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GEA Newsletters: 2010

December Issue [PDF]

The QE2 Fallout Has Begun! (December 9, 2010)
Currency wars, competitive devaluations, American retirees being thrown into poverty... the Fed’s $900 billion economic intervention (‘QE2’) is bringing all this, and more, onto our heads. To avoid a deflationary depression, the Fed is risking a runaway hyperinflation instead. The only bright side to this madness is that it’s still in the early stages, and it’s not too late to prepare. This is the largest single event to affect your personal wealth for all this year— and probably next year as well! > More >

November Issue [PDF]

Federal Reserve Announces New Plan: To Start a Currency War! (November 4, 2010)
This (probably) isn’t what they intend. But it’s the inevitable outcome of their plan. The rest of the world is gearing up for it already. And China in particular has already launched the first salvo! Read on to discover what everybody else will be talking about in 2011! > More >

October Issue [PDF]

Poised For Growth: An Innovative Stock in a Potentially Huge Market! (October 13, 2010)
Our GEA portfolio is focused primarily on oil and natural gas. Of course, there are other forms of energy besides these. Among them, renewable ‘clean’ energy has huge potential... but there are several problems it must overcome. This month—a company which has, in my opinion, solved one of the thorniest problems that’s holding this industry back. I think there’s enormous potential here—read on and see if you agree! > More >

September Issue [PDF]

China Starts Dumping US Treasuries! (September 16, 2010)
The long-awaited collapse of the dollar has begun. That’s why Alan Greenspan warned last month that we are now in ‘the most extraordinary financial crisis that [he has] ever seen or read about’. And that’s why governments, international funds, and even anti-gold investors like George Soros are now buying tons— yes, tons—of the yellow metal, vacuuming it off the market. Here’s what’s happening! > More >

August Issue [PDF]

These Oil Stocks Have An Average Potential Gain of 258 Percent in the Next Five Years... (August 13, 2010)
...and in my opinion, that’s a conservative projection. Even better, nobody else is paying attention—yet. This month: discover which stocks I’m talking about, and why they have such blue-sky potential! > More >

July Issue [PDF]

President Obama Promises to Spend, Spend, Spend... Even as the Treasury Dept. Says Our National Finances Are a Disaster! (July 8, 2010)
Your household’s share of the US national debt is already $110,000. According to this bombshell report, your ‘fair share’ will rocket up to $158,000 just five years from now! We can’t stop it. However, we can profit from it. This month: an investment that has gone up in lockstep with the national debt! > More >

June Issue [PDF]

Bailouts Spin Out of Control... Now the US Government Is Bailing Out Europe! (June 9, 2010)
As European banks and governments teeter on the brink of collapse, the Fed is cranking up the printing presses to bail them out. US taxpayers are already on the hook for a staggering $1.25 million per household—and it’s about to get worse! Meanwhile, the biggest gold fraud ever is hitting the markets. Bullion bank vaults are supposed to be full, but they’re empty. Hang on for a wild ride! > More >

May Issue [PDF]

How to Buy Oil for 15 Cents on the Dollar! (May 10, 2010)
It’s been a while since we did an in-depth review of the best energy companies. In this issue, I’ll reveal the results of my new analysis of the top firms. Oil is at $80 right now. But with the right stocks, you can buy their oil reserves for $14.67... $12.39... as low as $11.37 per barrel. That’s less than 15 percent of market price! In this issue: my analysis, and four new stock recommendations! > More >

April Issue [PDF]

Oil Analyst Discovers: America's Oil Supply Will Crash Before Peak Oil Arrives! (April 9, 2010)
The United States imports over 13 million barrels of crude oil every day. We’re utterly dependent on it to keep our economy running smoothly. But as Dallas petroleum consultant Jeffrey Brown has discovered, our imports are in serious jeopardy. Here’s the full story! > More >

March Issue [PDF]

Three Myths About the Coming Crude Oil Crisis... (March 24, 2010)
And how we’ll use them to take massive profits in the next 2-5 years! Don’t be deceived by today’s oil prices. In the next few years, the oil market is facing severe disruptions. Here’s a preview of what’s coming... how to get ready for it... and what will happen to you if you don’t! > More >

February Issue [PDF]

The Death of Foreign Lending... And what it means for your portfolio! (February 19, 2010)
18 months ago, we saw the markets melting down because of ‘toxic assets’. What would happen if the dollar itself became toxic? In less than six months, the Federal Reserve created $12,220 per household in this country— including yours and mine. This gusher of cash is now being used to take over major sectors of the US economy. Meanwhile, a $4.1 trillion debt bomb is set to detonate just a few months from now. Now we discover that foreign lending to the United States is plummeting. Nobody wants dollars anymore! How far can the US dollar plunge in just one year? We’re going to find out! > More >

January Issue [PDF]

The Top Seven Investment Trends for 2010 and Beyond! (January 19, 2010)
Our two portfolios made stunning profits last year, up by 45.0 and 55.4 percent. How did we do this? And why do I expect we’ll continue to make jaw-dropping returns like these in the coming years? It’s all about anticipating the big trends and getting in front of them. That’s how you can be wildly successful even when others crash. As we start a new decade, here are my predictions for the most important trends that will impact your portfolio! > More >

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