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Real Wealth #089  01/25/2007

Question and Answer Exchange on Gold and Energy Advisor's focus on Iraq

Dear Subscribers,

I received an email today from a fellow subscriber which I think merits an intelligent response...

Dear James,

I certainly enjoy your newsletter and you are one of the few who shares technical analysis approaches, which I use and rely on.  BUT, will you get off the anti-Iraq war comments?  They have nothing to do with your analysis, and I see the current Iraq situation as a work in progress which I support and definitely NOT the wrong war at the wrong time.  I don't think that you or any one in the media has the knowledge, with all respects to you, to decide what the right war at the right time really is.

My regards,


My reply...

I have to disagree, on both the war and its relevance to the gold and energy markets.

The Iraqi war and occupation was strategically the worst possible war at the wrong time, possibly in U.S. history and the result of this misstep is going to be much bigger budget deficits and a much weaker dollar.

The fact is that Saddam Hussein was well contained by both the U.S. no fly zones and embargo. We could have continued to bomb and pummel Iraq's military structure without committing ground troops.

There were no weapons of mass destruction and much of what had been used to justify the war was completely made up and invented. As Carl Bernstein wrote today in his column: Bush Administration Has Done 'Far Greater Damage' Than Nixon ...

"... perhaps worst, has been the lying and mendacity of the president and his men and women--in the reasons they cited for going to war, their conduct of the war, their attempts to smear their political opponents.

The consequence of the Iraq war and occupation is a revitalized Taliban and Al Qaeda and an empowered Iran that is now building both nuclear weapons and (now with North Korea's help) the test sites for these weapons. 

Gold and oil are up dramatically since the Iraq invasion in 2003, because investors, speculators, foreign governments and the world's central banks recognize the danger to the very financial fabric of the world economy. The price of gold and oil are and will be tied to the length and outcome of this war and the debt we continue pile on to wage this war and maintain the Iraq occupation.

Best Wishes,

James DiGeorgia

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