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Real Wealth #001  12/16/2005

Introducing Gold and Energy Advisor's Real Wealth

By James DiGeorgia

Dear Investor,

I simply couldn't take it anymore.

Over the past few weeks...

But that's just the beginning.

You see, it's not just gold but it's all commodities that are in the early stages — yes, we're still in the early stages — of what should be an enormous bull market.

In fact, the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index is up 292 percent since 1999. And now we're learning that pension funds in the United Kingdom are considering investing in commodities.

Simply put, if you think $500 gold and $60 oil is something, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'm convinced that we're headed for $1000 gold and $100 oil prices...all within the next three years.

And things are moving quickly. So quickly, in fact, that I just couldn't sit back and watch this opportunity pass us by.

I felt a strong obligation to do everything within my power to help investors like you stay ahead of the curve as we head into this long-term bull market.

So that's why I'm pleased to introduce Gold and Energy Advisor's Real Wealth e-letter. This new service is absolutely FREE of charge. It's my way of staying in touch with you on a regular basis.

I'm launching this new Real Wealth e-letter with one purpose in mind: to help investors stay ahead of the game — and enjoy consistent profits — by delivering expert market analysis and profit-making advice on the precious metals and energy sectors.

There is absolutely no doubt that these sectors — the "Real Wealth" corner of the market — will be the most lucrative for investors for at least the next three to five years.

Bull markets like this one — where the opportunities will be tremendous — come along once in a lifetime. My new Real Wealth e-letter will help us stay in touch with regard to how the markets are shaping up...where the real opportunities are...and what specific investment strategies will help you take advantage of this long-term bull market in tangible assets.

Along the way, you'll hear from the entire Real Wealth editorial staff each week, including:

As a loyal Gold and Energy Advisor subscriber, you'll receive the Real Wealth e-letter FREE of charge. (And, in fact, if you'd rather not receive this FREE e-letter, you can opt out at any time.)

Making money in the commodities markets can be both exciting and rewarding. And given the unique opportunity we have -- $500 gold is just the beginning! — I felt it was important to launch this new vehicle to provide you with more insights...more analysis...and more profit-making ideas.

Your FREE subscription to the Real Wealth e-letter will continue for as long as you remain a subscriber to Gold and Energy Advisor.

This new service is my way of making sure that we all have a wealth of great ideas as we begin to move ahead in what should be a long-term bull market.

So sit back and enjoy the ride...this is going to be fun!


James DiGeorgia

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