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GEA Real Wealth: 2006

Lower oil prices in 2007? Don't bet on it! (#081: Thu 12/14/2006)
OPEC ministers meating in Abuja, Nigeria agreed to a 500,000 barrel a day cut in oil production starting on February 1, 2007. It's one of several reasons oil is heading higher in price during the coming new year. > More >

U.S. Failure in Iraq guarantees a Nuclear Iran and Holocaust nightmare (#080: Thu 12/7/2006)
Russia's assasination attempt using Plutonium 210, America's failed attempts to bringing democracy to Iraq and inability to stopping Iran's nuclear program sets the stage for a nightmare scenerio. > More >

Gold heading to $900 in 2007: A sliding U.S. Dollar and expanding World War makes the yellow metal's rise -- a certainty! (#079: Thu 11/30/2006)
Rising interest rates in Europe, lowering interest rates in the United States coming on top of terrorism and threat of World War III worsening is setting the stage for the next big move up in the price of gold and oil. World War III: You better believe it! > More >

World War III Update: Nuclear Information Found on Laptop during Airport Arrest (#078: Thu 11/16/2006)
The danger of a nuclear/chemical terrorist attack growing, no one knows how many terrorist are living among us and traveling freely back and forth from overseas. Another 9/11 nightmare directed by Osama Bin Laden is a constant threat. > More >

Iran's President Ahmadinejad is Preparing for a Nuclear Holocaust. Are You? (#077: Wed 11/15/2006)
Wall Street is euphoric with new record highs but the danger of a Nuclear Holocaust continues to mount as Iran's covert nuclear weapons program goes uninterrupted. Emboldened by the War in Lebanon earlier this year, North Korea's nuclear test, Iran has thumbed its nose at the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. If the world stands by and lets Iran arm it self with nuclear weapons the death toll will be in the hundreds of millions. > More >

Chinese Goverment: Selling Dollars and Buying Gold (#076: Fri 11/10/2006)
Sooner or later China will start to diversify its currency reserves. The Chinese government realizes the U.S. dollar is in deep trouble as the U.S. private, public and off the books debt spirals past $14 Trillion. This debt and the tremendous risks posed by terrorism to the United States will lead the Chinese to add billions of dollars in gold methodically over the next several years. They may be already buying gold - $1,000 may be hit in 2007 just on this shift in the market. > More >

Election Wrap Up and Warm Up for 2008! (#075: Wed 11/8/2006)
The Democrats win the House and Senate leveraging moderate to conservative candidates. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has already resigned. U.N Ambassador Bolton endangered. What this means for Oil and Precious metals investors. > More >

North Korea To Test Nuke (#074: Tue 10/3/2006)
North Korea's testing of a nuclear weapon is a giant step towards making $2,000 Gold and $5,000 Platinum a reality. The United States and its allies must immediately take dipomatic steps with China to head this nightmare off. > More >

The Pope was simply telling the truth! (#073: Thu 9/28/2006)
"Religion doesn't justify violence." Those four words attributed to Pope Benedict XVI were extremely brave. The pope has poignantly pointed out the central purpose of the Islamic terrorists across the globe. Their fight is nothing less than a religious war that has existed for centuries. The pope's words are a challenge to the vast majority of Muslims who believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. > More >

Why the world didn't end on August 22, 2006 (#072: Mon 8/28/2006)
We may well look back on August 22, 2006 as a critical day in the Iranian Nuclear weapons program. > More >

ABC NEWS REPORTING: North Korea about to test nuclear weapon!!! (#071: Thu 8/17/2006)
Now that a cease-fire in the middle-east has been negotiated. All attention will shift to North Korea. It's all part of a coordinated effort by Iran to shift attention from its August 22, 2006 U.N. deadline. > More >

Iranian dead found among Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon (#070: Thu 8/10/2006)
Mike Wallace interviews Iranian President Ahmadinejad for 60 minutes and gets spun, charmed and used like a tool... > More >

Scholar Warns Iran's Ahmadinejad May Have 'Cataclysmic Events' In Mind For August 22 (#069: Tue 8/8/2006)
WALL STREET JOURNAL op-ed Tuesday, Princeton's Bernard Lewis warns Ahmadinejad may well be preparing for end days. > More >

