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GEA Newsletters: 2007

December Issue [PDF]

What the Oil Industry is Afraid to Tell You! (December 24, 2007)
Oil production is FALLING instead of rising. The average non-state oil company has plunged 9% in the last 12 months. OPEC and NON OPEC production looks so bad that within seven years the world will be short 12.5 million barrels per day. This is the stuff of a world-wide paradigm economic shift. > More >

November Issue [PDF]

China's US$ Blackmail! (November 27, 2007)
China's growing wealth and military power will help drive gold to $2,500 and platinum to $5,000 per ounce. The U.S. Dollar and our economy are absolutely at the mercy of China. BUT with this knowledge in hand, you're in position to retire filthy rich. > More >

November Issue [PDF]

These men warned about the Dow crash before it happened! (November 7, 2007)
Not only that, they regularly move in and out of the markets before big moves occur. The last 3 months alone, their stock trades are up over 34 percent, and their option trades are up over 330 percent. How do they do it? That's what this special issue is about! > More >

November Issue [PDF]

What's the absolute best time to buy an investment? (November 5, 2007)
Personally, I like to see several years of the price being in the dumps, so that everybody loses interest. Then I like to see the fundamentals turn massively bullish. Even better is when the government intervenes in the market to push the price up. When these things occur, and you get in before everybody else notices, you can make obscene profits! Of course, these opportunities are rare. But they do come along every so often. And right now, I've found a doozy. That's what this bonus issue is about! > More >

October Issue [PDF]

The Fed's Rate Cut has Rippled Through the Global Economy—and the World's Central Banks are Trapped! (October 25, 2007)
The Fed has fired the first shot in an international battle. Other nations will be forced to respond, whether they like it or not. The 'competitive currency devaluations' have begun! This is bad news for many asset classes, but great news for us! > More >

September Issue [PDF]

The Fed Takes Action! This is Great News for Gold and Energy! (September 21, 2007)
Even as the dollar hits record lows against the Euro... even as oil soars up to $83, and gold shoots up into the $700s... the Fed lowers interest rates. Everybody knows this will kill the dollar. So why would they do such a thing? Because they don't have a choice. Here's what the mainstream media aren't telling you! > More >

August Issue [PDF]

The Subprime Panic has knocked 1,000 points off the Dow Jones... and pushed many of my Model Portfolio recommendations off their highs. (August 20, 2007)
This latest purging of the market's credit excesses will have no long-term impact on the bullish supply & demand balance for oil. Supplies are tighter than ever, and the world's demand for energy is still growing rapidly. Prices might fluctuate, but the long-term trend is still up! > More >

July Issue [PDF]

How to Buy Oil for $5.54 per Barrel! (July 20, 2007)
Oil has leaped up over $70 again. But Wall Street has been distracted by the sideshow over in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as the index has hit new highs. Therefore, the Street hasn't noticed (yet) that certain energy companies are now drastically undervalued. In this issue, I'll reveal seven energy companies that I believe are grossly underpriced at the moment. Their reserves are being valued for as little as $5.54 per barrel! > More >

June Issue [PDF]

Seven Energy Stocks Poised to Soar in the Private Equity Buyout Boom (Part I)! (June 22, 2007)
Two years ago I issued a special report on the oil stocks most likely to shoot upwards as a result of buyouts. (You might remember that our picks did great!) This month, I'm updating that report. We'll see which companies still have good potential. Next month, I'll add two new candidates! > More >

May Issue [PDF]

Ouch! Gas Prices Have Hit a New Record—and the Summer Driving Season is Just Beginning! (May 18, 2007)
This just confirms what I've been telling you in GEA. Forget the soothing platitudes you're hearing from the mainstream media. They have it all wrong. We're in a secular oil bull, and there's still lots of room to the upside from here! > More >

April Issue [PDF]

Are Gold and Energy the Best Investments to Own in 2007? (April 25, 2007)
Our GEA portfolio is up 10.08 percent in just the first three months of this year! Compare that to our peers: Fidelity Select Energy made 6.42%. Profunds Oil and Gas made only 3.2%. Dow Jones Energy sector, a mere 2.48%. The Dow Jones itself went down by .87%! But how long will the gold and oil bulls run? I believe we have a long, profitable ride still ahead of us. Here's why! > More >

April Issue [PDF]

The Biological 9/11 Capable of Killing Millions! [BONUS ISSUE] (April 16, 2007)
A virulent and incurable biological attack may be the next horror unleashed by our terrorist enemies. This is the stuff of nightmares—but the danger is real and imminent. The effect of this sort of terrorist attack on the world's financial markets would be devastating. It could very well crack the very foundation of fiat (paper) money and change human civilization... > More >

March Issue [PDF]

Ouch! Silver Falls by Almost Nine Percent! Is This a Bearish Sign, or a Buying Opportunity? (March 22, 2007)
Silver is up 300 percent in just four years. Despite its recent tumble, the white metal still looks great. In fact, I think it's looking better now than when this bull market began! Here's why! > More >

February Issue [PDF]

The Death of the Dollar! (February 26, 2007)
The world's strongest currency—the U.S. dollar—is on a collision course with disaster, falling 10.2% in value in just the last year alone. I believe this is only the first stage of a violent, near-death wipeout of our national currency. > More >

February Issue [PDF]

Financial Planner John Towers: Who Is This Man, and How Does He Make His Clients So Much Money? [BONUS ISSUE] (February 6, 2007)
I'm so impressed with this man's unique approach to investing, I had to interview him for you. His clients have made an absolute killing in energy investments— while, at the same time, slashing their tax liabilities all the way down to zero in some cases. Read on to see how he does it! > More >

January Issue [PDF]

Oil Prices Plunge! Where Will They Go From Here—Back Up, or Further Down? (January 24, 2007)
Oil is down over 25% from its prices last summer, and bearish analysts are cackling with glee. But oil won't stay low for long. Here's why! > More >

January Issue [PDF]

Platinum Smashes Price Records, Hits an All-Time High! [BONUS ISSUE] (January 4, 2007)
Have you been paying attention to platinum? Few investors have, but it recently hit an all-time high of $1,390—up 42 percent on the year! I believe there's lots more room to the upside—here's why! > More >

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