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"Gold will be around, gold will be the money when the dollar and the Euro are mere memories."

--Richard Russell, Newsletter Author

Dear Investor,

           Whenever people lose faith in institutions -- the government, banks, the Federal Reserve -- there's a flight from paper financial instruments (stocks, bonds, currencies) toward hard assets like gold and other precious metals.

           Today, fear and uncertainty abound in response to a rash of events that continue to be grave threats to the world's economy:

           9/11 and the war on terrorism ... recession ... continued stock market volatility ... Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, and a plethora of other accounting scandals ... war in Afghanistan and Iraq ... nuclear threats made by North Korea ... growing tensions between Palestine and Israel ... the SARS scare ... geopolitical instability threatening the oil supply ... 20% growth in the M3 supply flooding the market with new dollars.

           Given these facts, will the current bull market in gold continue over the long term, even though gold has pulled back recently from its 52-week high?

           You can bet on it!

           In a recent interview with Barron's, James Turk, publisher of the Freemarket Gold and Money Report, predicts gold will hit $800 an ounce, approaching the record of $875 it reached in 1980.

"Expect gold to make a comeback."

--Mark Skousen, Forecasts & Strategies, May 2003

           And in his new book, The New Bull Market in Gold: $5,000 Gold and the Many Ways to Profit From It, James DiGeorgia makes a compelling case for why he believes  gold will climb to over $5,000 an ounce, exceeding 1980's record high.

           "Every investor should allocate a portion of his wealth into gold," advises DiGeorgia.

           But what do you buy -- gold coins, bullion, gold mining stocks, gold mutual funds, options? At what price? When? How?

           The authoritative answers, based on more than three decades of gold investing experience, are in James's new book, The New Bull Market in Gold.

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27-year gold veteran predicts $1,000 gold by 2007

           Whenever people lose confidence in the stock market and the economy -- as they have as a result of high unemployment and the aftermath of the 2000-2002 bear market -- they shift their assets away from equities and toward natural resources ... especially precious metals in general and gold in particular.

           For over 4,000 years, gold has been valued for its beauty and rarity. It is recognized and valued everywhere in the world. It can be turned into cash in virtually every nation on earth.

"Gold has gone through something of a roller-coaster ride, defying all but the luckiest market timers, and now rewarding the faithful."

--John Myers, Outstanding Investments, June 7, 2003

           As demand for gold continues to increase, the limited nature of the supply comes into sharp focus.

           Gold is rare! Melt down all the gold on the planet and pour it into one giant cube, and it would measure only 18 yards across. It would weigh 91,000 tons. That's about equal to the total amount of steel made around the world every half hour!

           This shift of assets away from financial instruments (stocks, bonds, currency) toward gold and other hard assets has already started to take place, and it is driving the gold market steadily upward. In the last 12 months alone, the price of gold has climbed more than 20%.

           And today all indicators are pointing toward a new bull market in gold:

  • Bonds are near a 41-year low. Money markets yield next to nothing. Gold, however, is selling for less than half of what it cost in 1980. On a relative basis, it's a bargain.
  • Recently gold has been acting as a contraindicator to the stock market: When the NYSE has a bad day the price of gold is up. This indicates a shifting of assets from paper to gold.
  • The dollar is declining against many world currencies. Since 9/11, the U.S. and the dollar are no longer viewed as safe havens. With the introduction of the "hard" Euro, investors have an alternative to the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. All of this is bullish for gold.
  • Many major mining companies, including the big gold producer we're buying now, have stopped or reduced hedging their gold production. By not selling their production forward in the futures market, a potential ceiling on the price of gold has been removed. There's no limit to how high gold prices can climb! 30 days FREE!
  • Gold prices climb in times of uncertainty, and it has a long history of maintaining its value during times of increasing world stress. The horrible attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center led investors to the safety of gold. Immediately following 9/11, gold prices advanced more than 10%.
  • When the dollar falls, investors get out of currency and into gold. The dollar has been struggling to stay above the 92.00 level. However, no amount of intervention will prevent the dollar from eventually falling. John Templeton thinks the dollar will to go 60.00 in the long run, which is bullish for gold.
  • Based on its purchasing power, gold is cheap. At the stock market's peak in 2000, it would have taken 1,360 grams of gold to purchase a share of each of the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Today it would take only 820 grams. Historically, gold's purchasing power is strongest when it takes less than 100 grams of gold to buy the Dow -- and it's not even close to that.
  • China has recently allowed their citizens to buy gold bullion for the first time. With the largest population in the world and an historic affinity for gold this cannot help but support its price. The Chinese economy represents more than $36 billion in buying power for gold.
  • A number of the Central Banks in the world have completed the monetization of their gold stocks -- ending the downward pressure these sales were putting on the price of gold.
  • Finally, demand for gold worldwide is increasing. The world population continues to grow. Recently, American soldiers seized two trucks in Iraq carrying $600 million in gold bars.  If you live in a country, like Brazil, where paper currency is suspect, gold is a tangible alternative with intrinsic value. Dollar value demand for gold in the latest quarter increased 12% over the previous year.