Four breaking news stories that demonstarted Word War III is worsening. > More >

Hezbollah using innocent women and children as human shields! (#067: Mon 7/31/2006)
While the world demonizes Israel and the United States, Iran and Syria and their terrorists surrogates are getting away with murder. Will the world wake up in time? > More >

The World's financial markets extremely vulnerable to event driven FREE-FALL! (#066: Mon 7/31/2006)
Horrible events are now unfolding in Iraq and Lebanon...The World's financial markets extremely vulnerable to FREE-FALL! > More >

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah managing the war from the Iranian Embassy in Beruit? (#065: Fri 7/28/2006)
If convinced the leader of Hezbollah is managing the war from the Iranian Embassy in Beruit would the Israeli's bomb the embassy? > More >

The straight truth about radical Islam! (#064: Wed 7/26/2006)
Hear what a moderate Arab has to say about the radical islamic movement in this Al Jazeera before its deleted by the news service. > More >

Condi's daring attempt to shift Syria's President from foe to friend (#063: Wed 7/26/2006)
Can Syria be pushed away from Iran and enticed with billions in economic ad and free trade? > More >

Syria placed its army on war preparedness, pointed Scuds at Israel (#062: Sat 7/22/2006)
Our sources are reporting Syrian fighter pilots are sitting in their cockpits and may be sent into battle against Israeli forces at the direction of Iran. > More >

A special message from James DiGeorgia, Editor and Publisher (#061: Fri 7/21/2006)
I'm really that serious! > More >

On the brink of an Israeli invasion - is the world ready for the consequences? (#060: Thu 7/20/2006)
Israel may be considering a full-scale invasion of Lebanon, what this could potentially mean to the world's financial markets. Also... a special 24kt gold renewal offer! > More >

CNN goes to work for Hezbollah, Syrian and Iran! (#059: Wed 7/19/2006)
The unwillingness of the most of the world to recognize the tremendous danger presented by Iran, Syria and their terrorist networks is setting the stage for some very dark days ahead. Understanding the insanity will allow you to take steps to prepare and protect yourself and your family. > More >

Hizbollah and Iran make new terrorist threats! (#058: Tue 7/18/2006)
New threats from Hizbollah and Iran may signal the conflict in the middle east is about to break out into a much larger world. Oil and gold down on hope for peace. > More >

What a war between Israel, Syria and Iran will really mean! (#057: Sat 7/15/2006)
The danger of a $25 jump in the price of oil -- to $100 a barrel is quickly increasing as Iran, Syria and Isreal inch closer to an all out war. We could be looking at the very catalyst for $1,000 an ounce gold. > More >

Absolute Global Chaos (#056: Thu 7/13/2006)
Less than 72 hours after sending a message that we are in the early stages of World War III, the price of oil has shot up to over $76 amid absolute chaos all over the globe. > More >

World War III (#055: Mon 7/10/2006)
We are in the early stages of World War III, it will end sometime in the next several years -- with one or more nuclear weapons being used by terrorists and millions will die in a matter of minutes of the first detonation, perhaps tens of millions. > More >

Son of Iraq (#054: Mon 7/3/2006)
As gold continues its climb, two significant stories are worth reading, including an explanation as to why a bombing campaign against Iran is unlikely to be successful and a bleak picture of Mexico's oil future. > More >

Bernanke Sends Gold Soaring! (#053: Fri 6/30/2006)
The fact that gold has soared to $615 an ounce this morning, though, should not come as a surprise. The fundamentals remain in place to drive gold much, much higher. > More >

China, Russia, Iran...and the $40 Billion Gamble (#052: Mon 6/26/2006)
While the markets anxiously await this Thursday's action by the Fed, a few major developments -- involving China, Russia and Iran -- have taken place. Plus, who just made a $40 billion bet on higher metals prices? > More >

Three Reasons Why Oil and Gold Prices are Headed Higher (#051: Tue 6/20/2006)
Oil and gold prices will continue to climb higher in the weeks and months ahead. North Korea's imminent test of a long-range missile...the potential for military action against Iran...and the new oil deal between China and Saudi Arabia could each play a significant role. > More >

A Commodities Correction...NOT the Beginning of a Bear Market (#050: Fri 6/16/2006)
Are the events of the past two weeks the beginning of a new bear market in commodities...or simply a small correction in the long-term bull market many have been predicting? The answer is clear... > More >

