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Real Wealth #103  05/17/2007

Pakistan's President Losing Grip

Dear Subscribers,


I've been warning over and over that we should keep an eye on events in Pakistan.


There have been several attempts on the life of President Musharraf and I have warned if he suddenly falls victim to an assassin or his government suddenly is overthrown we could wake up one morning to a radical Islamic government friendly with the Taliban and Al Qaida that possess nuclear tipped missiles. 


[Image 1] 


It's a nightmare scenario that could literally develop any day. The impact on the world's financial markets at the very least in the short run would be substantial.


There is an interesting editorial in yesterday's New York Post that I think is worth reading.


Here's their link.


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Best Wishes,


James DiGeorgia

Publisher and Editor



Update on our Dow 13,000

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The response to our recent Olympic Commemorative gold coin www.21st Century renewal offer was overwhelming. As it turned out, we not only sold the 25 coins we had in a few days, we had to hunt down a good many extra coins to fill all the orders. Our enthusiastic Customer Service staff actually oversold the offer not realizing that they were so limited. Thankfully, we'll be able to fulfill every order.


This all started on the very day the Dow Jones broke 13,000 when a really exciting little gold coin deal walked through the doors here in Boca Raton. I bought this gold deal immediately, thinking these gold coins would make a really wild and wonderful renewal or subscription bonus offer for www.21st Century Besides the Olympic $5 gold coins in this little gold deal, I also purchased 45 1987-W Constitution U.S. $5 Gold Coins in Flawless, Gem Proof PR70 Ultra Cameo condition, graded by NGC, one of the top two independent rare coin grading and authentication services in the world.


Because we sold out so quickly, and there are so many subscribers who want to take advantage of this special offer, I've decided to make these U.S. Gold Constitution coins available when you renew your subscription or convert your monthly subscription to a two year subscription to for just $795. We'll send you one of these gorgeous gold coins as a special bonus premium. You'll receive a username and password for 21st Century Alert which will give you access to over $5,000 well known and profitable national investment newsletters, access to 3 Institutional stock evaluation tools and many extras all designed to make you a smarter and wealthier investor. 


These 1987-W Constitution $5 coins were struck at the West Point Mint and commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States Constitution. These gorgeous gold coins trend for a whopping $1,350 in PR70 Ultra Cameo condition. These coins are also RARE. Less than 9% of the original proof mintage of these gold treasures has graded Gem Proof condition (PR70 Ultra Cameo) out of an original mintage of 651,659. That's rare!


The magnificent obverse of these 1987-W Constitution $5 coins features a stylized eagle holding a massive quill pen. Another large quill pen is featured on the reverse. To left are the nine stars signifying the first colonies that ratified the Constitution. Four stars to the right represent the remaining original states.


By the way, a "Proof Coin" is a coin that is struck from a specially prepared die on a specially prepared planchet. Proofs are usually given more than one blow from the dies and are struck with presses operating at slower speeds and higher striking pressure. Because of this extra care, Proofs usually exhibit much sharper detail than regular or business strikes.


In the case of these 1987-W Constitution coins, each exhibits deep mirror fields and the frosty white Cameo finish.


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If you've already renewed or extended your subscription to  21st Century Alert and would like to purchase one of these 1987-W Constitution U.S. $5 Gold Coins in Flawless, Gem Proof PR70 Ultra Cameo condition, graded by NGC, please call 1-866-697-GOLD (4653) ext. 1406


[Image 2]



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