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GEA Newsletters: 2008

December Issue [PDF]

US Government Bailouts Spiral Out of Control! (December 23, 2008)
“Why did the dollar get pounded after the Fed meeting this month? Because the world is fi nally waking up to what we’re about to do to our currency. The Fed has now cranked up the printing presses to full speed. At current rates, our money supply is expanding by over ten times per year. The effects haven’t hit us yet, but they’re coming. Here’s what to expect! > More >

November Issue [PDF]

President Obama’s Election Virtually Guarantees $2,500 Gold and $150 Oil! (November 20, 2008)
The electoral landslide won by Barack Obama and the Democrats gives our new President the mandate and overwhelming legislative power to make the biggest changes to our government and economy since FDR’s depression-era ‘NEW DEAL’. > More >

October Issue [PDF]

The Biggest Dollar Devaluation in History! (October 16, 2008)
Forget about the $700 billion (now $812 billion) bailout that’s coming. It’s a mere sideshow. The Fed is preparing to flood the US economy with a deluge of dollars never seen before: an incomprehensible $2.68 trillion in liquidity. Get ready for the seemingly unthinkable—a massive re-inflation of the American economy! > More >

September Issue [PDF]

How Will the Presidential Election Affect Your Investments? (September 9, 2008)
Regardless of which candidate wins, Congress and the next President are going to drastically increase government spending. And they’ll have to inflate the dollar in order to do it. But inflation is already hitting levels last seen in 1981. (Remember what things were like back then?) Regardless of who becomes President, it looks like the dollar is going to tank in 2009. And the next Administration won’t be able to stop it. Here’s why! > More >

August Issue [PDF]

Is Silver in a Bear Market? (August 21, 2008)
Silver had quintupled from its lows six years ago. However, it’s tumbled over the last few months, and it’s down over 20 percent from its highs. Usually, this would mean a bear market is upon us. I prefer another interpretation. I think we’ve just been handed a whopper of a buying opportunity. The metal’s fundamentals are rocksolid, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see silver hit $50 within a few years. The reasons for this are our topic this month! > More >

July Issue [PDF]

Why Investment Quality Ancient Rare Coins Could Jump 100% to 10,000% (July 22, 2008)
Over the years, I have bought and sold literally hundreds of millions of dollars in precious metals, gold, silver and platinum bullion and rare coins. I've dealt with rare U.S. and World Coins and made millions of dollars. The one area I never did anything with was Ancient coins. The problem for me was these rare coins always left me wondering - are they real? I recognized clearly Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian coins were 1000's of times rarer than the modern 1700-1933 rare coins I normally traded, but there was no professional coin grading and authentication service to rely on. Still, I would buy a cool gold Roman coins now and then when they were in Uncirculated or Choice Uncirculated Condition. I have always told my closest friends and clients "If NGC or PCGS ever grades and certifies these coins, we'll see them jump 500%, 1000% even 10,000% in a few years, as the true rarity of these coins becomes clear." > More >

July Issue [PDF]

Sovereign Wealth Funds Begin to Dump Dollars... And China Prepares To Do It Too! (July 21, 2008)
The worst possible thing that could happen to the dollar is a mass sell-off by foreign dollar owners. We could see our currency plunge by 20, 30, even 40 percent in just a couple of weeks. This potential disaster is looking more and more likely. Sovereign wealth funds are now slashing their dollar reserves, and the biggest dollar owner of all—China—is preparing to do the same! > More >

June Issue [PDF]

Who’s to Blame for $4.00 Gasoline? (June 24, 2008)
American household budgets are being destroyed by sky-high gas and oil prices. In other countries, angry mobs are rioting over food prices. Inflation is raging around the world. What’s going on? Maybe it’s because the Fed is inflating our banking system... by allowing the creation of $7.35 trillion in the last six months alone! Here’s the cause of all this... why it will continue getting worse... and how you should prepare for it! > More >

May Issue [PDF]

The Financial Time-Bomb That Will Devastate the American Economy! (May 20, 2008)
All the Presidential candidates drone on and on about gas prices, jobs, and so on... while carefully ignoring the real disaster that’s about to overtake our economy. Why? Because it’s too late to stop it! The magnitude of this catastrophe is horrifying—a $71.1 trillion financial tsunami that’s headed for our shores. Read on to discover the secret about our economy that our politicians won’t discuss! > More >

April Issue [PDF]

Oil Hits $119 Per Barrel! (April 28, 2008)
Oil, gold, platinum... all have hit record highs recently. Our GEA investment approach has had spectacular success. This month: a look at why oil is still exploding upward, and a sobering reason why gold might soar to multiples of its current price! > More >

April Issue [PDF]

The US national budget has exceeded $3 trillion for the first time! (April 16, 2008)
President Bush wants to spend $3.1 trillion in the next fiscal year. This will increase our deficit by almost another $1 billion per day. But even that's not enough for Congress, which is throwing a wild porkfest in Washington... even as the US dollar has plunged by 24 percent in just two years! > More >

March Issue [PDF]

The 'Secret' Mechanism Behind High Gold Prices! (March 27, 2008)
Gold and oil have hit spectacular new highs in the last month. Now they're correcting temporarily, as I told you they would. (Make sure you read my email Updates and Real Wealth issues for up-to-date market commentary and analysis.) Over the longer term, both gold and oil will continue to go up. It's inevitable. It's also mysterious to most Americans, who don't understand how our economy works. This is Chapter Four from the new edition of my gold book. Read on to understand how the Federal Reserve System will push gold prices up to $2,500! > More >

March Issue [PDF]

A Powerful New BULLISH Force Driving Gold Prices Higher (March 13, 2008)
$2500 Gold and How To Profit From It > More >

February Issue [PDF]

The Unprecedented Gold Bull Market of 2008: Getting Stronger All the Time! (February 25, 2008)
The ongoing gold bull is acting strangely. Normally as prices go up, supply would rise and demand would fall. But that's not happening in the current market. Instead, supply is falling, and demand is rising. The metal's fundamentals are even stronger now than they were when this massive bull market began! > More >

February Issue [PDF]

Is Gold Really On Its Way To $2,500? (February 11, 2008)
The yellow metal set more price records last week. Now it's taking a well-deserved breather. But I'm still looking for it to almost triple from its current price. In fact, I'm now updating my popular book, The New Bull Market in Gold, to reflect gold's new outlook. You'll be getting the revised chapters here in GEA over the next few months. We'll start with Chapter One! > More >

January Issue [PDF]

2008 Will Be An Historic Year for U.S. Investors! (January 16, 2008)
Our Model protfolio was up 29.83% in 2007. We beat the DOW by more than 2.5 times and almost quadrupled the S&P. Why the subprime and real estate meltdown will likely last for several years. > More >

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