What to Make of Today's Drop in Metals Prices (#049: Tue 6/13/2006)
Obviously today's $35 drop in gold prices is significant. But beware of those talking heads shouting that the commodities bull market is dead -- especially now! > More >

Don't Be Fooled by the Market's Overreaction (#048: Thu 6/8/2006)
There's no doubt that the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is significant, but investors should be careful not to get caught up in the market's overreaction to this news and the potential of an "agreement" with Iran. > More >

Iran's Latest Threat Sends Oil and Gold Soaring...Again! (#047: Mon 6/5/2006)
Iranian leader Ali Khamenei sent oil and gold prices soaring on Monday with one simple threat. But the truth is, an even bigger threat exists that could send oil prices over $100 per barrel. > More >

Hurricane Season has arrived...and with it comes even more volatility! (#046: Wed 5/31/2006)
While we watch the Iranian nuclear crisis continue to unfold, expect energy and metals prices to continue their climb. But all the while, don't forget that we have now entered hurricane season...which means even more volatility once the first storm heads toward the U.S. > More >

Human to Human Cases of Bird Flue Reported (#045: Wed 5/24/2006)
How would a Bird Flu pandemic affect Wall Street and the precious metals/energy markets? > More >

Stock Market Crash, Ebola Outbreak and Iranian Nuclear Weapons (#044: Mon 5/22/2006)
It's an increasingly dangerous world. Three stories worth reading that could have a big impact on the precious metals and energy markets. > More >

Johnson Matthey's Annual Report on Platinum and Yesterday's Gold Sell Off (#043: Tue 5/16/2006)
Platinum demand reached 6.7 million ounces in 2005 according to Johnson Matthey and increase of 160,000 ounces from 2004. > More >

How China's Big Move Could Send Gold Soaring! (#042: Mon 5/15/2006)
In spite of today's pullback, increased gold demand -- thanks to diversification by the Chinese government -- could send gold soaring! > More >

$700 and Climbing! (#041: Tue 5/9/2006)
Today's move to $700 is a milestone — but it's also a measure of the grave concern investors are plagued with. Not knowing how to invest with these dangers, people are rushing to buy gold, platinum and silver. > More >

Why $2000 Gold is on its way! (#040: Fri 5/5/2006)
Gold producers are turning extremely bullish on the yellow metal. Some of the biggest produces are de-hedging their production. This is going to cause extremely violent up and down moves in the price of gold — with $50 to $100 swings up and down likely. > More >

Why Bolivia Matters (#039: Thu 5/4/2006)
The reason we should be concerned about Bolivia's move to nationalize its natural gas industry is the fact that Bolivia's actions are merely the latest in a growing pattern of nationalization that is yet another threat to both supply and future explorations at a time when supply is, to say the least, extremely tight. > More >

IRAN'S PRESIDENT: PSYCHOPATH Gold $2000, Oil $200, Platinum $4,000 (#038: Mon 5/1/2006)
The mainstream financial press is finally starting to catch on to the danger of a punitive supply interruption to the world's oil market by Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a psychopath who will lie, distort and deceive the West and any politician stupid enough to listen to his promises and guarantees. > More >

Cue the Outrage (#037: Tue 4/25/2006)
Just in time for your summer vacation — and, by the way, months ahead of this November's elections — politicians on both sides of the aisle are stepping up the rhetoric over the cost of filling up an automobile in the U.S. Here's what the political outrage will really mean and what you should do about it! > More >

The Real Reason for Gold's Sharp Rise (#036: Wed 4/19/2006)
Gold's sharp rise directly tied to more than government spending, Iraq, Terrorism, Oil, Iran --- but also to President Bush's growing risk of congressional hearings to consider impeachment. > More >

$72 and climbing! (#035: Tue 4/18/2006)
Seventy-two dollars and twenty cents. That was the price for one barrel of oil earlier this morning. How ridiculous has this gotten? > More >

Still Another Reason to Expect Higher Energy Prices (#034: Thu 4/13/2006)
If you think you're paying a lot for gasoline today, I have some bad news for you... You haven't seen anything yet. > More >

The Nuclear Threat (#033: Mon 4/10/2006)
When all else fails, increase the volume of the threats. This seems to be the Bush administration credo these days, as the President's approval rating continues to plummet. > More >

