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GEA Newsletters: 2009

December Issue [PDF]

The 2010 Crash of the US Dollar! (December 9, 2009)
The greenback has been flirting with all-time lows. But this is nothing compared to what’s coming. In 2010, the US government will drop a $3.5 trillion ‘debt bomb’ onto the markets. This might finally be the straw that breaks the dollar’s back. How far and how fast will the dollar fall? That’s our topic this month! > More >

November Issue [PDF]

Shocking 'Insider' Report Exposes the Truth About the World's Gold Supply. $2,500 Gold, Here We Come! (November 12, 2009)
The mining industry has a dirty little secret. Despite the best efforts of mining companies, gold production is plunging! Even as gold has quadrupled in price, global production has fallen by 19%. Insiders are panicked, but nobody else knows about this—yet. Once the word gets out, we’ll see gold at $2,000... $3,000... even $5,000! > More >

October Issue [PDF]

No Way Out: Why the United States will be Forced to Deliberately Destroy the Dollar! (October 8, 2009)
As stability is finally restored to global financial markets, government officials are looking at a bleak future. A monetary collapse now seems inescapable. Here’s why the US will devalue the dollar on purpose—and what this means to us as investors! > More >

September Issue [PDF]

A Tsunami of Debt is Coming Our Way! (September 10, 2009)
Shocking revelations are coming from Washington. The federal deficit—and our national debt as citizens—will be trillions of dollars more than was forecast even a few months ago. The implications are grim. We can’t do much about it—but we can prepare properly. Don’t let yourself be blindsided! > More >

August Issue [PDF]

The International Energy Agency Has Issued an Urgent Warning... (August 21, 2009)
The IEA says the world is headed for a ‘catastrophic energy crunch’— one so severe, it could ‘cripple’ our economy’s recovery! Many GEA readers have asked if oil can ever regain its price of $147 from last summer. Here’s my answer: a lot sooner than most people think! A crisis is brewing in oil, and even the usually-optimistic IEA is scared. Here’s what’s coming! > More >

July Issue [PDF]

China Prepares to Dethrone the US Dollar! Will this Succeed? (July 9, 2009)
For years, Washington has avoided financial accountability. Because the dollar is the dominant global reserve currency, the US has been able to print a confetti-storm of currency with few repercussions. Now the Chinese are preparing to undercut the dollar’s position. If they succeed, it will be bye-bye to global dollar dominance... and hello to soaring gold prices! > More >

June Issue [PDF]

International Energy Agency warns: Oil is going to $200, and 'the future of human prosperity' is at risk! (June 15, 2009)
As I write, oil has blasted up back above $70, doubling from its lows in just four months. What? Even in this economy, oil is going up? Yes! The financial crisis didn’t solve our energy shortage. It only distracted the markets for a while. Here’s why I expect oil to roar back as soon as the economy recovers! > More >

May Issue [PDF]

US military warns: the government of Pakistan is facing 'rapid and sudden collapse'... (May 18, 2009)
...and radical Muslim terrorists could get its nuclear weapons! Forget about Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re mere sideshows. This is the gravest threat the United States has faced in decades. Here’s what happening... > More >

April Issue [PDF]

China Quietly Prepares for Economic War with America... (April 23, 2009)
...and a first-ever economic war simulation by the Pentagon reveals that the Communists will win. China’s US Dollar blackmail is becoming increasingly likely! > More >

March Issue [PDF]

Gold is up almost 30 percent in 5 months... (March 19, 2009)
But there’s another asset— with many of the same benefi ts as gold—that’s quietly outperforming it. It’s up by 45 percent in the same period! What is this asset? That’s our topic this month! > More >

February Issue [PDF]

US Government Bailout Hits $9.7 Trillion! (February 23, 2009)
That’s enough to pay off over 90 percent of American home mortgages. It’s $31,907 for every man, woman, and child in this country! This could be the biggest financial trainwreck in history. Here’s the full story! > More >

January Issue [PDF]

Why an All-Out Depression Would Still Mean Hyperinflation! (January 23, 2009)
The economy is sinking fast. The government’s desperate attempts to reinflate have failed so far. Last month I wrote that we’re headed for an historic hyperinflation in the US. But many readers have asked if we’re headed toward a depression instead. My answer: even if a depression arrives, we’ll still experience massive inflation in certain assets—an unprecedented combination that few are expecting. Bye-bye to the dollar, euro, yen, etc... Hello one-world economic unit! > More >

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