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The Global War for Oil: A Survival Guide to the Coming Energy Shock

Dear Investor,

Have you been watching oil lately? Last year, its price skyrocketed—smashing a price record that had lasted for decades.

Then it did it again...and again...setting a series of new records. And it's not done yet, as shown by its new intraday high earlier this year.

When will it stop? Many analysts say it'll come back down "any day now"...

But they're wrong!

Short-term, the price of oil will fluctuate up and down. But long-term, over the next couple of years, oil will be above $100.

The world isn't running out of oil. Far from it. But several mega-trends (explained below) are now gathering strength, preparing to force oil's price up to breathtaking, strangling new highs. And the effects will be devastating.

"The [oil] crisis is very, very near. World War III has started. It has already affected every single citizen of the Middle East. Soon, it will spill over to affect every single citizen of the world."

Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, Vice President of the National Iranian Oil Company

Why? Oil is the Achilles' Heel of our entire economy. When its price leaps up, everything else gets more expensive.

The food you eat was made with oil-based fertilizers and pesticides, and shipped to your grocery store in diesel-burning trains and trucks. The clothes you wear—some of their fibers were made from petroleum. The pillows and blankets on your bed, the toothbrush and deodorant in your bathroom, the milk jug and storage containers in your use oil-based products dozens, even hundreds of times each day, often without realizing it.

Yes, there are a few things in modern life not made from oil. But even those items need diesel or gasoline to be shipped to the store!

When oil prices go up, so do the prices of everything else.

Inflationary waves crash through our economy.

Businesses are smacked with higher costs, so they're forced to raise their prices. But consumers are clobbered by higher costs too, and are forced to cut their spending. So business earnings plunge...causing stock prices to plummet. The entire economy goes into a downward spiral.

"To appreciate how vital oil is, imagine it suddenly vanished. Virtually all transport—autos, trucks, airplanes, ships and trains—would stop. Without the fertilizers and insecticide made from oil, food output would plunge. Manufacturing output would also drop. Millions in colder regions would freeze."

The Washington Post, "After the Oil Runs Out," June 6, 2004

We haven't seen a full-blown energy shock since the 1970s. Crashing markets, suffocating interest rates, and mile-long lines of cars waiting at gas stations—we'd hoped these things could never happen again. But another shock is headed our way, and is gathering force even as you read this. And this one promises to be far worse than the last one.

Many of today's investors weren't in the markets during the last oil shock, so they don't know what an energy panic can do to your portfolio. If you're unprepared, it can wipe you out.

But as oil shoots up, there are a few investments will skyrocket along with it, and...

If you're properly prepared, you can make a killing!

I'm James DiGeorgia. You might have seen me in the New York Times, Barron's, USA Today, Money magazine, or other publications.  For almost 14 years, readers of my financial newsletters have made huge gains and profits, even in bear markets where other investors were taking a beating.

But I've never seen a mega-trend like this before. Oil is going to surge and leap up, to permanent new highs—it's inevitable. And the American economy is hopelessly addicted to cheap a permanent rise in oil's price will cut "conventional" investments off at their knees.

"Think gas is expensive now? Just wait. You've heard it before, but this time it's for real. We're at the beginning of the end of cheap oil."

National Geographic, June 2004

That's why it's vital that you learn about this oncoming train, and how to prepare for it. So I've just put the finishing touches on my new book, The Global War for Oil: A Survival Guide to the Coming Energy Shock.

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In this new book, you'll learn about...

  • The price of petroleum—the most reliable stock market indicator of all. When it goes up significantly, the overall stock market goes down—it's practically a law of physics (page 12)
  • The world is expecting an oil crisis...but it's the wrong one! (p. 155)
  • The real reason President Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 (hint: it wasn't for weapons of mass destruction...or to liberate the Iraqi people...or to get Iraq's oil!) (p. 110)
  • The bizarre economics of oil—why finding "only" a million barrels at a time will bankrupt you! (p. 31)
  • The oil in Alaska—why drilling there can't solve our energy problems! (p. 37)
  • Highlights from a secret insider report exposing the dangerous world oil shortage—each copy of this report cost $32,000! (p. 164)
  • The highest-potential location for oil in the world today. It's easy to reach, but nobody is looking there—nor will they begin any time soon. Here's why (p. 36)
  • Can we find more oil by drilling deeper into the Earth? No—here's why (p. 6)
  • Can we find more oil by drilling deeper into the ocean floors? Also no! (p. 35)
  • Is Saudi oil production about to collapse by up to 40 percent...maybe even next year? (p. 159)

"More than a billion Chinese are joining the oil market. How can prices go down?"

