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The Rise of Gold in the 21st Century Hot Off the Presses!
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The Rise of Gold in the 21st Century:
Safety and Profits in an Age of War, Terrorism,
Oil Shocks, Inflation, and the Decline of the Dollar

My new gold book (co-authored with Don Mahoney) is now rolling off the presses.

You might have read my previous book, The New Bull Market in Gold. That one went into a lot of detail about the stock market, economic conditions, and so on.

My new book talks more about gold itself, and why it should be such a great investment for the foreseeable future. It discusses:

  • Gold’s little-understood role in influencing history. From the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to Hitler and his Nazis...the ancient Roman Caesars to the leaders of today’s United States. Gold has been a key, but little-known, "behind-the-scenes" force in major world events. Those who understand this can use it to their advantage – those who don’t are controlled by it instead.
  • The five reasons why gold was already being recognized as the perfect money...more than 2,000 years ago! (page xi)
  • How gold has provided economic stability for countries that base their currencies on it–and the turmoil created when they turn away from it, as we have today (starts on page 47)
  • Why central banks are increasingly reluctant to sell any of their gold (Chapter Eight)
  • Why the IMF (International Monetary Fund) probably won’t sell any either (Chapter Nine)
  • How much gold is left to be mined in the world (hint: it’s a lot less than you probably think!) (Chapter Seven)
  • Seven mega-trends forcing gold higher over the next several years (starts on page 17)
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But the book isn’t just general information about gold. I also give practical, specific advice about:

  • Why gold coins offer a unique "one-way leverage" (page 148)
  • The eight U.S. gold coins to get before you buy any others (starts on page 149)
  • The type of gold bars you should NEVER buy (page 143)
  • How much of your portfolio should you put into gold? (page 177)
  • Rare U.S. gold coins: what to know before you buy a single one (starts on page 149)
  • There are dozens and dozens of gold coins available on the market: which ones are good investments? Only these five! (page 144)
  • The single most important thing to consider when buying a gold stock (page 167)
  • The one place you should NEVER store your coins (lots of people make this mistake!) (page 147)
  • The one time it’s OK to buy coins with carbon or copper spots. Reject them otherwise! (page 146)
  • Four vital criteria to use when selecting a gold mutual fund (page 160)
  • Professionally graded coins: when to avoid them! (page 149)

And much more.

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