Oil,Gold,Silver ALL On the Move (#032: Thu 4/6/2006)
The soaring bull market in gold and energy continues. Gold prices hit the $600 mark for the first time since 1980 earlier today. And the reason? Fears about skyrocketing oil prices and a slumping dollar. Those fears, it seems, are justified. Oil prices continued climbing toward the inevitable $70 mark, reaching $67.50 a barrel. > More >

Chavez Continues to Chase Away Foreign Investors (#031: Tue 4/4/2006)
While most of our attention has been focused on the mounting problems with Iran — and a possible disruption of oil exports from that country — another problem has cropped up that could have a significant impact on oil prices. Venezuealan President Hugo Chavez has taken yet another step to drive away foreign investment in his country's oil fields at a time when oil production from Venezuela could net the country enormous profits. > More >

Oil, Gold, Silver and Platinum...all Climbing Higher! (#030: Thu 3/30/2006)
There must be something in the air today. Because prices for metals and energy keep climbing and climbing... Platinum reached an all-time high of $1,086 an ounce — up more than $16 from yesterday's closing price. Gold prices reached a 25-year high, climbing all the way to $580.25 — its highest point since January 1981 — and analysts have been quoted everywhere today saying that $600 gold is inevitable. Silver prices soared to their highest level since September 1983 at $11.50 an ounce. And oil continued climbing all the way to $66 a barrel after news broke that Iran rejected (surprise, surprise) the United Nations' demand to halt uranium enrichment. > More >

The Metals Keep Climbing! (#029: Mon 3/27/2006)
The roaring bull market for "hard money" investments just keeps going. Earlier today, silver prices reached a 22-year high, climbing all the way to $10.94 an ounce before closing at $10.895. Many experts attribute Monday's gains to expectations of rising demand for silver...but Gold and Energy Advisor readers shouldn't have been surprised by this news. > More >

That'll Be $743, Please! (#028: Wed 3/22/2006)
The news was splashed across the front page of the Baltimore Sun on March 8: "BGE bill ton increase $743; Average 72 percent rise for residential customers to be one of the largest one-year price hikes in the U.S." Yes, you read that right...the average bill for a BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric) customer is set to rise by a whopping $743 — or 72 percent — after July 1. > More >

Laying the Foundation for War? (#027: Tue 3/21/2006)
Open up a newspaper these days and you're bound to read the words "diplomatic solution" in any story involving the growing Iranian nuclear crisis. And I have no doubt that many people truly believe that a diplomatic solution is possible. > More >

The Preemptive President (#026: Thu 3/16/2006)
Later today, the United States — figuratively, anyway — plans to turn up the heat on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This will happen with the submission of a simple, 48-page document — required by U.S. law — by President Bush that outlines the country's national security strategy. The document is titled "National Security Strategy of the United States." > More >

The Story is Beginning to Change (#025: Tue 3/14/2006)
You had to know this was coming. After going on record a number of times as saying that his country would not use its oil exports as a weapon, Iran's Oil Minister "suddenly" changed his tune earlier today. As recently as two weeks ago, Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh had said that Iran would continue exporting oil even if sanctions were imposed by the United Nations over his country's nuclear activity. > More >

The Ball is Rolling (#024: Wed 3/8/2006)
Let me ask a simple question: What sort of "harm and pain" could the Iranian government actually inflict on the United States? I ask this question because of the threat issued earlier today by an Iranian delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency. If you haven't yet heard about the threat, here's what Javad Vaeidi, Iran's chief IAEA delegate, had to say this morning: > More >

Tangible and Painful Consequences (#023: Mon 3/6/2006)
I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd want to be anywhere near Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei in a rainstorm. Because there's a very good chance that ElBaradei would tell you that the weather was great, even as rain poured down on top of your head. Dr. ElBaradei, of course, is the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and to say that the man is a "glass half-full" kind of guy would be an understatement. > More >

It Was All a Smokescreen (#022: Mon 2/27/2006)
What a difference a day makes. On Sunday, news outlets all around the world were running with headlines just like this one: "Iran and Russia Reach Nuke Deal" — Calgary Sun "Progress Announced in Iran Nuclear Talks" — Seattle Times "Iran Reaches Initial Nuclear Agreement With Russia" — New York Times If you've been following the Iranian nuclear story in the Real Wealth e-letter, then you were most likely skeptical when you saw those headlines. And your skepticism was 100% right. > More >

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