Bo Lin, energy specialist at the Asian Development Bank

Most people don't realize how oil has controlled world history for more than a century now. My book explains:

  • The world's fourth-largest oil producer—how a CIA operation back in 1953 has earned us its undying hatred (page 115)
  • Oil's little-understood role in the rise of Communism—and the deaths of 91 million people (p. 73)
  • The Saudi government—the so-called "friends" of America—knew the 9/11 attacks were coming, but didn't warn us! Here's the evidence, and why they've betrayed us (p. 99)
  • Why did America really go to war in Vietnam? Oil's little-known role in that terrible conflict (p. 78)
  • The single bloodiest battle in history—it was fought over oil (p. 61)
  • The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor—caused directly by oil (and President Roosevelt knew it!) (p. 64)
  • The coming large-scale U.S. military involvement in West Africa. Few people know about this, or why it's going to happen (p. 86)

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Oil might fluctuate over the short term, but long-term it's shooting up. My book discusses:

  • Oil prices will rise in two main waves—and we're only in the first (page 181)
  • One man, 82 years old, on life support and rumored to be a vegetable—but when he dies, over 9 million barrels of oil per day are at risk (p. 96)
  • Sink one ship in this spot, and 15 million barrels of oil per day are taken off world oil markets...and terrorists are openly threatening to do so (p. 123)
  • One terrorist piloting one tiny plane could strike here and cripple world oil production by up to 5 million barrels per day. Will it happen soon? (p. 96)
  • Terrorist have promised to destroy Saudi Arabia's oil industry. Could they really do it? Yes! (Hitting only these five vulnerable points would take Saudi oil off the market for up to two years.) (p. 96)
  • A raving Marxist dictator in a tiny Central American country...and how he can topple the entire U.S. economy! (p. 147)
  • "Bottle-brush drilling"—this technique was widely used before its dangers were understood. Now it has collapsed oil production in Oman, Syria, and Yemen, and is threatening to torpedo Saudi oil production as well (p. 161)
  • Iraq: why its move to be a peaceful democracy will ultimately fail (p. 101)
  • Iran: its frantic race to build nuclear weapons, and the coming war in the Middle East (p. 113)
  • Terrorists are plotting to attack this Southeast Asia waterway—the chokepoint for fully one-half the world's seaborne oil supply (p. 149)
  • The return of the "Nazis"—now controlling the world's second largest oil-producing nation (p. 138)
  • This Asian nation, thought to be "backwards," instead provides better high-tech medical care than the U.S.—and its oil consumption is skyrocketing. It's predicted to devour one-quarter of the world's oil in just a few years (p. 145)
  • China: Over one billion people want to trade in their bicycles for cars. Global oil markets will shatter under the strain (p. 141)
  • Leftover nuclear waste from the old Soviet Union—about to be used in terrorist attacks on oil markets? (p. 150)
  • Even the Saudis admit: the United States is in a "dangerous situation" (p. 162) 

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"The world faces at best a global recession. At worst, war, famine and mass migration."

Richard Hardman, former president of the Geological Society, Chairman of the Petroleum Society of Great Britain

Of course, the most important question is: how can you prepare for the oil shock? Which investments should you consider? My book explains...

  • The top ten mutual funds for investing in energy (starts on page 184)
  • Five questions you MUST ask before buying an energy stock (p. 192)
  • This stock allows you to buy oil for only $8.08 per barrel! (p. 193)
  • When to buy an energy stock—and when to sell it (p. 196)
  • How to trade on the world's biggest oil markets—without taking the "small investor" risk (p. 200)
  • Oil stocks—most people want to buy drilling companies. But this overlooked sector is much better! (p. 194)
  • How and when to buy leveraged oil investments (p. 198)
  • This ultra-conservative oil stock allows you to buy oil for only $26 per barrel—and get several other businesses for free! (p. 193)
  • This energy investment is as liquid as a well-traded stock, but diversified like a mutual fund (p. 183)
  • How to pick the best energy stocks (starts on p. 194)

And much more.

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You pay only $6.95 for shipping and handling!

I'd like your permission to send you a copy of The Global War for Oil—a handsome 214-page hardcover, packed with charts, illustrations, and information about which most investors are completely in the dark (though they desperately need it). There's no cost for the book, only a nominal charge of $6.95 for shipping and handling.

Once you receive the volume, examine it carefully. If you decide not to keep it, no matter what the reason—just return it within 30 days and you'll owe nothing more. There's absolutely no risk, and no obligation of any kind.

"Every generation has its taboo, and ours is this: that the resource upon which our lives have been built is running out. We don't talk about it because we cannot imagine it. This is a civilization in denial."

George Monbiot, author and Oxford professor

On the other hand, if you're impressed with the magnitude of the crisis unfolding before us...if you agree that we're about to see one of the biggest profit opportunities of our lifetime...then you can keep the book, and we'll charge your credit card for the remaining $49.

I sincerely believe this will be the biggest story of the decade. But once the media catches on, the public will stampede into energy investments, and the biggest opportunities will be gone. I urge you to get in ahead of the crowd—order your copy of The Global War for Oil today!


[Signature: James DiGeorgia]

James DiGeorgia

P.S. This offer is limited to our supply of books. As I write this, I have 900 copies, and it's first come, first served. Secure your copy today!

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