"Gold represents the purest form of wealth, the elemental basin of riches, the absolute among assets. Its liquidity surpasses that of any other investment."

--James R. Cook, The Great Gold Comeback, 1995

           In short, gold is just emerging from a 20-year slump, and we are at the beginning of what will be a long rally in the yellow metal. As stock and bond prices suffer, the dollar falls, and the U.S. is increasingly burdened with a heavy debt load, gold will continue its steady rise.

           There has never been a better time to buy gold than today, and there's no better guide to gold investing than James DiGeorgia's new book, The New Bull Market in Gold.

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Everything you need to know about gold
(but maybe never thought to ask)

           In his new book, The New Bull Market in Gold, James shares with you his 27 years of accumulated wisdom about investing profitably in the yellow metal.  

           Here's a sampling of what you'll discover about trading gold, gold coins, gold funds, gold stocks, and gold futures:

The one thing you MUST know before you buy a single rare U.S. gold coin (page 127).
Ever feel like responding to a full-page ad offering a one-of-a-kind gold coin from a private mint? Why you should not (p. 116).
Four steps to selecting a gold mutual fund that actually makes you money (p. 153).
The world's worst investment. It pays a negative return. Yet Americans have invested more than $5 trillion in it (p. 55).
What's the industry average P/E for a gold stock? (p. 170)
Why five inflationary forces -- including oil shock, homeland security spending, and an increase in the M3 money supply -- are going to drive the price of gold above $5,000 an ounce (p. 27).
Gold has a 40-year price cycle. Do you know where we are in this cycle today? (p. 103)
The "3 M" formula for successfully investing in Canadian junior resource stocks (p. 188).
Check your collection for this rare gold coin. It may eventually sell for as much as $110,000 (page 134).
Six ways to make sure you get the best deal when you buy gold bullion coins (p. 120).
The World Gold Council may drive gold demand through the roof. Here's what to watch for (p. 72).
You should buy gold today -- but at up to what price? (p. 90)
The gold coin that increased in value 325% while gold fell more than 59% -- and how you can acquire coins just like it (p. 125).
Gold professionals only trust two of the rare coin grading services. Can you name them both? (p. 127)
Want to buy gold bars? Forget it! Avoid them like the plague. Here's why (p. 115).
The eight gold coins you MUST have in your portfolio. Don't buy ANY other gold coins until you have all eight of these first (p. 129).
How to know when it's time to sell some of your gold ... and how much to sell (p. 97).

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Experts praise James DiGeorgia's
The New Bull Market in Gold 

"If the worst comes to pass - if there is depression or terrible inflation - gold will probably be the last money to retain its value."

--Robert Wolenik, How You Can Share in the Fortunes Being Made in Gold, 1980

           I hate to brag again, but there are not many investment advisors who have more experience with gold than James DiGeorgia.

           He's been buying and selling gold and rare coins for more than 27 years, and during that time has sold more than $100 million in coins.

           James owned and operated his first business, Gem Coins, when he was 16 years old, making his first million while still in his teens by investing in rare coins and precious metals, especially gold and silver.

           He once edited and wrote the world-famous Silver & Gold Report. During his stint as editor, James's opinions on gold were quoted in Money Magazine, The New York Times, Barron's, USA Today, and dozens of other publications.

           Here's what the experts are saying about James's new book, The New Bull Market in Gold:

           "This is a phenomenal book ... a must-read for anyone considering gold. It delivers the kind of information that can dramatically increase your trading results."

            --Mark Salzberg, CEO, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

           "James digs deep into his years of gold market expertise to reveal the most profitable ways to invest in gold."

            --Michael Lombardi, Founder, Lombardi Publishing Group

           "Without a doubt, absolutely the best book about buying gold available today."

            --Mitch Zacks, Author, Ahead of the Market 

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"The bull market in gold is going to last for years and it's still in its early stages."

--Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, The Aden Forecast, February 4, 2003

           I would like your permission to send you The New Bull Market in Gold -- a handsome 267-page hardcover volume packed with graphs, charts, and color photos, and not available in bookstores -- to examine at no cost for 30 days.

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Michael London

           James DiGeorgia
           Gold & Energy Advisor

"Gold is a desirable economic object ... [it] may be the most marketable commodity in the world."

--Hans Sennholz, President Emeritus, The Foundation for Economic Education, March 19, 2003

           P.S. Remember, I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with James's new book, The New Bull Market in Gold. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the book within 30 days, and that will be the end of the matter: You will not owe us a cent! To get your COMPLIMENTARY copy, click here now.

           But our guarantee doesn't stop there. James says gold is going up, and he backs up this prediction with an added form of protection:

           If the price of gold has not at least doubled within three years after you purchase The New Bull Market in Gold, just return the book and we'll refund the purchase price in full.

           That's how confident we are that James's prediction of "$5,000 gold" is right on the money!

"The dollar has been weakening for months and, as every gold bug knows, the dollar's weakness is gold's strength."

--Bill Bonner, President, Agora Publishing, March 27, 2003

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