. Again read the April issue of the Gold & Energy Advisor and learn why this is such an important risk, and how to prepare.

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James DiGeorgia



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 ----------------------------------------------More Information Below on the Growing Bio-Terror Threat!

New TB Strain in Southern Africa Cause for Concern - WHO

JOHANNESBURG (AP)--The extent of the deadly new strain of tuberculosis in South Africa and the region isn't known and is cause for concern, an international health expert said Wednesday.

Dr. Fabio Scano, a TB expert from the World Health Organization in Geneva, has been sent to South Africa at the request of the government to assist with the outbreak of the extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis strain, or XDR-TB.

"We don't know the extent of multiple drug resistant and extreme drug resistant TB in sub-Saharan Africa and the southern African region. There is not yet the capacity to test in these countries," Scano said at a news conference.

South Africa has reported 352 cases of the virulent strain since it was discovered last year in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province. There have been 221 deaths and concerns have been raised about the strain spreading across the region.

Interpol official warns of bioterrorism threat

Mar 20, 2007 (CIDRAP News) — Interpol's top official said yesterday that evidence collected from terrorists suggests that international law enforcement agencies should be ready to respond to chemical and biological attacks.

Ronald K. Noble, Interpol secretary-general, told a reporter from Gulf News, a newspaper based in the United Arab Emirates that training materials recovered from Al Qaida investigations and information from captured operatives suggests that terrorist groups have had plans to launch bioterrorist attacks. Noble made the comments at an Interpol bioterrorism prevention workshop for the Middle East and North Africa, which is being held this week in Muscat, Oman. Interpol is the world's largest international organization of police agencies.

The goals of 3-day meeting in Oman are to educate senior law enforcement officials about bioterrorism prevention and response and provide them with guidance from international scientific and legal experts, according to an Interpol press release yesterday. Similar Interpol workshops have been held in South Africa, Singapore, Chile, and Ukraine.

"I have no doubt that the threat of bioterrorism is real and that we need to do more to prepare countries," Noble said in the press release.

Terrorists in Iraq recently perpetrated three chlorine bomb attacks, and "it is not difficult to imagine these attacks being extended from chemical to biological," Noble told Gulf News. "Nobody really knows when al Qaida will strike with chemical or biological weapons, but it is just a matter of time before the terrorists believe they are ready," he said, adding that the only restraint the terrorists face is the technical complexity of launching effective attacks.

In January, British intelligence officials warned the country's laboratory officials that Islamic terrorists may try to steal deadly viruses to mount biological attacks, the London Daily Mail reported on Jan 25.

Labs that handle infectious disease pathogens such as polio, rabies, tuberculosis, and avian flu were told that their security measures would be reviewed by law enforcement, the newspaper reported. The story said Britain's MI5 security service had warned government officials that al Qaida operatives were training in bioterrorism and that the group had apparently tried to recruit university students to gain access to labs.


"The emergence of a deadly version of the disease, known as extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis or XDR-TB, has also complicated efforts to control the illness.


"XDR-TB is resistant to most drugs commonly used to treat tuberculosis, and health experts are concerned that Africa's high rates of HIV/AIDS infection -- which weakens people's immune systems -- will propel its spread.


"The drug-resistant disease has also appeared in wealthy countries, with cases reported in all Group of Eight industrialized nations.


"In Africa, the disease has only been reported in South Africa -- which has detected more than 300 cases, with about 30 new cases every month. But experts said they suspect it was present -- but undetected -- in other African countries with weaker surveillance systems."

26 March 2007

U.S. Increases Funds for Combating Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Global epidemic rate levels off, report says, but number of cases rises

Washington — The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is increasing its contribution to the global fight against tuberculosis (TB), the airborne infectious disease that is especially deadly to people whose immune systems are compromised by HIV/AIDS.

The rate at which people developed TB in 2005 was level or even declined slightly compared to 2004, according to the biannual World Health Organization (WHO) Global Tuberculosis Control Report released March 22, but the actual number of TB cases continued to rise slowly because the world population is expanding.

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